May 23rd, 2008


Why does the Center For The Defense Of Free Enterprise HATE Freedom?

Hum... if you happen to visit cdfe about us you will notice that they get money the old fashion way by begging for it - as a contribution based system protected by the Red Communist Dominated Nanny State, since they are a Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Tax Code, probably because they felt it would be a safer Red Communist Rat Bastard Hiding place than had they grown the courage of their convictions and decided that they were really a Religious Organization based upon their personal best in personal science fiction...

Now do not get me wrong here. I have nothing against the EVILS of communist rat bastards stabbing our troops in the back because they hate america and hate freedom - but it is a bit amusing when the level of self referentially destructive wankage gets, well, THAT BIG!!! Size Matters You Know.

The current hot rocket in play is the really cool new trend in Post Surrealism as the RINO Rave Gets Ripping At The Reach Around!!!

You see, the problem is that the evil liberal environmentalists are evil because they are all racists who hate poor people... you see, poor people is really a race, so it is a racism by hating poor people, because the evil Elitist Racist White Biggots like Obama just do not care for the Poor People. This is why their envirionmental policy does not support the cost reductions that would come about by not allowing the global economic to be an economic influence on the cost of globalized products like fuel liquids.

Yes you can get deeper into it with a book that has been supported by Sean Hannity, that tells the truth about how all of the Evil Liberal Racists are BAD PEOPLE because they are BAD!!!

Hum.... what if the new Religion of Market Triumphalism, formerly known merely as the true belief in the Free Marketeers, were, well, in as many structuralist problems as other religious approaches to why we must stop the Evil Liberal Racists Who Are BAD!!!

What if we merely recycled all of the Evil Liberal Racist Bad People into bio-diesels, then we would have an environmentally friendly way to find a date for HanoiAnnie Coulter!!!

Thank god we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They leading the War On Pre-Post-Surrealism!!!

Anything less and the Reality Based Community Would Make Commitments to Reality!!!

Why We MUST stop the Evil Racist Liberals

Mad Props to tomscud for The truth about hoboes where we learn the trooth:
"From his hover-yacht in the Caspian Sea, President Hoover tried to reassure the panicked nation, explaining that only foreigners and the mentally feeble would suffer."


Now more than EVER we must have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

As only they can free us from the HORROR of the Hobo!!!

{ would this be a bad time to talk about the hobo's who caused the so called Bonus March back in 1932, when the Evil Racist Liberals tried to pretend that Paying The Veteran's Bonus was some sort of Patriotic Way to be More EVIL against the Poor!!! Or should we leave that for another time... }

That Marriage Crisis In Godless Texas...

Hum... Out in California the liberals of course support The HORROR of Gay Marriages, without working out whether or not this means the REAL SIN OF APOSTASY, that gay married couples will also have to fight for the extra rights to have additional depreciation and tax write offs for additional spouses and concubines.

While out in Texas... they are not even worrying about the issue of even getting lawful marriages, because in Texas, outside of the legal system, in the Radical Left Wing Judicial Activists, texas has embraced the new Scalia initiatives to break down the Mindless Barriers between the Real And The Unreal, as a new age, new wave, advancement in the New Civil Rights for UnReality!!!


Why any day now we will see ever more marriages of Reality and UnReality....

I mean, there is the June 3rd Primary in california as everyone gets to step up to the plate and decide if we are going to retreat back into the dark days of Racism, when only Reality was Real!!! Or are we going to march forward in which ever direction Great Leader Leads Us!!! Since Clearly if Great Leader Is Great then the Greatness is Great, both real and unReal!!!

Who knows, maybe in Texas they will learn to fight for their rights.... Or Not...

Or maybe the grand irony here is that folks may want to work out why they believe in the Anti-Biblical model of marriage, and concubinage, and capital depreciation on one's Chattle and Goods...

More Reasons To Unify The Unitary Executive Privilege!

The recent Jack Booted Radical Extremist Assault by congress on our white christian america was just SHOCKING:
The President vetoed the farm bill Wednesday but through a printing error it was missing a 34-page section. The House overrode the veto 316-108 and the Senate was ready to do the same when the missing section was discovered, according to the Associated Press.
[ cf Lost pages delay new farm bill ]

Just shocking that the Evil Congress would try to dissent against a Seated War President in a Time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the Unborn UBU and that by sending him a so called bill that actually hid all of the criminal crimes!!!

It's Just SHOCKING!!!

Clearly as long as Congress views itself outside of the Unitary Executive Privilege, they MUST be viewed as the ENEMY, since clearly as they are NOT supporting Great Leader THEY MUST be on the side of the Devil Worshippers!

All Hail RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They protect us from the evils of having a congress!!!

Thank GOD it's not like they believe in state's rights...


The fun of Super Big Government Advocates
Lawyers for a group that opposes same-sex marriage have filed a motion asking the State Supreme Court to stay its recent decision effectively legalizing such marriages and rehear arguments on the issue. The Alliance Defense Fund, a group based in Arizona, said it wanted the court to wait to put its decision into effect until early November, when voters are expected to take up a ballot initiative that would define marriage as “between a man and a woman.”
[ cf California: Same-Sex Marriages ( emphasis mine: for the conceptually Confused ) ]
Well, guess that is just one more for the Evil Gertie The Golf Cart Gollom and her Blue Helmetted One Worlders over there in Arizona with their Godless One Worlder Big Government model for why they should be mandating the standards for others....

Clearly NOW more than ever, americans NEED RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They not beholding to the Radical Extremist WingNuttery!!!

They understand the clear and compelling distinction between state's rights and those that have been given over completely to The Unitary Executive Privilege Principle because JESUS demanded it in the biblically literal literal bible, not to be confused with that radical Judicial Activist Civil Religion that tolerates More UnReality in the Communal Religious Experience...

Gertie The Golf Cart Gollom Demands Radical Left's Memorial Day Agenda.

Hey, have you noticed the number of Blue Helmeted One Worlder Radical Socialist Left Wingers who want to DESTROY the God Given Commerical Freedom of Memorial Day by bogging it down with a whole bunch of Left Wing socialist rhetoric about how members of the military are some how important or relevant to how The Free Market Won The Cold War - I Mean, what are these Pinko Reds Thinking????

Do we hear the radical socialists advocating holidays for the Black Water Army Forces? Or the Valiant Free Markettering of the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp????? Nope!!! They only want to limit it to the Red Communist Backed Statist NannyWorld where the state will majikally protect everyone with the money it takes in as taxes!!!


Folks it is time to wake up and STOP these Stab Our Troops In The Back Red Socialists who are not Willing To Support the president to Support The Troops!!! The MOST IMPORTANT thing on Memorial day for the unwashed plebian masses is to go out there shopping and showing the world that no amount of Red Communist Propoganda is going to stop the True Beleivers from Backing the Triumphialist Economics!!!

So remember when Some Welfare State NannyIst starts whining about Our Glorious Fallen Dead!!! Ask them why they hate the Greatest War President EVER!!! And why they Hate Freedom!!! and why in god's Name they are trying to destroy our Consumer Culture that Jesus Personally Gave to Americans because he loves us!!!

So get out there And SHOP!!! Shop like the hardened Shock Troopers of the Great Metal Helmetted Shopping Carts!!! ONLY Your Patriotic Shopping will defeat the Evil Gertie The Golf Cart Gollom and her radical socialist welfare statists!!!

Remember, Jesus Gave Us RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Because anything else would destroy our White Christian America!!!

Oh yes, and try to remember that it is 'veterans day' when you are suppose to forget the living members of the veterans community....