May 26th, 2008


What were you planning to learn anyway???

I was seriously amused by Why Didn't We Listen to Their War Stories? and then thot it reallly funny. I mean what do civilians REALLY want to know that veteran's could tell them in War Stories? The actual war stories, as any folklorist will tell you, fall into four basic groupings:
  • The Shibolith that sorts in group from out group
  • Survival Knowledge packaged for travelling.
  • Mere Rememberings of those no longer around .
  • The fine art of filling time till the next thing comes along
And let us be brutally honest here. Most folks do not want the First Two. Since if they are vets, they don't need the IFF ( Identification Friend Or Foe ), and while the types and nature of "O-1" (First Rank of Ossifers) change names from country to country, and service to service, there is not one of them that should be left alone in the rain, given pointey objects, and allowed anything more dangerous than their own misunderstanding of their competency.

The later two are problematic for most folks. Since the whole issue of rememberings is complicated. It's about the problem of persons who are not going to have the opportunity to take more positions about how they had always opposed, what ever it is that one is suppose to oppose, and supported the stuff one was suppose to support.... And be honest, it is totally USELESS to add any form of 'with god on our side' to that process.

Which leaves us with the most complicated of tasks - the process of filling time. This is problematic to those who want to learn from veterans, since they arrived with so much matching baggage, that they kinda forget that veterans, en masse, were a collection of young men who had far better things to do with their time than to to duck enemy fire trying to stay alive. And forgive me the sense of service prejudice, but there is a reason that God invented the phrase, "Like a Sailor On Liberty", to define the fullest measure of firm commitment and resolve to the total empowerment of the joi d' vivre in ways that are never better phrased.

One can argue about this or that bit of politics, and we giggled all the way round Lafayette Park, that fine fall day when some "stop the klan" rally had moved - because the klan lacked the intestinal fortitude to boldly march through the nations capital, even with the National Police to protect them from the Sparts, and Trots, and liberals, and US Military Types, who were obvious to identify as 'the other short hairs' in the crowd. Since after the D.C. Cavalry had charged, and the counter-protestors still held the park, it was sorta clear who had one the day.

And there, in the truest glory of all Military Operations everywhere, sat a young Spartacus Youth Leaguer firmly engaging the attentions of a charming young lady, who had that look in her eyes that said she was SOOO gonna Liberate The Sh*T out of his cute ideologically correct interpretation of the True Marxianist-Leninist-Trotskyist Dialectical Material Historical Analysis buns.... And they sipped coffee out of paper cups, sparts are good for getting the Porta Johns, and the like, as one of my protesting friend likes to note, and they engaged in an at least appropriately ideological engagement with the appropriate issues while in public.

Ah yes... for a kinder, gentler time, when there was room for those types of species specific behaviors that are the only useful part of 'taking and holding ground'. Rather than the folly we have seen too many times, where the ground gets fumbled by the malaise of those who had not needed to be there in the taking, and who were never too clear why that piece of ground needed to be Liberated....

Ah yes, but should folks REALLY want to know what veteran's think? Or Know, or....

Or is that why there is the cultural need for the memorializing, so that we can keep on sanitizing the process.

So that we can still pimp the myth of 'the seventy virgins' to the next collection of First Virgins whom we will ship into Follies Way...

Who knows, maybe someday they will get Fuck to be truly obscene. Carrying the meaning that includes Your Friend the Sucking Chest Wound and Managing Traumatic Amputation and all of the other wonderful little lectures about what you should need to know if you want to keep your best friend from becoming a memorial for the civilians to wonder what it was they could have, should have, might have, learned about the greater value of a Rip Roaring Good Drunken Folly Of Youth over a combat patrol of any form - even the freaking walk in the sun fiasco's that will inevitablly go so wrong so fast.

Or is that the real problem here. It ultimately IS about dick waving festivals. The sad and tragic folly of those who have never been able to TRULY understand the greater value of a really good Cuddle - because they had already been through enough Fuck Ups for one life...

Ah yes The Great War Heroes, who made those tax cuts possible, since of course what could be more important in a time of war than tax cuts..... Or the folks who get all squishy about "Gays", never really working out the number of "Gays in the military" taking up all of the good billets that the Current Ration Of Great War Heroes really wanted to have a chance to take, but....

So why not support Clive Owen's Carrot Chomping Good Guy from Shoot 'em Up when he says
If you think that's great, you should see me sign my name in the snow
Since all too often, it's the personal reassurance that the civilians really want....

