May 14th, 2008


oh no!!! They are at it again!!!

God! Those "RINO's Gone Crazy" - I mean, what is with them?
A new Gallup poll shows that President Bush's approval rating has reached an all-time low among Republicans. The president's overall approval rating according to Gallup is 28%, which ranks as the lowest approval rating of any president since Jimmy Carter (not good company) in 1979.
The poll did not go into the reasons for the low ratings, but those are obvious. The Republican Revolution, which started with so much promise (and promises) was brought to a halt by President Bush and members of Congress who were more interested in big government and personal perks than conservative principles. Embracing amnesty for illegal aliens, following the Democrats to the pork barrel trough, and adopting liberal government expansions is no way to lead the conservative movement, much less an entire country.

[ cf Lesson in Leadership: Cover Your 'Bases' ]
And to think these Freaks could doubt a War President!!!

And that in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the Unborn Baby Unicorn...

Makes one wonder if these Left Wing Extremists will also oppose the DOD taking over the role of the United States Of America Sovereign Wealth Fund!!!

The RINO Rave Ramps Up The Storm

Hey Kids, did you know that John McCain has always been one of the Evil Left Wing Eco-Terrorists?
Senator John McCain has confirmed his dedication to the holy crusade against global warming, now known to the initiates as climate change. He's told the world that nobody is more determined than he to take steps to stop Mother Nature's alleged plan to deep fry the planet.
...cCain Freaks Out
Nor should it surprise anyone who understands that his closest pal in the Senate is his colleague and advisor Joe Lieberman, co-author of the Lieberman/Warner "America's Climate Security Act of 2007" (S.2191), a dandy little piece of legislation that would devastate our economy and reduce the average American to a state of beggary.

According to "The Economic Costs of the Lieberman-Warner Climate Change Legislation" by Heritage Foundation scholars William Beach, David Kreutzer, Ben Lieberman and Nick Loris, S.2191 "promises extraordinary perils for the American economy. Arbitrary restrictions predicated on multiple, untested, and undeveloped technologies will lead to severe restrictions on energy use and large increases in energy costs. In addition to the direct impact on consumers' budgets, these higher energy costs will spread through the economy and inject unnecessary inefficiencies at virtually every stage of production and consumption--all of which will add yet more financial burdens that must be borne by American taxpayers."

[ cf McCain Freaks Out ]
Why won't McCain support the President To Support The Troops?

Clearly if these RINO's were willing to back RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Then this whole problem of Peak Oil and Climate Change could be addressed in a series of patriotic first strikes against real or imaginary enemies abroad!!! By reducing the Populations of India and China we would reduce the leading source of demand side pull on Oil, as well as reduce the number of Ugly Unamerican Carbon Sources that just need to be cleared out so that americans can safely go back to consuming 50% of the planet's resources.

Then as the survivors come out of the side effects of being re-introduced into a new Global Economic Order, under the protection of American Soveign Wealth Fun Security Forces, they will feel so much better about being a part of the survivors who will have the pick of all of the high paying jobs cleaning up the refuse left by the unbelievers who were not as luck as to have Accepted The Divinity Of Dubya, and asked him to be their Personal Lord And Savior!!!

And the UnNuked Nations will understand the IMPORTANCE of supporting a Free-er Market for America than has ever been Freed Upon Them Before!!!

So Why NOT stop whining about little Prius Issues and come on in for the BIG WIN!!!

Think how happy everyone will be!!! Knowing they WILL BE HAPPY!!! Or they will be Liberated From Their Unbelief!!!

What IF the answer is more than put on your Jimmy Carter Sweater???

HUM??? One may have to pause and wonder:
While drivers are facing sticker shock at the pump these days, here is a bigger shock: high prices are putting a strain on oil refiners.

After last year’s stellar profits, American refiners are going through a traumatic period. In a time of record gasoline prices, some of them actually lost money in the first quarter, and for virtually all refiners, profits are down sharply.

Experts say the refiners are caught in a double bind. The price of their raw material, oil, is rising because of strong global demand. At the same time, consumption of gasoline in the United States is falling as a result of slower economic growth and consumer efforts to conserve.

[ cf Oil Refiners See Profits Sink as Consumption Falls ]
Would this be a bad time to talk about the detachment of the American Dollar from Oil, and the Godless Heathen who want to price Oil in a currancy other than the God Fearing White Christian All American Dollar???

Or that other part of that little fiasco - the fact that the number one trade product was that Financialized Skank coming out of the New And Improved And Totally Deregulated Financial Sector, that, OOOPSIE, the Fed's had to bail out, because, well, otherwise, the free market economics would have meant that those left holding the bag would have found FUGGLY in there.

