May 25th, 2008


Must BONG CANADA Evil Art People Supporting Golf!!!

It is just SHOCKING to find that the Australians have come out on the side of Gertie The Golf Cart Gollom:
THE art world has denounced a "dark day in Australian culture" after police seized up to 21 photos of naked children and said they would lay charges over an exhibition by renowned Australian artist Bill Henson.

While Prime Minister Kevin Rudd described the works as "revolting" and devoid of artistic merit, the art community has come out strongly on the side of Henson, rejecting the accusation that his works are pornographic.

[ cf Art or porn? Photographer facing obscenity charges ]

What clearer and more compellinger news do we need that Foreigners are Foreign, and that we MUST Bong Canada to stop them from being UnAmerican!!!

Obviously this whole 'naked children' is some sort of Evil Liberal Code Word for saying that they support not only Golfing, but Gertie The Golf Cart Gollom!!! Thus that they are stabbing our troops in the back!!! Hence, that they are clearly Bad People!!!

But we being the Good People, and knowing the Importance of Important Things, should Immediately Start Bonging Canada until they stop using code words, and especially code words that are soft on Golf And it's Evil Demonic Paranalia!!!

Remember Friends:
Own Golf Paranalia!!!

And YOU are Giving Gertie The Golf Cart Gollom A Place To attack our white christian america!!!
Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheny!!!
They Shiney!!!

Anything less and we would be victims of Ferrign DevilIsms!!!

Why Does John MaxWell Hate Freedom!!!

I was SHOCKED by fledgist in his SCARY presentation Political & Economic Illiteracy. Since not ONCE did John Maxwell point out that he had accepted the Divinity oF Dubya as his personal lord and savior. NOR that he accepted the Clear And Compelling argument from Intelligent Design that the Will Of God Is Clear!!!

Instead he gets bogged down in a mere human analysis of why Jamaica has gone over to pauperery based upon the failures of Economic Triumphalism that has opted out from Actual Economic Realism as a basis for growing and maintaining a sustainable economy.

Yes, it's Jamaica, which is a foreign planet, somewhere's in the neighberhood of beatle jews.

But americans might want to wonder a bit longer what would be the FULL fall out of the economic destabalization of the nation that have come to past since Nixon took us out of Breton Woods, and the current effort to rescue the american dollar position in what many called breton woods II. Clearly the Protection of Iraq from the threat of it's evil dictator who had threatened to price Oil in non-dollar currencies is EVIL and justifies the need to Free The Sh*T out of Iraq!!!

But it is merely the end game of the glorious Golden Age of Dollar Denominated Total Triumphalist Economic WinkNuttery!!! Or would this be a bad time to talk about the fun filled fiasco of transitioning the american economy into the 'financial sector service' Kult - where our major overseas export is "financial products" which is to say 'debt instruments backed up by american nuclear first strike capacity' - and that this has also lead to things like, well, gosh, the abandonment of the Glass-Steagall Act, oh dear, that was done under the evil Klintonesta Regime.... Yes, the Other Evil Klintonesta Regime....

So if you read John Maxwell's Evil Analysis, you may want to ask if there is a place in american culture for an actual american analysis about the Actual American Economic Issues - or should we keep on with the whole Economic Triumphalism where sounding like one supports the Divine Right Of The Government To Bail Out Starving Hedge Funds..... is more important than actually building a real live actual sustatinable economy.

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Keep the Global Economy Tied to american dollar diplomacy, and understand the Divine Superiority of Nuclear Merchantilism!!!

As anything less and the TERRORISTS WIN!!!

Why does Ben Stein HATE Freedom?