That it is ok for them to go on dehumanizing Veterans as mere Icons of their religiously held myth system; the manifestation for the excuse of the state monopoly on state sponsored terrorism.

Rather than lads on the pull, wearing their least smeggiest stuff, not at all interested in any of that 'for god, for country, for princeton' ranting....

Or would that be letting folks into the unpleasant reality about the unpleasant compromise kept between the two communities, and the full Freaking Kabuki Dance done so that we do not have to be more unpleasant about the real realities of both war, and why any form of on the pull is STILL better than the flatulence about patriotism and glory....

War? What War? Integer N

I was just shocked that the radical left wing extremist Militarist Clique of Welfarists have gone totally out of hand, on this, one of the Most Memorable Shopping Days in the Whole Holy Pantheon of Holy Shopping Days!
Saluting the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan – and honoring veterans of those wars – is a key part of Memorial Day activities today. That's to be expected.

But come Tuesday, and during the rest of the year, will the fighting and the sacrifice fade into the background as Americans' main concerns return to high gasoline prices and presidential election politics?

[ cf Will the war be forgotten after Memorial Day? ]

What war are they talking about?

The failed Envrionmental Extremist Onslaught on poor innocent iRaq that is having it's wetlands restored by Radical Left Wing Eco-Extremists?

Or the Horror of the Failed Klintonesta Policies in Afghanistan with the usual failed liberal agenda of attempting to impose an antiquated aesthetic upon the indigenous peoples, who yes, did blow up the GRAVEN IDOLS, but anyone who has Accepted Dubya as their Personal Lord and Savior understands that all Graven Idols MUST be destroyed, except of course those that are personally vouched safe by the Komrade Directorate of Protecting Asset Valuation For Those Who Need To Liquidate Their Positions Prior to The Frap Hitting The Shan - one of the lesser ministries of the Department of Asset Moral Normalization - (DAMN) is chartered to help mainstream various types of morally challenged fiscal products to those persons who can not tell a totally purified form of holy religious Icon that is a graven idol that must be destroyed from those that are Clearly to be protected.

Yes, there are clearly the same old failed Clintonesta Interventionist Dogma suffering the side effects that occur in the collapse of any NannyState Welfarist God Hating America Bashing Kult of those who have failed to correctly divine the true state of the true holy Iconography of Where things really are these days. If you know what I mean, he said in an all encompassing and embracing awareness that many of the godless readers were not privy to the extra special kool aid and visual cortex stimulators that make the White Shade Of Pale a much Rosier, but not O'Donnel, vision of A Freeer Freedome!!!

Besides, we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

If there were an actually War, don't you think they would have told the nation that there was a war going on?

More Evil Liberals, Evilly Politicising the Most Memorable Shopping Day Ever!!!

One of my Evil God Hating America Bashing Doom Mongers oF IkkyPoohPerIsm noted:
Sgt. York captured 150 enemy soldiers.

PFC Gabaldon captured 1500 enemy soldiers.

One army's soldiers commonly surrendered, when no other option existed.

One army's soldiers never surrendered. Ever.

One was awarded the Medal Of Honor.

One was awarded the Navy Cross.

One was white.

One was not.

Which was which?
This has what to do with the most Memorable Shopping Day In America's Most Victoriously Glorious Mission Accomplished Dance Holy Crusade On Product Lines Of D-word-here.

Ok, if you do not know whom PFC Gabaldon might have been, do you really want to get bogged down in some sort of radical left wing agenda that is clearly back the sort of Red Agenda that brought you the First Protest on the Great Mall, by The Bonus Army - and you have to love the humour that the Wiki Freaks have the warning about the neutrality of the Article, which I guess would be kinda difficult for some, when they have to remember that this First Great National Protest on the Mall was met by Dug Out Dug, who unleashed tanks and cavalry on the veterans.... Which of course did help motivate those in the rear in the Beer, in 1944, to pass the radical left wing communist backed "G.I. Bill Of Rights" - because, well, Communism!!!

The Military Intelligence HAD clearly and compellingly shown that at least three of the leaders of the Bonus Army were Communist Rat Bastards Bent Upon The Destruction of Our Godless White Christian America with their RADICAL RED AGENDA!! And it really does not take a lot of work to walk from Tuskegee Airmen to the decision by Communist DUPES, like Truman, who would desegregate the US Military, that would inevitably lead to the Radical Judicial Activism of Loving v. Virginia allowing THEM to marry White Christian Americans in any state that THEY wanted to get married!!!

