June 17th, 2008


"Live Free Or Die Harder" - a Chick Flick!!!

God they could have just been polite and put the sub title:
Jay And Silent Bob Die Harder With A Jedi Mind Meld Vengence of Bad Boys
Something to WARN PEOPLE!!!

I mean, hello!!! when we start out with John McClane merely pulling out some guy from a car. I mean hello!!!

WHAT SORT OF FAILED PRE-911 Anti-Family Message are we sending to children these days? Where is the patriotic approach? Where are the sniper teams. You know if there was enough reason to pull him out of a car then clearly as a terrorist, one MUST torture him there, and then ship him off to gitmo. Or simplify the matter and have the Snipers cleanz him.

Some how we are suppose to overlook this CRISIS IN AMERICAN FAMILY VALUES as just one more way in which Red Hollywood is engaged in destroying our white christian america. Somehow the writers in hollywood forgot that it is a father's obligation to call in at least Mortar Fire on his daughter when she is making out with some guy as the Bible DEMANDS!!!

But does Red Hollywood CARE about traditional family values? Do they care about sending a Pro-Family values message that persons are considered already convicted of the crime, simply because someone considers them to be criminal? Do they care about restoring Parental Rights to NAPALM whole villages simply because their daughter wants to be some wanton fluzzy!

The rest of the film is about how his daughter manipulates things to try and get a date with a cute guy.

McLane wanders off to fail to assasinate a hacker, because irrationally he is engaged in the failed liberal pre-911 culture where police bring in 'for questioning' persons of interest, as if that means that the person of interest is suppose to be breathing when questions!!! How Pre-911.

Then there is John McLane's WAR AGAINST AMERICA as he attacks american air superiority, showing that his whole radical left wing extremist agenda is just more of the same old failed Red Hollywood Propoganda.

Ok, the DVD has some fun, as it shows how HORRIBLE things have become. There is now a Kommunist Islamo-Fascist Feminizing Klique Guyz Nite - I mean, hello, turning a three letter word into a four letter word, so that it looks like Grlz just admits that it is all some sort of Rad Femi Surf Nazi Kultural Assault.

So bottom line. If you have nothing better to do, and have decided to go out on a 'date' and want to see some whiney wimpy chick flick that is totally nostalgic for the whole Failed pre-911 "culture", then this is the very Jane Austen Look Alike Film for the 21st Century!

Fortunately I waited till the dvd came out so I can watch it in the privacy of my own home, with the Dragon Hit Squad...

yeah, the guyz nite video below the cutCollapse )

But Is It Constitutional?

Hey Boys and PersonsWhoAreNotActualPersons, what if we took some time to review various dangerous MYTHS that evil liberals espouse, and ask if they are actually constitution.

Today's Horror
Innocent Until Proven Guilty.
How do we really know that this is actually constitutional law in america?

One proof put forward by a God Hating America Basher was:
In France, the Presumption is
Guilty until the defendant can overcome the presumption beyond a reasonable doubt
Thus, since they are EVIL, americans must do it some other way
Yes, but that does not mean that anyone in an american court SHOULD presume that the Onus of Proof lies with those who seek to change the status quo ante, and in this case that the Person is innocent until proven otherwise.

It should be noted that The Presumption Of Innocence is a british notion, and one may not wish to rest too hard upon that world, since, well, they are not really Americans, and as such may not be american enough. Try to remember that Woolmington v. DPP is not until 1935, and they are a long way down the slippery slope into godless heathenism by then.

So the golden thread argument, is probably just another Golden Compass presentation that the unbeliever has abandoned all hope!

So can americans really believe that they hold some majikal and mystical right to the presumption that they are not terrorists? And if so, how can they defend this position?

Clearly IF they can prove this point, then there will be some problem for the NeoConClownCarCrew who have whined about GitMo, since, well gosh, how exactly where these alledged 'terrorists' proven to be 'terrorists' such that they now live beyond the pale of the law.

Yes, many argue that after having their liberties suspended, many have gone on to die for the martyr's cause. As if this establishes that the person had been a 'terrorist' at the time they were transferred to GitMo.

But it may also establish that the lack of law in GitMo has forced some over the edge to a place where the problem demands a resolution, and a restoration of law.

I can appreciate that for the NeoConClownCarCrew, they have been hurting, emotionally, since the nixon era, when the liberals were RUDE and called Republicans 'the party of law and order' - and that has left them with a life long desire to be more LAWLESS!!!

But does that really advance the cause? Is allowing a president to establish lawless zones a good idea?

Or should I be really RUDE here and ask, "Would this be a bad time to talk about Emma Goldberg?" and with it the very thin line between being a 'citizen' who is alledgedly majikally protected by the US Constitution, and one who has been cast out of the Promise Land, by, well... Executive Privilege!!!