Wow, it's amazing that the Radical Left Wing is so in bed with law breakers. First off we get
Most of all, the images are of the glory of driving cars, cruising through our towns and suburbs, just burning up gas with no particular place to go, to paraphrase Chuck Berry. Or of racing up and down freeways, heading out to the surf on time, with the car’s chrome heart shining in the sun, to paraphrase Neil Young. (Of course, I think of driving my own mighty Cadillac STS-V, hurtling along I-10 toward Rancho Mirage at 130 m.p.h., with my wife urging: “Great. Go faster.”)
[ cf Running Out of Fuel, but Not Out of Ideas ( emphasis mine, to call out the distinction between Red Hollywood's Criminal Element )]
Ah yes... the fun filled times when any crime was ok. But he does get onto the touchy feely
Maybe this would be a good thing. After all, do we really need to have a 6,000-pound S.U.V. take a 100-pound high school student across town to buy a Diet Coke? Do we really need cars so big that they have flat-screen televisions for the children in the back? Do we really need to pour so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere? And it’s certainly not great to belch out immense quanta of carbon monoxide, a deadly poison.
( op Cit )
But he stays near message:
Beyond that, what if we are close to peak oil — that point at which we have pumped out more than half the oil on the planet? What if supply slips and demand continues to skyrocket, as they are already doing, and these trends continue indefinitely? What if the world has a bitter fight over its remaining oil? Even if this battle is fought with money and not guns, we are at a disadvantage with our pitiful currency and our budget and trade deficits.

In my humble view, we are now in a short-term oil bubble. It will pass and correct, as bubbles do. And speculators will make millions, whichever way it goes. But the long run is terrifying. If we are at or past peak oil, if oil states stop or even hesitate to send us the juice, if Canada decides not to fill our needs, we are in overwhelming trouble.

( op cit )
what???? He can actually write 'peek oil' without god striking him dead on the spot?

Is this the Same Six Things in Expelled That Ben Stein Doesn't Want You to Know... Ben Stein - where the importance of being a wild and crazy run away kinda mad max of the Intelligent Design World.... is, well, Important!

Then we get the fluffers out of the way for the Money Shot:
In that long message sent to Congress 35 years ago, there was an outline of what we needed to do on coal-to-oil and shale-to-oil, as well as wind, solar and wave power. For a generation plus, we have done next to nothing. The hour is late. The clock of destiny is ticking out, as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said. Let’s roll.
( op Cit )
Well, there you have it!!!

We need to do something, you know, like the civil rights thing, to stop those Racists, like Al Gore, who hate Poor People, who are the new Persecuted Minorities, because Liberals do not support Nuclear Merchantilism, and the right of the Government to do what ever it is that we want them to do now, because thirty-five years ago that sort of Radical Red Communism was, well, the Islamo-Fascism of it's Day!!!

Oh hold it, the real horror here is that Ben Stein is so stabbing our troops in the back, because he could have made the big bucks pimping the hot new book ( oh yes, Why does the Center For The Defense Of Free Enterprise HATE Freedom? where they were also selling the Party Line that the Evil Liberals are evil liberal because they are not willing to keep fighting for our oil that is under other people's land... ) that is all about how the evil liberals are evil, because they do not support Freedom the way that true believers support Freedom, because we support Bombing Unbelievers who would price Oil in anything but God's Own American Dollars.

I mean, Ben!!! What Has Happened!!! Have You Gone Over To The Dark Side??? And given up a chance to gain one more fee for being ideologically correct!!! Don't tell us that your new vision of the new entrepreneurship is now the dogma of liberalism where you are doing things you are not getting paid to do, simply because YOU hate Freedom....

Come Back to the RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Ben Stein!!! As your soul is in peril of the Evils of Liberalism.

That Polygamist Cult Crisis....

Hey kids, are you asking, in light of the massive attack of the evils of the California Court System recognizing that Gay HomoZeXuals are citizens of the state of california, and therefore should be held to the state of california's policy of state registration of relationships, that so far we are not hearing the Massive OutCry about how the State Of Texas should have better control over the Illegal and Criminal Use of Unlicensed, and therefore not tax deductible, relationships!!!

I mean it really takes NO WORK to find polygamy and concubinage in the Bible, and yet the fans of the jack booted Excess governmental regulation of the market, want to limit the state licensed relationships to only the ones supported by monogamists, and then only when the persons are from different genders, and this in a way that brutally attacks TRUE RELIGION!!!

Yet the echo's of silence CRUSH the hopes of freedom of all of those True Believers who believe truly in God's Fore-Ordained Ammortization And Capital Depreciation schedules for the Emergency and Spare Wives and Concubines! And YES it is far easier to find a Biblical Citation supporting the correct capital depreciation schedule than finding a specific reference that Bans Gay Marriage.