Which makes it all clear that this was some sort of Monolithic Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Zombie Initiative to allow Gay HomoZeXual Zombies to marry anyone they want to marry, whether or not they get a tax write off on the subsequent spouses and concubines!!!



And these freaks want to worry about one Beaner??? Hello!!! Where is your priority Set???

My God!!! Don't These Radical Extremists Understand we are in a time of Transferring The Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn Baby UBU!!!! This is no time to start radical left wing communist dominated Islamo-Fascist Politicising of the Most Memorable Shopping Day EVER!!!

Why We Must Stop The Evil Doing Evil Doers...

One of my Evil Doing Evil Doers sent me:

and wow - clearly a sign that those who hate freedom and want to stab our troops in the back are just well, bad people who have want to make evil analogies because they are unwilling to support the President To Support The Troops!!!

Thank GOD we Have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They Crush Evil Run away Red Hollywood Propoganda Meme's!!!

Really Ugly Thot Experiment.

Let us assume that there is a change of Government in January 2009.

Will this impact the current underlying Fiscal problems with the american dollar detaching from Oil, as Bretton Woods II collapses into an abyss of Peak Oil Neo-Realism! Hey, which is the True Bretton Woods II arrangement, and will the distinctions actually contain a substantive difference.

Or will the transition in the military operations abroad have a greater impact on the valuation of the American Dollar....

Given that the American Dollar is used to import goods and services into the USofA, will the issues related to the US Dollar as it is exchanged for things from overseas have any impact on domestic economic issues? Or can there be a wonderful safe way in which the External Dollar is detached from the Internal Dollar so that there is a complete state sanctioned buffer zone where the values are no longer correlated, and so the economic issues of unbelievers overseas are not impacting the internal domestic economic zones.

Will the election finally fix the issues with Intelligent Design, and hence with the prospects that Peak Oil may be about more than that Oil, like all other Gods, are Shy by nature and tend to hide from unbelievers. So that by fixing the religious war with Science, that all of the Bad Science will be banished to it's room to think about why it must learn to be more supportive of Religion, and in particular the True Religion, which if the government has 'changed' means that the voters are all Atheistic God Hating America Bashers who have stabbed the troops in the back by not supporting the True President as the argument from intelligent design demanded!!!

And if we are near to Peak Oil, does this mean that we need to send Oil to assertiveness training classes so that it can get in touch with it's own internal sense of self awareness and thus overcome it's shyness.

How long will america be able to maintain the Resource Wars Overseas before it becomes obliged to start forcing down the Demand Side of the Curve the Old Fashion Way by recycling the demanders. Clearly the need to recycle large volumes of demanders will mean that we will either need to find far more Industrialization, and with any luck, fully automated robotic recycling facilities, OR just Liberate The Sh*T out of them, so that our troops do not suffer the same side effect of the last time the levels of recycling were tried on unbelievers and defeatist elements and their fellow travelling demanders!!!

This would of course allow the Supply Side Economics to Trickle down the recycled portions of the Demand Curve onto those who will be able to engage in useful and productive work in the new American Co-Prosperity Sphere. Assuming of course the Boobs did not install a defeatist cut and runner who will just run away from winning the overseas resource wars, as we grow out the Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere!!! So that all people who are useful and productive members of society will be able to enjoy the quality of life that the Argument From Intelligent Designe Offered the True Believers.

Or will americans wake up on the day after the innaguration and have that sobriety moment as they notice that it is still fundamentally Messy and Ugly and that there will be a need for more than merely More Prayer, and More True Belief, and More Clapping Our Hands For TinkerBelle!!!

Or put even more unpleasantly, what will keep america from becoming the next Yugoslavia?

Now Remind me why you are not supporting RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Keep Our American America America!!!

What if we just offer to Help Purge The Unbeleivers?

More than 35 people were killed and many more injured in a weekend of clashes between police and members of a farming caste who are demanding job quotas in the west Indian state of Rajasthan.

The Gujjars, traditionally nomadic shepherds, who are considered to low status in India's caste structure, want to be considered a "scheduled tribe," an often impoverished grouping in India that is entitled to government jobs and university places.

[ cf Indian forces clash with low-caste protesters ]
Clearly by recycling the unacceptable element in their society, India could become a true friend by become a net exporter of Fuel Liquids, such as Recycle Enemies of The State.

