June 16th, 2008


Why did scooter libby wax only ONE evil Liberal Media Pundit?

UnNamedSources noted that it was interesting that Tim Russert died of the Sovietologiest Disease.

Granted, just because it was Tim Russerts Anti-Americanism that allowed RADICAL JUDICIAL ACTIVISTS ON THE BENCH to attack our valiant fighting forces by suggesting that truthierNeff was important when persons such as Scooter Libby are communicating with the lesser branches of the Government, such as the Court System, which as we all know, in a time of Transferring The Tax Liabilites Unto The UnBorn Baby UBU, means that only the Great Leader Is Great and all other branches of the Regime must defer to the Unitary Executive Principle, that when the Unified Uniters Undulates, all must accept that this is THE way of the world.

Now I accept without argument that Scooter Libby has the right to call in a HIT on Evil Liberals like Tim Russert, since such is the way of Divine Retribution, and as we all know, anyone who has not accepted Great Leader as GREATZ!!! Is a Terrorist!!! And so there is no reason to have any law stuff involving the irradication of Unbelievers, especially in a time of Transferring The Tax Liabilites Unto The UnBorn Baby UBU.

My only complaint is that Scooter, once again, woosed out, and should have killed off the rest of the Pantheon Of God Hating America Bashing Draft Dodging Leftist Liberal Media Meat Puppets, like Rush Limbaugh, et al!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Bring On The BIG HURT!

Are YOU a Part Of The Evil Threat...

You see volks,
In the heat of their primary battle the Democrats launched a massive 50-state voter registration drive which will result directly in dramatically increasing Democrat voter turnout on November 4th.

We must respond by dramatically increasing our own Republican registration efforts, matching them voter-to-voter, district-by-district, state-by-state all across America. But we can only do that with an immediate, emergency injection of funds.

[ email from johnmccain@gop.com ]
Could be worse, they could be worried that there were some sort of difference in the total number of voters who would not be supporting the President to Support The Troops...

But really should we be having massive voter registration drives to get the voters out?

Does that really support the president to support the troops???

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They do not need to bother the voters with mere registering to vote, since there is no real reason for voters to vote when the Divine Will has already established the Divine Decider!!!

Ah yes... It is what Our Troops Are Fighting FOR!!! An America Freed From The HORROR of the liberal agenda of having the civilians working beyond their realm of competency by engaging in voting.

ARE YOU DOING YOUR PART - to keep america safe from the civilians, and other forms of terrorists!!!

Are YOU that HIGH yet???

Hey kids, hot new buzz! Google Is Making YOU Stoopid
I had thought it was just me.

In reading the cover story in the new issue of The Atlantic, however, I have learned that I am not alone. There are at least two of us who have forgotten how to read.
Now, author Nicholas Carr posits a new theory. In "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" he notes that he and many of his

literary friends report the same experience, leading him to wonder if the Internet is not rewiring our very brains, not altering the hard drive of the human computer. The culture of hyperlinks, blogs and search engines that return more results than you could read in a lifetime is, he argues, changing the way we read and, indeed, think.

[ cf Is Google Making Us Stupid? Maybe ]
WOW, it's all Google's Fault!!!

And to think, once upon a time it use to be merely ALLL of the Evil Liberals, and teh Evil Liberal MainStream Media....

Now I want to FEEL for the freaking writer, as he had an assignment to read Scott McClellen's Book... And well, gosh, if you read it, and are not worrying that you feel that much more stoopid... well, gosh, maybe you have missed most of the last 40 years since the fun of watching all of the happy songs of 1967 turn to the Tet Offensive of 1968, which as we all know, we WON, because of course, They Lost, and yet, even with that additional victory it would take Nixon winning a second term for him to finally find the sort of Peace With Honor, that the rest of the intervening years has been, well, you know.


You know, like Richard M. Nixon, the '68 Peace Candidate.

So what if there was more going on than, well, merely the fact that there is more going on???

What if a core part of the problem is that the Revisionist keep trying to turn Jefferson into some sort of Space Alien, so that as an undocumented worker from another planet, it is not like one would have to deal with him as an actual founding father involved in the 'original intentions of the founding fathers'....

You know, so like the Supreme's would feel safer that they would not look as STOOPID trying to warn us that some ruling of the court leads, inevitably to 'masturbation causes terrorism'. { google for Scalia, do your own home work, get over the emotional trauma of it all. }

Ah yes....

If only america were the budding 19th Century that it has always been, then there would be none of these complex complicating things, and folks would not feel stoopid having first defended McClellen for having been the new Ari Fleischer, and then having to deal with the fact that the lack of reasoning back then still looks no better upon review and reflection, and that no amount of blaming it all on
I Was ONLY Following Orders!
They Made Me Do IT!
will wash away the sheer folly of it all.

So who knows, someday folks may wind up deciding that Reason be Gooder.

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They make us all feel smarter.