So WHY does the Evil Liberal Media, and their Evil Fellow Travelers want to avoid THIS specific wonderful place to debate the Glories of Marriage, and the need to free it from the Horrors of the Evil Liberal System, so that folks can marry, and marry, and marry again!!!

I mean, yes, we all know that Bishops should be the husband of but one wife, but that does not mean, or does it, that all of the Believers are Bishops??? So why the need to be divisive on this subject????

Could it be that the old school tie issues of running on a sound foreign policy, with a sound fiscal policy, and the Sound National Security Policy of "not a nickle more for defense than is needed" are issues that have, well, gone walking in the midst of the on going RINO Rave!!

Gosh, Golly, what if the nation were to run a political campaign on the actual issues....

The Hitlary Crisis

On the radio I heard some Evil Clintonesta Whining that the voters should be the ones who choose who is in, and who is out, of the campaign to be the presidential candidate of the God Hating America Bashers, and that this is not the role or the duty of the Fox News Pundits.


Just Shocking!!!!

Don't these God Hating America Bashers understand the Super Secret Extra Special Codicals to The True Interpretation of the Correct Constitution that are clear not only that they accept that this is a Godly Nation That Has DIVINE RULES, but that there is specifically a clause that says that the Fox News Pundits are the true arbitors of fashion when it comes to whom is and whom is not allowed to be campaigning for the role of the Most Evilist of God Hating America Basher Bent Upon Stabbing Our Troops In The Back By Not Supporting The President. Which is in fact a special office of the Ministry of Counter Operations And Special Protective Services For The Maintenance Of the Holy Order Of Things.

I mean, do americans REALLY want to get all bogged down in trying to understand what it is that the government is do? I mean that is why the Unitary Executive Principle protects americans from the need to know, because if they needed to know, they would have been briefed.

So why not take pride in the fact that americans are the most Blissed!! Since Ignorance Is Bliss!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

Anything Less and the nation would fall to terrorists, real or imaginary!!!

We Are SOOO Winning the War AGAINST IRAN!!!

Yes, clearly that must be another great signature moment in our Holy Crusade Against Iran:
Petraeus also told senators considering his nomination to the U.S. military's top Middle East post that Iran was a destabilizing influence in the region. But he backed U.S. efforts to use diplomatic and economic pressure on Tehran, saying military action was a last resort.
[ cf Iraq commander expects further troop cuts ]
Clearly when we are all getting together to sing another chorus of "Give Peace A Chance", this can only mean that we are clearly More Mission Accomplished Dancing than EVER!!!

We also get this Love Nugget Of HappyHappyJoyJoy:
Petraeus also endorsed U.S. intelligence estimates that al Qaeda leaders are based in tribal areas of Pakistan and any future attack on the United States was likely to originate there. He pledged more help for Pakistan's government.
( op cit )

One has to wonder if This guy has ever talked to Doug Feith about how the thingusOfPooh came about, is coming about, and will always be coming about?

Hum... Pakistan.... Is that a country we have invaded, will invade, have always been totally liberating!!!

And who are these Al-Qaeda persons, and what do they have to do with the whole Persian Pedal Powered pGolfCart Phlying pSaucers pOf Phear!!!!

And isn't this patreaus guy the head of some ferrign devil multinational force, so shouldn't we be getting a briefing from some American???
"I will not say we are out of the woods yet but I would say we are clearly headed in the right direction," Odierno said of the prospects for stability in Iraq.
( op cit )
Holy CRAP!!! A Defeatist Cut And Runner Appeaser!!!

How can anyone talk about ABANDONING IRAQ to the godless heathen!!! Anyone who knows anything, knows that the current lull in the winnings is because the Evil Doing Evil Doers are still in negotiations with Hitlary and the Defeatists back home who are not willing to support the President To Support The Troops!!!