This would also help the global perspective that India is a land of foreigners who are taking away the hight paying jobs in America! And Create A More POSITIVE Image as a wonderful place where they create those Very Useful BioFuels and are working on trickling down the UnDemand that is needed to ease the global economic anxiety that some nations have when they worry that they may be the next nation to Get The Freedom Liberated Out Of Them by unNamed Freeing Influences.

Clearly If India were to advocate an "UnDemand Side Economic Theory" many third would countries would feel safer about accepting that they have the choice to be positive and constructive memebers of society, or they can be constructed into Positive Fueling Aspects Of Society!!! Making the Economy Bloom!!!

I mean, we wouldn't want to allow Genetic Mutants to take over in that part of the world, who would wind up taking the Botany Bay into outer space....

Besides there can ONLY BE ONE RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Green!!!

They Recycle Ideological Deviationalists For Fancy Prizes!!!

Do we have a federal standard for the acceptable level...

... of Peacekeepers 'abusing children' - or is that just one more of the "do not ask, do not tell" topics that americans would prefer not to get too bogged down with. You know, the sort of slight of hand redefinition work that made torture no longer actually torture, because, well there are some folks who actually like that sort of stuff... But that doesn't mean that they are gay, they just have this acceptable tolerance for other really butch guys getting all butch on them...

Or should we also add to the lest of equally flexible moral ambiguities that are in no way indicative of moral relativism, when we want to get a reasonable approximation of how many nuclear weapons do the Isreali's Have? or should we readjust our relationship to what is and what is really a weapon of mass destruction, so that we can find a more socially acceptable way to allow NON-HOMOSEXUAL Nuclear Weapons to Co-Habit in a Socially Responsible way...

Now don't get me wrong here, some of my best friends are nuclear weapons, I just do not want them marrying my daughter. This does not mean that I am Nuclear-Weapon-Phobic, I just do not see that we need to be giving them any special set of privileges. I mean this is what it has come to when Radical Judicial Activist On The Bench have failed to define the laws limiting marriage to only boring heterosexual monogamists who are only into it for the children. Even if that would mean siding with the God Hating Atheistical Terrorist Cliques who hate Jesus and are not supporting the Religious Polygamists, as opposed to the evil Modern SeXularHumanists who advocate Polygamy, or at least serializable monogamy, with one or more well defined exception class that can be thrown, whether or not anyone catches them.

So why NOT lump in Concerns about Nuclear Weapons Dating My Daughter!!! It is not like this would be the first colourful Issues that need to be addressed!!! Like why do so many gay men want to dress up like Judy Garland and Doris Day? Is it really because they too want to be in a meaningful and platonic relationship with Rock Hudson? Rather than stuck in a dead end Nuclear Weapons Proliferation Control Job Like Former Ambassador Wilson's Wife... When they can be more fashionable, and stylish like a Really Big Manly Man Jericho Missile.... Not the Isreali One, that by the way is merely a Screaming Coincidence, that the Iron Man also has a Jericho Missile. Since of course, well he is SUCH a Man... and has Buns of Titanium Alloy....

Look me in the eye girl friend and tell me you would not send away to make sure you got the correct voltage regulator for that Hunk Of Metal getting all Automated... But that IS another Story.

We're here to stop the liberals from being all liberal and destroying the very moral standards that make standardizing morality such a Standard!!!

Now, what real americans want is an end to the sort of moral wishy washy washington D.C. "anything goes" approach to stuff, when we can clear it all up with unambiguous blind loyalty to Great Leader - ANY Great Leader!!! But preferably one called out by the argument from intelligent design...

RINO RAVE DANCER does the lame-o exucse on assasination jokes.

God it is so comical when folks are cranking on Hitlary for the bad taste of reminding folks that RFK got waxed before he clinched the nomination, and now one more of the Faux News Folks got caught up with the usual laugh riot of having advocated the assination of a presidential candidate....

(cf Too Much Fun )

Remember folks when advocating Assinating Political Candidates was considered a BAD thing....

Ah yes, those Halycon Days back before the psuedo paramilitary types turned out to be all media pundits for the so called evil liberal media working on Faux News And Friends....


Now remind me again why it is that anyone thinks that any of these fruit bats are in any way conservatives, republican, or even American for that matter? I mean, hey Fox News, this was Memorial Day Week End, A Great Time to remind americans that you guys are STILL hiding in the rear with the beer advocating the rule of death squads... Sends a clear and unambiguous message to those of us who served in the american armed forces what you guys REALLY think of us... we are just suppose to be your paid death sqauders...

Thank YOU very Much.

Hey Kids, say it in Pentagonese....