Try to remember, if the removal of one's papers as a citizen does not require anything more than the Will of The Unitary Executive, then how secure is a citizen in any of their presumptions as to which side of the line they are on at any time!!!

Add to that, the question of whether or not the Government would need to overcome the presumption of innocence.... well.... Wax The Surf Boards, that is not a mere slippery slope, given the Padilla Case, that is the wonderland Wall Of Water that makes all Surfers yearn for the fonder, gentler, kinder, Halycyon Daze when there was still law in the land.

Not that I really want to make a Federal Case Of It All!!!

Since clearly, We Thank GOD that we have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They protect us from the threat of Law!!!

Hey kids are you doing enough to Privatize War Inc....

What if the issue with War Inc. is bogged down with
In short, KBR can charge the U.S. government anything it wants under the implicit threat that the firm will halt logistical services to troops in Iraq. If the military doesn't pay up in full, KBR has warned, "it would reduce payments to subcontractors, which in turn would cut back on services."

That's according to Charles M. Smith, the senior civilian overseeing the multibillion-dollar contract with KBR during the first two years of the Iraq war. Smith, speaking out for the first time, said he was ousted from his job after he tried to question KBR's massive billing.

[ cf What would the U.S. military do without KBR, its largest logistical contractor? ]
Would this be a bad time to talk about the desertion rate amongst contractors in the Iraqi theatre of almost like war stuff?

Ah yes, thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They not bogged down in that reality stuff.

{ scary foot note time: hey kids, where is KBR's Current Corporate HeadQuarter???
Would this be a bad time to remind folks about.... }

Speaking Of Outing...

Remember when "outing" was a Gay Thing?

What about the new school:
Is there any way one can figure out some of the CIA's most highly guarded secrets from a corporate website?


I’ve done it. (And you can count on it that America’s friends and enemies alike have, too.)

[ cf Contractor's Website Reveals Clandestine CIA Programs ]

But a fun read.

Clearly more folks NEED to think about getting Planet Out to be more enraged, and take back the whole Outing Thing as being, well, 'so gay'...

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They not worrying about collapsing Intelligence Operations...

Clearly Why We Had To Invade Iraq, Revealed

A Senate investigation has concluded that top Pentagon officials began assembling lists of harsh interrogation techniques in the summer of 2002 for use on detainees at Guantanamo Bay and that those officials later cited memos from field commanders to suggest that the proposals originated far down the chain of command, according to congressional sources briefed on the findings.
"Some have suggested that detainee abuses committed by U.S. personnel at Abu Ghraib in Iraq and at Guantanamo were the result of a 'few bad apples' acting on their own. It would be a lot easier to accept if that were true," Sen. Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, wrote in a statement for delivery at a committee hearing this morning. "Senior officials in the United States government sought out information on aggressive techniques, twisted the law to create the appearance of their legality, and authorized their use against detainees."
"It is increasingly clear that the decision to abandon the rule of law and order torture and abuse was made at the very top," said Caroline Fredrickson, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Washington legislative office. "We look forward to the full investigative report from the Armed Services Committee and call on Congress to hold accountable any and all public officials involved in ordering illegal torture."

[ cf Report Questions Pentagon Accounts (emphasis added for comedic effect) ]
So are some saying that Torture is A Bad THING?

And that this process of moral decay preceeded the liberation of Iraq?

Why, well, gosh, golly.....

There it is, the real reason to invade iraq.

We had to find out why there were bad apples who supported torture, rather than supporting the President to support Torture!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They not bogged down in Time Lines, or Circles, or Tessarecques...

Why do these folks hate Gucamole?

WOW, another wacko Site Common Sense America because for some strange reason they too want to have this notion of a Presumption of Innocence.

What would it really add to the real process?

I mean if we are to buy into the idea that the founding father's this, and the founding father's that, then gosh, wouldn't that mean that americans would want to understand why the founding father's worked so hard on things like the separation of church and state?

Why they did not like things like allowing TORTURE to be used to extract confessions that could be used in a trial case...

So if folks OPPOSE THE USE OF TORTURE to provide evidence in court cases, then how can they think that the so called military commissions, which are on record as willing to take in hearsay and evidence derived from torture, and evidence provided from persons whom the Prosecutor will not allow in the court or allow the defense to talk to....

So remind me again, why exactly do American NEED to have some form of Show Trial in GitMo?

Why not be more cost effective and simply line them up and put a bullet in their head?

I mean, we are in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU and all.

Could it be that americans, in the pit of their souls, still want that legal sugar candy coating that something almost like law stuff was done to do some sort of officially state sanctioned process prior to walking into their cells and capping off a round into the base of their skull....

Would this be a bad time to talk about the whole fiasco of 'catch and release' follies that have made the last how many years of failed "sweep and secure" operations in Iraq, well, just one Zippo Short of a full on God Fearing All American Zippo Sqaud.

Ah yes...

What law should be legal in america?

You Should NEVER say that...