Clearly these defeatists who are not willing to More Win The War In Iran by liberating iPakistan and iVenenezuela, and iNepal { which recently fell to maoist guerrilla forces threatening the freedom of iChina } then innocent american children may face a smoking Gun of the Evil Princess Sparkle Pony destroying their White Christian America!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They Keep us safe from the Defeatist CUT AND RUNNERS who are afraid to liberate iPakistan and give them access to global economic options, and a free society, merely because iPakistan has a nuclear weapon!!! I mean, what sort of message is that sending to the Children!!!

Think Of The Children!!!

This is driving INNOCENT Children into the arms of the EVIL Princess Sparkle Pony!!!


Job hunt in a sluggish economy? Or re-enlist during wartime? Marine Sgt. Jimmy Spence faced that dilemma a year ago, and in the end, the military won.

In fact, the one-time infantryman, who was stationed in Iraq from April to October of 2006, is now preaching the virtues of a life in the military as a re-enlistment counselor for other Marines.

[ cf Recession or war: Time to re-enlist ]

Yeah, that is right, after we Mission Accomplished Danced iRaq - the DOW not only stopped falling, but started to recover!!! ( cf Big Charts why not ask, gosh, What is Jesus telling us about the Dubya's in the chart? )

So why not start Liberating More Nations!!! That would cut down on the demand side by the Godless who are stealing our Oil, { would this be a bad time to talk about Kick Their Ass and Take Their Gas: Democracy Comes to Iraq Or fun frolic with the foto in SUV OWNERS PUZZLED BY HIGH GAS PRICES back when gas went over $2, in that bubble speculation, which of course was not going to last, because of course, as we all know, Peak Oil is possible only if One HATES Freedom and have sided with the godless who believe in evolution. Or should you just do YOUR patriotic DUTY with Kick Their Ass, Take Their Gas The Bumper Sticker. So that you show everyone that YOU support the President's welfare statist job creation programme!!! }

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They Make Gooder Jobs in The Military Industrial Infotainment Sector!!!

Let The Market Decide...

A considerable majority of Americans believes that Veteran's Administration hospitals and other military health facilities are not giving wounded Iraq war veterans the quality of care they deserve.

The latest poll from the Harvard Opinion Research Program at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the Harris Interactive® polling organization finds that 62 percent of Americans believe medical care for returning wounded U.S. soldiers from Iraq isn't adequate. In the same poll, 65 percent said that mental health care for returning vets was substandard, according to a HSPH news release.

[ cf Health Highlights: May 25, 2008 ]

So why didn't these welfare statist buy decent medical coverage plans? rather than expect that the Welfare State was going to provide a Nanny to take care of all of their little itty bitty job related issues.

Also, why is it that some 60 plus percent of americans feel that some how the Government should be the people providing these Extra Rights And Privileges and thus unbalance the market place with Brutal And Jack Booted Governmental intrusions into the free market?

Maybe it is time to have a national discussion about why we do not hear any complaints from the Valiant War Heroes of The Black Water Army, or the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp, but we are constantly hearing the whinings and snivelings from these so called veterans....

For our slow readers, would this be a bad time to park your Ass in the Way Back Machine to the starting days of PTSD, when the DSM-IV was just getting their grip on the reality that what ever one calls it combat fatigue has unpleasant side effects. But of course, to visit this part of the debate would mean raising socially impolite questions of The RINO who are all now hoping that by playing their Pro-Vet Card that no one will hold them accountable for the fiasco of their Pro-War Posturing.... Not to mention the Marvels of their Prior Positions on Combat Related Trauma as it has, AGAIN!!!! come back to Bite Them In The ASS!!!

Thank God we Have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They So Shiney, that they block out the 'future is so bright' and we all attain the bliss of being one with the cool kids, no matter which cool kids are coolest at any given time...

Why We ARE always the Most Winning Ist....

Wow, loved the product placement gambit I found in Newer carbines outperform M4 in dust test in the Army Times - the old town rag... There they have the pimp for As a Christian in the Armed Forces, what does active duty mean to you? yeah, with what should have been a registered trade mark
Military Trained Have Missionary Advantage!
Go Team Venture!!!

Who can forget the way that jesus always wanted to have the Holy Warriors bringing the Word of Salvation to those who have survived the shelling and the air strikes. Even IF we have to torture them to get them to accept that there is no other reasonable course of action when faced with the clear and compelling evidence of the Argument from Intelligent Design!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Freeing The Sh*T out of the Unbelievers...