The New York Times' April expose on the massaging of public opinion through "message force multipliers" (a term only the Pentagon could come up with) has now prompted at least two investigations. The program was suspended following the initial NYT report.

The Department of Defense inspector general announced last Friday that it was undertaking a investigation of the program, and the Congress' own General Accountability Office has "already begun looking into the program and would give a legal opinion on whether it violated longstanding prohibitions against spending government money to spread propaganda to audiences in the United States."

[ cf Today's Must Read ]
Gosh, and to think that the problem that Doug Feith was trying to clarify was that the administration should not be held accountable because everyone wound up believing the UnderTruthierNeff that evil minnions of Satan injected into the Evil Liberal Media by Message Force Multipliers MFM's!!!

They USEd MFM's!!!

For our civilians friends the use of 'f' denoted 'golf' as in fGolf, so this is one more case of Gertie The Golf Cart Gollom Injecting Satanic Cult Ritualisms into MgolfM's....

HELLO!!! Didn't people get the Memo that the green ones were BAD!!! They Have Golf In Them!! 'g' Golf, g Green, same big bright machine...

Try to remember americans, this is memorial day week end, when the so called psuedo carring pretend to give a crap about those who served in the US Military - and we keep dealing with the reality check that the Military is STILL recovering from the levels of Moral Corruption that made it just one more part of the big revolving door of the Military Industrial Infotainment Complex!!!

Nope, this time I am not Hammering on the Civilian Community, while not 'blameless' - they can at least cop to the excuse, that corruptable types are corruptable...

Whereas some of us made conscious decisions about our obligations, not understanding that the old school tie level of moral obligation had gone Bye-Bye under the NeoConClownCarCrew who really thog that war was just like when Karl Rove was Wanking the Credential Committee in his first political coup, thinking that this was the moral equivolent of actual combat, and actual sucking chest wounds, and actual social unpleasantries...


What if it is just time to close down the whole Freaking Zoo, and call the boys home. Collapse the Freaking waste of tax payer's dollars that are the CIA and the DOD, and leave it all in the Hands of Faux News And Friends!!!

Then when they want to PAY our ammo bills, and cover our transportation costs, and our expense reports...

Ah yes, once upon a time one of my evil friends qual'd with the Singapore Rifles... and they have a really groovey idea, they comp you for your civilian gig while you are on active duty....

Hum... maybe then, why gosh, the Pro-War folks would understand why they would want to have some SERIOUS fiscal oversight into the process of when the nation is blowing their tax dollars paying the comps....

WHY GOSH, they might understand the 'well regulated militia' clause as being something a bit more than their concern about the greens fees and getting a good caddy...

Hell the Voting Population would even consider the need to be at least technically competent to offer an opinion about the military style stuff.... Since They ARE the electorate.... And there are some things one just does not out source.

Nah... Not Funny...

Got RoboBushCheney?
They Shiney!!!

They Not bogged down in mere factualism when reminding the vet community that the civilians really just want a death squad collection of moral reprobates to just kill civilians to make it all easier for them.

More Ugly Thots.

The opening two paragraphs are:
If you haven't already had read it, let me recommend George Packer's piece in The New Yorker on the "fall" of conservatism. He weaves together a thousand threads of the story in a way any magazine writer knows is terribly difficult to pull off. For the article Packer had a long conversation with Pat Buchanan, who, for the younger folks among our readers, isn't just a vinegary TV right-winger with a punchy turn of phrase. Buchanan is a very important figure in the last half century of American history -- for the forces of darkness perhaps, but important no less for that.

Buchanan gave Packer a copy of a confidential memo he wrote for Richard Nixon in 1971. ("A little raw for today," he warns Packer.) The memo is about what Buchanan and his Nixon aide colleague Kevin Phillips called "positive polarization," ways to divide the country for political advantage. Some of you will remember the key line that Buchanan ends on because it's quoted in Jonathan Schell's magnificent 1976 book, Time of Illusion. The aim, wrote Buchanan, was to "cut the Democratic Party and country in half; my view is that we would have far the larger half."

[ cf Taking the Long View (URL in original) ]
yes boys and frogs, THAT Kevin Phillips, ( the Political Commentator ) the guy who had authored 'the republican majority' and has recently done American Theocracy as well as Bad Money.

What if there was still time to turn it around and allow America to be a nation again, a republic again, a leader of the 3rd World against the European Colonialists....

Ok, so it may be a bit late for the later, but what if we were to step back into the actual flow of the actual american history that was actually lived by actual americans?