Requiescat in pace Satire. 1729-2008. No flowers.
Them Golly Gosh Darn Technical Ferrign Devil Words!!! RIP....

I say we send the God Damn Ferrign Devils Back To God Damned Ferrign Devils Land!

Anything less and the terrorists WIN!!!

Why Does Rep Ted Poe Hate Freedom?

Ah yes....

The fun of back when there were fuel sources in america.

Clearly the problem here is that the Evil Chinese have the manufacturing base, that formerly the GODLESS ATHEISTICAL Union Fruit Bat Leftists were concerned about losing overseas....

And yes, there was also a great time, once, when there had been natural resources CONUS....

But, hum.

Doesn't Representative Komrade Party Leader Ted Poe have faith in our Resource Recovery Teams, that they will be able to stop them Ferrign Devils....

You know, from importing our GOD GIVEN OIL that should be coming to america at lower prices....

You know, if them Ferrign Devils were not demanding the resource and forcing up the price....

Or, is Komrade Party Leader Ted Poe one of those Red Socialists who has no idea how an actual global economy works.... and forgets that the best way to go forward to the past would be to take the same war winning stratgegy and bomb flat all of our Industrial Opposition, so that the only remaining Industrial Power would be the good old USofA....

Ooopsie, can't do that, the Commie Rat Bastard Liberals here in america exported all of the industrial infrastructure out of the Heartland...

Damn Commie Rat bastard who hate freedom...

Why do the Zionists Hate Guacamole???

It is just shocking how the Zionist Clicque has come under the sway of god hating america bashers:
An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip that could ease a crippling Israeli blockade of the coastal territory will begin Thursday, Egypt and Hamas said.

The announcement of the ceasefire came on a day when Israel killed six militants in air strikes in Gaza. The ceasefire aims to end rocket and mortar bomb attacks on Israel from the coastal enclave and Israeli raids and air strikes in the territory.

"Both sides have pledged to halt all hostilities and all military activities against each other," Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki said in Cairo Tuesday, after weeks of separate talks with Israel and Hamas.

[ cf Israel and Hamas agree to Gaza truce-officials ]
Don't they Understand!!!


You can never negotiate with Terrorists!!! And Only More Bombing To Win Will Win Winningly!!!

Clearly as long as any of the Potentially Terrorist are allowed out, then they could potentially become terrorists!

Thus the only way is to keep on Glassing Them From Space!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They not negotiate with terrorists like Zionist Klique of Kut And Runner Kapitulationist Appeasers Stabbing Our Troops in the Back with their Hatred Of Our White Christian America!!!

Take THAT you Zog Minnion Of DOOM!!!

Are YOU doing Your Part???

War For The White House: The Triangle Of Death.

Actually given that folks are either supporting the president or they are with the terrorists, uh, isn't any form of opposition to the president in a time of transfering the Yada-Yada-Yada TERRORISM!!!

Some days I think I am getting the BlogWhatEvers.....

Also on the clue fairey list requests - anyone know of numb3rs some communist propoganda regime on CBS?

And is this really an appropriate way to pimp the follow on to mathematica The Math Of numb3rs

THANK GOD!!! We Have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They know that it does not have to add up because we are in a time of Yada-Yada-Yada TERRORISM!!!

If I say Yada-Yada-Yada TERRORISM!!!
often enough, will it be a simpler way of pointing out that evil liberals are evil?

Or as one friend noted,
All Liberals Have ERS!!!
Thank GOd..

oh yeah, already did that one...

Yada-Yada-Yada TERRORISM!!!

Why NOT an Exorcist???

Yada-Yada-Yada TERRORISM!!!

Ok, so on top of that, there is this comedy
Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, who may be on John McCain's Vice President shortlist, has quite a resume: state university system president, Congressman, governor, and, er, exorcist.
[ cf Gov. Bobby Jindal, possible VP candidate and exorcist(emphasis mine to facilitate thingus) ]
good qualities?

U.S. oil futures regulators on Tuesday unveiled a plan to slap the first trading limits on oil contracts that change hands on a London electronic exchange as U.S. lawmakers called for more regulations to rein in speculators.
[ cf U.S. unveils new rules on overseas oil trades ]
Can It Be???

That we do not have enough Boots On The Ground to turn back the unbelievers??? Or are they Zombies.... Yada-Yada-Yada TERRORISM!!!

Thank Yada-Yada-Yada TERRORISM!!!

They Yada-Yada-Yada TERRORISM!!!

they are like that you know...

The Mother Of My Children asked if I watch a given show, and I sent email, noting that I do not have cable, or dish or none of that... and I got email back that says
I just have rabbit ears
and so....


You live in the lap of luxury and Flaunt Your Technology in my direction!!!!
Ok, so in my next life I SOOO want the normal parents, the normal neighborhood....

You know, all of the things that makes Normalcy Normal...