June 20th, 2008


Term Clarification Time

When the Evil Liberal Radical RINO Rave Dancers talk about 'off shore drilling' - do they not understand that our troops are already overseas Protecting OUR off shore drilling?

It's like americans have just forgotten why our Troops are Winningist of THE most Glorious of Victorious of All Mission Accomplished Dance EVER!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!

They know the real reason we are more off shoring of oil resourcing than ever before!!!

ARE YOU doing YOUR PART to off shore the drilling?

Or are YOU on the side of the Terrorists?

Those Damn Liberals!!!

Don't you hate it when those radical left wing extremists who are so clearl outside of the mainstream send our valiant fighting forces overseas and then forget to take care of our troops!!!
Wounded troops hit by foreclosure crisis need your help this Fourth of July to avoid losing homes!
( email from concerned GOPUSA )
It is just not kosher that those liberals should be allowed to do this to our troops.

In Related News, the Feds are seriously starting to investigate A Pro-ChiComm Freak, who got a $298 Million dollar contract to supply ammo:
First Efraim Diveroli was mocked for being the only U.S. arms dealer with a MySpace page. Now it looks like the feds will rest most of their prosecution on his emails.

The feds say they've got a pretty good paper trail on Diveroli, the 22-year-old arms trader who was just arrested and accused of providing shoddy and illegal Chinese ammo for the Afghan Army.

You remember him? He's the Miami party boy who inexplicably landed a $300 million U.S. Army weapons contract in January 2007. The New York Times put him on the front page back in March.

[ cf Feds Find Emails Revealing Chinese Ammo Scam ]

Just shocking what happens when the Moral Fibre Has Been Gutted from a society with years and years of repressive radical left wing draft dodging dope smoking stinking hippie Kultur of Failed KlintonestaIsms!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They Not Liberals...

What exactly is the nature of 'war profiteering' - and has the DOD actually arrived at the moment where they ARE having bake sales to support the troops...

NeoLogisms Are YOUR Friend...

Now Honest, I feel sorry for Andrew Sullivan who clearly has not worked out which side he was ever near, and now has gone COMPLETELY ROUND THE BEND! But I must confess I love the new BuzzPhrase:
two score of whom the administration has itself conceded were murder-by-interrogation.
[ cf Impeach Every Single Member of the Bush Administration. Now. (emphasis mine, to facilitate the RealityImpared.) ]
Now isn't that just the cutest, cuddly, wuddliest of phrases!!!

Makes you want to just hug him and squeeze him, and make his stuffing just come all out all over the place, so that he can work out his emotional issues about having always supported Torture and the Torture Regime until suddenly it was so Four Seasons Ago. No seriously. I can so empathise.

You wake up one morning and suddenly YUDDIES ( Young Urbane Dictators ) are no longer the new pink.

We're IN a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU!!! MY GOD MAN!!!

Think of the Unborn Baby UBU!!! and their fiscal liabilities!!!

Who knows, maybe next time Komrade Party Leader Andrew Sullivan will be against it, before he was for it, before being against it...

But THANK GOD we Have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They not like waffly evil liberal media meat puppets who are not willing to support the president to support the military contractors who should be indemnified because they were merely following orders...