May 29th, 2008


Officers Lying, To Cover Up Crimes????

How can this be Mr. Science???
The court martial against a lieutenant with the US Marines on charges of lying following the deaths of 24 civilians in the Iraqi town of Haditha in 2005 opened on Wednesday, a Marine spokesman told AFP.

First Lieutenant Andrew Grayson, 26, is being court martialed for making false statements, obstructing justice, and attempting to fraudulently separate from the Corps, the Marines said.

[ cf Court martial for US Marine in Haditha killings opens ]
In light of the current Scalia Model that some times reality is a whole lot more flexible than at first folks might like, what's the betting that this guy gets let off, because well all of the evil liberals supported the killings before they went all soft on the Dunkin Donuts Demon Of Terrorism, since of course, how was anyone suppose to know that Gertie The Gay Golf Cart Gollom was GAY!!!

Yeah, that's the tickets, it is Gay Marriages that have caused all of this moral ambiguity!!!

We told you that Gary Marriages are Evilish...

Hum... What is it when one is a part of a criminal conspiracy after the commission of the crime??

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They not bogged down in mere factualisms...

Did Dunkin Donuts Demons Of Disagreeability Destroy Scott Mclellen's True Faith?

It is clearly too shocking:
Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan defended his bombshell book about the Bush administration on Thursday, saying he didn't speak up against the overselling of war in Iraq at the time because he, like other Americans, gave the president the benefit of the doubt.

"My beliefs were different then. I believed the president when he talked about the grave and gathering danger from Iraq," McClellan, who was deputy press secretary during the lead-up to the war, told NBC's "Today" show.
McClellan said he grew "increasingly dismayed and disillusioned" during his final year as White House press secretary, and pinpointed the unfolding of the CIA leak case — and what it revealed about Bush's role in releasing classified information about Iraq to the press — as his tipping point. McClellan was elevated to press secretary in July 2003 and left the White House in April 2006.
Rice would not comment specifically on charges in the book, but said Bush was honest and forthright about the reasons for the war. She also said she remained convinced that toppling Saddam was right and necessary.

"The president was very clear about the reasons for going to war," she told reporters in Stockholm, where she is attending an international conference on Iraq.
He was ordered to say from the press room podium that White House aides Karl Rove and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby were not involved in leaking CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity to the press. Later a criminal investigation revealed that they were.

[ cf McClellan says he believed in Bush as war started (empahsis mine) ]
Show me where the Evil Liberal Media has shown that the President Lied about the Need to restore the Iraqi Wetlands?


Not been overturned as a reason for bringing Freedom to Iraq!!!

There is STILL Peace that has followed from the president's personal destruction of all of those Secretly Sinister Persian Pedal Powererd pGay pGolfCart Phlying pSaucers pOf Phear!!! But do the Evil Liberal Media Types ever remind americans that unless we keep on keeping on they may come back and attack america AGAIN!!!

As for being Ordered to Provide UnderOperable Truthineffinessems about the Plame Crisis, does a former talking head for the White House get protection for having 'only followed orders' if they opt to prosecute???

Besides, if a president does it, how can it be a crime!!!! Especially when it is done in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby unicorn!!! Cleary when one is the divine decider deciding divinely, there can be no other course of action but total loyalty to the Divine Mandate Of The Divine, as established by the argument from Intelligent Design!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They protect us from the Horrors of people who get bogged down in factualisms....

Memory IS Terrorism
Stop it before It destroys our white christian america!!!

Why do G.I.Joe and lindsey_graham hate Freedom?

I mean, here they are abandoning our troops, again.
Senators Joseph I. Lieberman and Lindsey Graham, prominent surrogates for Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign, stepped down Wednesday from their positions with an independent group that released a pair of Internet advertisements attacking Senator Barack Obama on Iraq.

Mr. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, and Mr. Graham, Republican of South Carolina, were both on the policy advisory board to the organization, Vets for Freedom, which on Wednesday released its second Web advertisement in less than a week attacking Mr. Obama.
Vets for Freedom is not organized as a 527, which refers to a section of the tax code. The designation often carries a negative connotation because of the attacks of 527 groups like Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in the 2004 campaign. Instead, Vets for Freedom is organized as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, an increasingly common tactic for outside groups seeking to get involved in campaigns.
The group’s founder, Wade Zirkle, is also identified as a member of Mr. McCain’s Virginia leadership team. Another member of the group’s policy board is Max Boot, an outside foreign policy adviser to the McCain campaign.