This is Memorial Day Week End, it was SUPPOSE to be about Making the Memories of The ACTUAL Players a real live memory, and not merely one more excuse for one more marathon showing of some TV series about how america could have been if it had been the america that would have been freed of evil liberalism, and the sort of God Hating America Bashers who forgot to indicate in the US Constitution that we all of course accept the divinity of Dubya as the Argument From Intelligent Design Demanded....

Yes boys and otherPerKinOfQuestionAbleVotingAndContractualRights, back when the REAL american constitution was being circulated by mere mortals, and long before it became the holy text written in stone by the finger of god, there were Americans who opposed it PRECISELY because it failed to assert that this was both a christian nation and that any authority for the government was derived from GOD almighty.

So there are a whole bunch of folks out there who clearly need to be taking at least More than One more look at the long run of it all....

WHY? you ask me.

Because I HATE to have to organize cover fire as we move someone up to secure the potable water...

And given my druthers, I would prefer the sort of Ideological Banging that made the Federalist And Anti-Federalist writings the very pinacle of the secularist free thinking writing that STILL carries a punch.... And with any luck, americans may want to recover parts of their history, and actually honor their 'glorious dead' - without the irrational need to just keep on making more of them...

Maybe we can step away from the other prospect of unpleasantry as the Empire Collapses - since those tend to be really Nasty Affairs... and for those who have probably never looked up, or Done The Google For Sir Oswald Mosley you may not want to visit that part of the street, as you might find unpleasant issues that will muck with the american mythologies about Winnie...

But that really is another country's set of issues on that side, and I would prefer that we could find a way to avoid, well, repeating the Anglo-French "Suez Canal" fiasco .... and a whole bunch of other bits of 'the battle for algiers' as we try to make America Merely American again...

So why not start by stepping back and taking a long look...

Those Evil Facutalists...

Where to begin? First of all, can anyone imagine a Bush-Cheney-Lieberman response to the Cuban Missile Crisis that would not have produced some kind of inferno? But never mind that. Lieberman disingenuously ignores Kennedy's far more important strategy of engagement with Khruschev. As for Castro himself, evidence has been surfacing in recent years of a Kennedy plan for a two-track policy toward Cuba, the second track being a "carrot"of engagement. Kennedy would have arrived at that place through a series of hard lessons, especially the Bay of Pigs.
[ cf GI Joe ...again ]
Ok, so the cited paragraph comes from a folly about Comrade Party Leader Lieberman who is still living happily on some happier planet not bogged down by mere factualism....

Yes, I know that many of us are not Happy that the cold war crapped out on us. Some of us accepted the fact that we were going to have to get real jobs and become productive members of the actual economy... And some folks, well, yes, there is that Faux News Reality where we are suppose to keep the twin themes consistently in place, namely that the Free Marketeers won the cold war, totally without any impact from any of the evil liberals in the actual american military, and the Glorious Military Dominance CRUSHED the soviet union, which is of course the follow on to when Herr Komrade Party Leader Nixon personally lead the Grand Panzer Armee, and the Lead Tanks into Peking And CRUSHED the Red Chinese forcing them to make their underlings in vietnam admit that we were the Real Winners.

But of course the evil liberal media keeps covering all of that up because they hate freedom and are unamerican and let themselves get bogged down in mere factualism.

Thank God we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They not bogged down in mere Factualism!!!

Yeah, that's the ticket...


Canada's foreign minister has resigned after he admitted leaving classified documents in an unsafe place.
"This is a serious error. (He) has accepted his responsibilities in offering to resign."

[ cf Canada's foreign minister resigns ]

Say What?

Where is the blonde blue eyed teen age virgin cheerleader?

Clearly there is ONLY one and ONE Analysis that makes any sense here - this is just more of the EVIL Canadianist Voodoo Zombie Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Assault on our White Christian America!!! I mean, can anyone imagine that an any member of the american government would resign over merely leaving classified information in an unsecured facitlity. I mean, that is PRECISELY the center peice of the Plame Fiasco!!! That the Government BLEW UP one of it's own Classified Operations, putting all of the resources at risk, merely to cover some political wanker's Patootee!!!

Thus this VICIOUS and Unprovoked Attack By Canada MUST Be DEFEATED!!!

And there is no better solution than that we occupy Jamaica and force the jamaicans to adopt Jah God, roll spleefs, and make rast music, until the Canadianist Evil Doers Abandon their Assualt On America!!!

Some of us are in this for the Long Haul...