Hey, what if we brought our Military Missionaries Home To America, to Free The Sh*T out of the Unbelievers here?

Could that be the real fear that is fear mongering those fearful that we can not down size from iRaq, or the Terrorists will 'follow' us home...

Have they really finally accepted that when one starts State Sponsored Terrorism, the Giving just never ends.

More Proof That The British HATE Freedom...

I have to bring this up:
Britain has a 'duty of care' to its armed forces. This began as an unspoken pact between society and the military, possibly originating as far back as Henry VIII's reign. The pact was formally codified as a 'covenant' in 2000. It is not a law but is reinforced by custom and convention.

The covenant only officially applies to the army, but its core principles are taken to extend to the air force and navy too.

[ cf Military covenant ]
No wonder those Commie Rat Bastards bugged out on the Most Glorious of all Mission Accomplished Dances, EVER!!!

When one openly oppose Free Market Fundamentals like that, one simply lulls the military in a sense of degenerate red communist extra specialisms!!! Where some how the members of the military are suppose to think of themselves as some extra privileged group because they were doing what they were paid to do, and that without a real Red Communist Trade Union to interfere in their being the Thin Edge Of The Wedge of Market Fundamentalist Triumphalism that shows that the Free Market has always been winning!!!

Hello!!! If we start letting the help think that they get some sort of special privilages not provided by the Imaginary Foote Of The Free Market, well, everything is going to go to hell in a hand basket!!!

Clearly NOW, MORE THAN EVER!!! We Must Have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Protect us From Commie Rat Bastard BRITS who hate freedom and are clearly all godless atheists who have not accepted Dubya as their Personal Lord and Savior!!!

Obviously we MUST go Free The Sh*T out of them!!!

Why does Brookes New Hate Freedom?

UnNamed Godless Heathen America Basher pointed at
Rep. John Conyers: America-hating political bigot and Democrat targets Rove for destruction
clearly hoping we might not notice:
One can only blame bad economics for the confusion about the current state and direction of the US economy. Because the economic commentariat have swallowed the fallacy that consumption is what really drives an economy they treat consumer spending much the same way that ancient seers treated the entails of goats, and with just as much success.

If these modern-day seers are correct then consumer spending would be dropping and those companies at the consumption end of the production structure would be contacting. Yet consumer spending is still holding its own once we subtract the fall in spending on new cars. Cars are like houses* in that they are very expensive goods. Few people ever pay for their house or car outright. This means that these goods will be sensitive to changes in interest rates.

[ cf Ill-omens haunt the US economy ]

If being a God Hating America Basher were a bad thing, then, wouldn't it be More Badder to side with the God Hating America Bashers who have Opposed The Divine Will Of Market Triumphalism that is making the Markets More Marketable, no matter what the God Haters in the RINO Rave are dancing to these days!!!

Now Do not get me wrong here, but the Religiously Faithful True Believers in Hayek ( the economist, and not the balloning boobies ) was an EVIL LIBERAL - but that would of course mean that folks would need to be able to make the distinctions between when is it safe to invoke the opinions of an Austor-Hungarian Aristocrat who's Hatred Of Freedom meant supporting Classical Liberalism, and when you should be listening to the Mamarries.

Since if one opposes Massive Governmental Interventionism, then, based upon the Principle of The Unitary Executive, one has engaged in the Anti-State Terrorist Act of Opposing Great Leader, since the Treasury and the Federal Reserve opted to Rescue Bear Sterns, thus proving that it is the Will Of GOD to Rescue Bear Sterns, which is why the Massive Governmental Interventionism, which is Clearly, and Compellingly, the Mandate of Great Leader!!!

So, basically, if one is Opposing The Greatest War President in a Time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn Baby UBU, and citing Hayek, clearly one SHOULD have been listening to The Glands We Love To Squeeze, because there are not going to be a lot of practical heterosexual moments for those interned into the Bio-Fuels Recycling Facilities.

Not that I want to suggest that being aligned with Bad Thot is a Bad Thing!!!

