May 16th, 2008


Tee's For Terrorism!!!!

Hey boys and Revisionist Ideological Puppety Toady of Your Sinister Evil Princess Sparkle Pony Revisionist Boot Licking Lap Dog Lacky of Your Minisucule Zodist Revisionism!!!

Now that the PRESIDENT has spilt the beans that he has given up Golfing for the Duration of ThatIraqiThingiePooh, AND given that the bush doctrine is clear about
You are Either With US!!!!
OR You are EVIL
One has to wonder why more so called TERRORIST CELLS also known as golf courses and golf clubs have not been BOMBED FLAT FOR VICTORY!!!!

Could it be that the Evils of Rich White Elitist Snobs like Tiger Woods have been duping americans with their on going Terroristical TENDENCIES as PAID TOADIES of the Evil Doers!!! Or is this more of the same old FAILED LIBERAL AGENDA of draft dodging that is so Popular Amongst the Rich White Elitist Snobs who like to engage in the sorts of Suburban Radicalism like playing Golf, simply to piss of the DECENT GOD FEARING AMERICANS!!!

NOW more than Ever!!! All True Americans MUST Support RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

And stop the GODLESS AMERICA BASHERS who want to play golf as a part of their support For International Terrorism, and Stabbing Our Troops in the Back!!!

For our slow readers:
George Bush has angered US war veterans by declaring that out of solidarity with those who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq he decided to make his own sacrifice: giving up golf.
[ cf Bush's golf claim angers veterans ]
But I think we all know, that we can either adopt the Negative Divisiveness of The Evil Liberal Media, or we can take the Positive Proactive Approach and just start bombing the SHIT out of the God Hating America Bashing Radical Left Wing Liberal Evil Doing Evil Doers with Golf Clubs who support SATANIC CULT RITUALS by Stabbing Our President In The Back To Stab The Troops In The Back!!!

I mean, think about it... All of those Evil Doing Evil Doers on Golf Links being Destoryed By Patriotic Americans who BACK the President, and Support Our Troops!!!

Do YOU Support The Troops or are you trying to fix your slice???

And do you think If I go to craig's list I can sell my golf clubs, and still get a good enough price, since, of course, the secret plans to unmask the Evil Konspirakii of Tee's For Terrorism was secret until the president explained it to everyone... Gosh, just like the whole thing about torture, and the secret detention facilities, and....

All Hail RoboBushCheny

Where Have All The VOCHAS Gone?

Now Don't Get Me Wrong, just because folks Like Rush Limbaugh, Tom DeLay, Gnewt Gingrich and the Ilk still like to play Golf with the David Brookes, and the rest of the PlayPretends, but.... One really has to wonder what has come of all of their whole hearted "VictimsOfChickenHawkAngstSyndrome"?

I mean, we can sooo feel their Angst at having once again lost a chance to be as Great A Warrior Of Whatever as they had once upon a time...

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