May 15th, 2008


UnHoly God Hating America Bashing Excess Governmental Regulation Of The Free Market!!!

OH NO!!! The Evil Liberals are Brutally And Viciously Extending The Evil Princess Sparkle Pony's Cruel Jack Booted Repression Of The Free Market!!!
Gay and lesbian couples in San Francisco rejoiced Thursday over a California Supreme Court decision affirming their right to marry even as political leaders on both sides of the issue girded for an extended fight in the courts and at the ballot box.
[ cf Gay Couples Celebrate California Court Ruling ]

Did we get any real progress on Deregulating the Vicious Brutal Repression Of Excess Abuse Of The Free Market???

Where is the Capital Depreciation Allowance for the Primary and Reserve Spouses? Where is the additional Emergency Tax Discounts for keeping additional spouces as fallow fields!!! I mean, we did see the New Ag Bill Meanderate Out of the Brutal Jack Booted Repression Of the Sinister Nancy Pelosi and her Demonic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair!!! But not ONE WORD about how many spouses or concubines one could keep fallow and still get the appropriate EMERGENCY DISASTER SPOUSE AND CONCUBINE tax write off!!!

So simply EXPANDING the pool of Jack Booted Brutally Repressed Persons who have access to the 'free' marriage certificate game, well, those Folks just got what they paid for... a License that ultimately will be worth nothing more than any of the other pieces of paper that signal the destruction by socialist welfare stateIsm!!!

Now MORE than EVER we NEED RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Anything Less and the Iron Jack Boot Of Imperialist Red Communism Will CRUSH our tax write off strategies!!!

It's almost enough to make a person a practicing celebate...

Oh MY GOD!!! They Drafted Phred....

Hey kids, remember the fun of May 15th, 1973 - ah yes, worst part of that joke came back to me after having been out of the Culture Of IkkyYukkyPoohPerIsms stopping the Red Hordes, and wound up picking up Pape's Lovely Pedantic little Fun Loving Marvel Bombing To Win and I had to regroup it, because, well, yes, Pedantic Puppet Toadies of The Academic Word talk like that...

Oh My GOD!!!
Those Stinking Yellow Fairies!!!
They Drafted Phred!!!
we can only hope that those not old enough to remember the HORRORS of the evil liberal culture from the time before the post-post-911 world will be able to reach back, through the Way Back Machine, and remember that was what it was like when Karl Rove Roamed The Lands, with the Glorious Military Victories of The Armoured Flying Saucer Korp!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR part to Stop TheyThemThoseTypes, Inc.???

Are YOU supporting RoboBushCheney
They Shiney???

Or are you just wrong???

Why defeatist Cut and RUNNERS should not try propoganda...

Oh dear, here we go with another one
If Senator Barack Obama has his way, U.S. taxpayers could very well be committed to spending $0.85 trillion (or approximately $8500.00 per household) -- much of it going to third world dictators and despots that hate America -- under the guise of fighting "global poverty."
( email from one of the so called conservative groups )
Wow... Funding despots and world dictators that hate america....

Uh, unlike the even large bundle we keep pissing out to Despots and World Dictators today, you know, as a part of our Outsourcing the High Paying Jobs in Torture and other fun forms of state sponsored terrorism....

I mean, get cranky that Obama is EVIL, and as a snootie Rich White Elitist is trying to play the 'Noblese Oblige' Card as a ONE WORLD EVIL DESPOTIC DICTATOR WHO HATES AMERICA - at least that one would concievably hang together, but it would also require establishing that this was a "bad" thing....

So as long as the Defeatist Cut And Runner Appeasers are stabbing our troops in the back by not supporting the president to support the Troops, well, it's just more of the same old failed RINO Rave....

Which is why all TRUE Americans support RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Because anything less plays into the hands of the bad people who are all capitulationist appeasers...