Besides, all will come to love RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Bring The True Truth!!!

They Make The Economy Go!!!

Go Economy Go!!!

Win Economy Win!!!

Free The Sh*T out of these Godless Unbelievers, and make the Bio-Fuels Flow!!!

How many Hayek's Does it take to be serendipitious?

Ok, so you have a choice between Salma Hayek in kevin Smith's Dogma or some Austro-Hungarian Economist who clearly Hates Freedom....

And get real. Hello, What Was Jesus REALLY telling you? Serendipity, two Hayaks, one with The Mammaries, one with the Hatred for our White Christian America....

Clearly if you did not see RoboBushCheney
They Shiney

Coming in all of that you clearly were not interested in the Freedome Of Americae!!!

Komrade Party Leader Bob Barr Hoots It Up In RINO Rave Reach Around!!!

The Libertarian Party has picked former Republican Rep. Bob Barr to be its presidential candidate after six rounds of balloting.

The party is meeting in Denver.

[ cf Libertarian Party picks Barr as presidential candidate ]
Well, there you have it, More BRUTAL stabbing our troops in the back by radical left wing draft dodging dope smoking anti-war peace freak Dirty Hippies!!!

Yes boys and girls, That Bob Barr the Evil Liberal Peace Freak who rose to prominence by Stabbing Our Troops in the Back by advocating the Impeachment of Clinton, while congress had authorized him to not only do some military stuff with iRaq, but also to Cut Taxes!!! And transfer the tax liabilities onto the Unborn Baby Unicorn!!!

So it really should not come as that much of a surprise that he is at it again.

{ neato, the news is an hour old, and the wiki entry already lists him as the Libertarian Choice to stab our troops in the back by Failing to Support the President To Support The Troops. Isn't Technology Neat!!! }

Why Do Veteran's Groops Hate Freedom?

Members of the Rolling Thunder motorcycling group roared into town for a White House visit Sunday, where they presented President Bush with his own cowhide vest jacket and pushed for increased veterans benefits.

"Mr. President, we'd like to make you an honorary member of Rolling Thunder," said Artie Muller, the group's executive director, to a delighted Bush, who shed his suit jacket to don the vest and pose for pictures.
On Monday, Bush planned to make remarks and place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery in honor of Memorial Day.

[ cf Motorcycle group presses Bush on veterans benefits ]

Just Shocking!!!

Don't these so called veteran's understand that today is one of the Most Religious Shopping Days of All Religiouis Shopping Days, and should not be a time for Mindless Political Radical Left Wing Socialist Welfare StateIsm....

And to think that the Prez may even take time out of his precious shopping spree to go up to the Tomb of the Unknown ..... Wow...

Or to rehash one old war dog's model - "it's like a bunch of drunk old guys acting up about how they once were younger and dumber...." but I guess if you have seen one vet's gathering you have basically seen them all, going all the way back to the first vets...

Where Are The Boobies?

Dudes, let us be honest, this is the core problem with the beeb:
The eight men and a woman left the cave reportedly overcome by the stench from the bodies of two people who had died.

Thirty-five followers of self-declared prophet Pyotr Kuznetsov entered the cave, in the country's central Penza region, last November.

They had threatened to blow themselves up if police tried to remove them.

[ cf Russian doomsday cult siege ends ]
Where are the Teenage Virgins???

Clearly just because some wanker goes off the ledge into the Abyss, that is not news. In america we elect them to government office. Unless of course we can show that they are really actual practicing heterosexuals, as opposed to say Properly Married People, who are simply doing it for the Children.

Nope. Sorry, this is really not news, save that it shows why we MUST BONG CANADA to stop the beeb from being so Atheistically unAmerican about their reporting of Dangerous Dooms Day Cults.

I mean, we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Bring the Doom in Dooms Day!!

Cloying Questions That Add Quality

Evil Liberal Parasite Welfare Statist Wanker Sucking The Teat Of The Big Bright Green Military Industrial Infotainment Complex asked:
If Blackwater picks up sole rights to perform all tactical operations in the middle east and the US military withdraws, is it a war or corporate takeover?
Well Puppet Toady Spawn.