[ cf 2 Senators for McCain Leave Group After Ads ]
Why great war heroes like Max Boot have not abandoned the veterans, even if the left wing defeatist McCain and his RINO Rave Dancers are ditching out in a time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn Baby Unicorn!!!

I say it is time for these Radical Leftists to work out why they are Stabbing The President In The Back To Stab The Troops In The Back!!!

Do You want a nation Dumb Struck By Demonic Dunk Donuts Demigogory!!! Or do You Want RoboBushCheney!!!!
They Shiney!!!

They not round!

So what is wrong with Outsourcing the WhateverOnWhomever?

I mean a lot of us have been practical about renting the iranian army to protect Iraq from Al-Qaeda... But then there are the God Hating America Bashing Left Wing Extremists with their EcoTerrorist Rantings:
It awarded one of the biggest defense contracts in history, for the Air Force's fleet of next-generation refueling tankers, to a consortium composed of European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) and Northrop Grumman over US-based Boeing.

Although Northrop serves as the public face for the consortium, its plane originally dubbed the KC-30, is in reality a modified version of the French Airbus A330, a commercial airliner assembled in Europe by Airbus, a subsidiary of EADS.

And, in assigning this critical weapons contract to a European-built system from a European corporation, the U.S. Government has essentially outsourced part of our national security to a company that is owned in part by governments that have recently opposed U.S. foreign and military policies.

( email from )

So why should americans want a massive welfare programme to spend tax dollars on welfare statist nannygaters, rather than allowing the Free Marketeers find the best berets that we can get to look the coolest we can in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby unicorn.

Yes, once upon a time there was a desire to have an Industrial Infrastructure as a part of the American Economy, but that went the way of Family Farming and sound fiscal policy!!!

But do americans really want to give up on the glorious future of creditized financialized market triumphalism of having the Most Gloriously Glorious of all Possible Imaginary Invisible Foote of the Free Market???

I mean do folks really think that Red Socialist Islamo-Fascist Communists like Alfred Thayer Mahan - yes that red guard trotskyite - who wrote The Influence of Sea Power Upon History as a part of the Isalmo-Fascist Communist Plot to pimp the need The Great White Fleet so that we could win The Spanish American War so that Dug Our Doug would have some place to go after the Liberals hated the fact that he sent in tanks to break up Veterans Marches for their bonuses....

Now, yes, some factualists will let the small detail that the Great White Fleet would not set sail until 10 years after the spanish american war... and that might be useful in the sort of Reality Based Community where those sorts of things are interesting... But of course those folks also think we LOST the Spanish American War...

{ sub note - it is fun to see that the Wiki has such a growing body of data about the growth of the Battle Ship Navy, from the pleasant little cruisers like The USS Olympia that was flagship of the Asiatic Squadron... }

But the Really Unamerican part is that one can track the Rise of Islamo-Fascist Dominated God Haters in the Industrializing portions of America to the Plot and Konspirakii of Red Fellow Agents like Komrade Party Leader Mahan, one of the few to be the Unindicted Co-Conspirator for the Haymarket Riot when Anarchists and Red Fellow Travelling Islamo-Fascists Made WAR on our white christian america because they hated god and freedom and all things good and wholesome.

So maybe we should start asking ourselves - do we want to allow the so called Urban Proletariate a chance to come back onto our shores bringing their Godless Communistm??? Or should we keep america American, where we are almost Free From the Sin and Corruption of Industrialization as the Germ Theory of Islamo-Fascist Communism amongst the Unwashed Masses!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They Not Unwashed Masses!!!

Besides, should folks support the president to support the troops, so opposing his plan to have stuff built where ever Jesus has told him to build it is what Jesus wants!!! and anyone who opposes the Presidents plan to buy weapons and stoff from other folks is Opposing Jesus!!!

Maybe these God Haters have not heard the word!!! But we are a Nation in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby Unicorn!!! and folks must understand that the President has special powers!!!

Would this be a good time to talk about why the USNI are a Religious Institution Given to Us By GOD???