I can call you Puppet Toady Spawn for short, eh no?

The actual answer to your questions is:
Would this be a good time to talk to you about accepting Dubya as Your Personal Lord And Savior?

Has the 22nd Ammendment Been Shown to work?

For the first 8 years of failed clintonestaism the champions of the New-New Right were pleased as punch that The Evil Clinton would not be allowed to run again. And so Al Gore had to run as the surrogate Clinton, rather than allowing The Evil Clinton the chance to be held accountable.

So to be polite, the next 8 years of failed clintonestaism meant that the True Champions of the Actual New-New Right were as pleased as punch that the Psuedo-Clinton was only going to be in the white house for a mere 8 years in the worst case. So it was not like anyone really needed to formulate any real plans, policies, or procedures, and we could all put it into self containment mode and let the clock play out. Since clearly the Psuedo-Clinton would not run for a third term and we would have the chance to wonder:
So if McCain does get elected, is it the 3rd Term of Bush, the Psuedo-Clinton?
Or is this the fifth term of failed clintonestaism?
Since of course, just like bill, George is going to be handed a free pass, and will not have to be held accountable for any of the years of lame duckness.

Yes, I know for most folks the 22nd Ammendment was installed in the Holy Book By The Fingers Of God as a part of the Holy Religious Text.

But what if Constitutional Law were something mere mortals made?

And what IF we decided that, gosh, now that we have watched the kids who go elected to congress, back in the halcyon days, when the only way to get elected, was to demand that there be a Term Limits Programme, why gosh a Government Wide 22nd Ammendment, to protect the electorate from electing the rat bastards... And given that the last round of rat bastards who had Free'd The Sh*T out of us as the Great War Leadership in a time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities, were turned out of office, NOT because they voted themselves out of office with the majikal term limits, but the old fashion way, because the unwashed godless masses of puppet toadies of Satan Voted them out of office....

What if we take a solid and serious reconsideration about what would happen IF mere Constitutional Law, were, well, you know, merely Law Made By Man, and not the holy icons of the coming religious revival....

Why Gosh, that might help folks get back on line with the need to have a viable campaign strategy that was more than merely the safe rotten burroughs, and the need to have someone else protect the voters from voting the wrong way....

Why Gosh, that might help the voters think of themselves as an active and constructive part of the political process of self governance....

NAH!!! that's ridiculous. These things are clearly too complex for the mere plebeian masses to understand.

Thank GOD we Have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They mean that we do not have to understand mere Law Stuff...

We get their True Revelations!!!

Reality Based Community Continues War On Greatness!!!

Facebook, MySpace and other Web sites have unleashed a potent new phenomenon of social networking in cyberspace. But at the same time, a growing body of evidence is suggesting that traditional social networks play a surprisingly powerful and underrecognized role in influencing how people behave.
[ cf Social Networks' Sway May Be Underestimated ]

I mean where do these folks get off Attacking Freedom simply because they think that science shows that Real Reality is more Real than Imaginary Reality.

I mean it is not at all a piece of massive intellectual work to start there, and make the inevitable progression that some how Real Reality Is More Important when doing an analysis of Threat Accessment. Which inevitably leads to abandoning the Imaginary, or the Not Actually Real, Threats. Which inevitably leads to stabbing our troops in the back by failing to support the President, whether or not the policies are Real Or Imaginary.

Once Again the God Hating America Bashers have embarked upon the Dark and Horrific HORROR of Hating Freedom and jumping in bed with our imaginary enemies everywhere!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They know the importance of defeating Imaginary Enemies with Imaginary Weapons.

Anything less and the Imaginary Threats Keep GROWING!!!

Oh My GOD, opening War Inc on memorial day week end....

How God Fearingly All American.

( war inc. the trailer )

What says that we do not fear the evil Liberal NannyGated Welfare Statist Defeatist Kapitulationist Kut and Runners who are not willing to Totally Back The Imaginary Invisible Foote Of The Freee Markete against the EVILS of the God Hating America Bashing Princess Sparkle Pony and Her Battle Droid Gertie The Golf Cart Gollom!!!

What would RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Free The Sh*T out of to see this movie first????