Ok, so of the 10 prior collapses of the housing bubbles, only 8 of them lead to recessions, the other two, were
  • The Korean Era Glorious Police Action - in which the DOD lead the Way with classical keynsianesque economic models of Pumping Up The Demand!!!
  • The Southeast Asian Weapons Testing Times - you know, when all the cool kids REALLY wanted to fight, but were in the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp, and making ends meet on the DOD Leads The Way Economic Marvels, right up to that dislocation when Trickey Dick took out out of Breton Woods....
So yes, this could be a DOWN TIME....

But let's quickly revisit the Happy Thot! We put The Job Of National Soverign Wealth Fund Protector back in the hands of the True Defenders of Solid Old School Economics, The War WinningEst Department Of Defends And Asset Protection, where it is all so clear that things are simple, and we just keep on bombing for profitability!!!

Now do not get me wrong!!! I have nothing against a Private Sector Market, but as we have seen, they civilians are NOT the people who should be running that Private Sector, as they lack the Military Discipline For TOTAL GLOBAL DOMINATION!!!

Besides EVERYONE loves the Americans when we bomb them to the peace table!!!

Ok, so Bombing India And China, is not the same as Bombing Indo-China, but then again, this time around the President is NOT facing the Growing Threat Of Barbarella!!! And we Must Bomb Farther And Wider For Peace And Prosperity!!!

Think Happy RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Anything else is stabbing our troops in the back with unamericanism!

Does One Still Need GOD?

Ah yes, the fun of these times
And yet my guess is that the atheism debate is going to be a sideshow. The cognitive revolution is not going to end up undermining faith in God, it’s going to end up challenging faith in the Bible.

Over the past several years, the momentum has shifted away from hard-core materialism. The brain seems less like a cold machine. It does not operate like a computer. Instead, meaning, belief and consciousness seem to emerge mysteriously from idiosyncratic networks of neural firings. Those squishy things called emotions play a gigantic role in all forms of thinking. Love is vital to brain development.

Researchers now spend a lot of time trying to understand universal moral intuitions. Genes are not merely selfish, it appears. Instead, people seem to have deep instincts for fairness, empathy and attachment.
.. Orthodox believers are going to have to defend particular doctrines and particular biblical teachings. They’re going to have to defend the idea of a personal God, and explain why specific theologies are true guides for behavior day to day. ...

[ cf The Neural Buddhists ]

But do Buddhists believe in God? Or is this just one more moment where David Brooks NEEDS to find a safe place to park a 'god term' so that he can save his sense of religiousity, inspite of where he has been, and what he has done over the last decade.

Does Brooks even Need a God in his thesis, if all he wants are 'emotions' and 'warm fuzzies' and a way to talk as IF 'spirituality' were something other than a 'common basis of shared experience and value' - where one keeps a communion with the fidelity to the shared values.

Yes, He admits that he is NOT competent to take sides, which, is sooo Ironic! So tastey and delicious in this new Post-Post-911 Kultur as we waffle away from the moral certainty that one is either for us or against us...

Ah yes....

Who knows, maybe the discussion was never as simple as the initial post-911 kulturKampfs pretended.

But it may be possible to look for a place to open a discussion.
Can one have moral values without the need for a Supernaturlism?
Ah yes.... being able to live without a Galaxtic Nanny, and still not making it all the way to mass murderer.


And I think we all feel Perfectly Safe that RoboBushCheney
They Shiney

Have DEFEATED the evil Princess Sparkle Pony and her Underlings.

In case you draft dodging wimp liberal soft on InterGalaxtic Kommunism made you forget, go back and re-remember it all again
The most intense arguments over U.S. involvement in Iraq do not flare at this point on Capitol Hill or on the campaign trail. Those rhetorical battles pale in comparison to the high-stakes struggle being waged behind closed doors at the Pentagon.

On one side are the "fight-win guys," as some describe themselves. They are led by Gen. David Petraeus and other commanders who argue that the counterinsurgency struggle in Iraq must be pursued as the military's top priority and ultimately resolved on U.S. terms.
Fallon was squeezed out as overall commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan not because of differences with Defense Secretary Robert Gates over attacking Iran or because of his advocacy of full-spectrum conventional warfare. Fallon's rigid, overbearing style and a refusal to listen to others gradually cost him Gates's confidence, according to military and civilian officials who worked with Fallon.

On his first trip to Iraq as Centcom head, Fallon insisted on lecturing Marine officers about what was going on in their area of responsibility rather than considering their views, according to contemporaneous accounts from military sources present at the briefing. U.S. officials here tell similar stories of Fallon's dismissive attitude toward CIA and other briefers.
Would Iran welcome a newly elected President Obama with a nuclear enrichment freeze or -- more likely -- by testing him by moving identifiable Iranian militia units into Basra province on a large scale, as some Persian Gulf Arab states may fear? Or if it is President McCain, will the ayatollahs show something like the Reagan reflex? After all, they greeted the election of a conservative hard-liner in 1980 by releasing U.S. hostages.

[ cf War at the Pentagon ]

What if all the smoke and mirrors about Iran and iVenezuela are not the really interesting players? Given the fact that it is iIndia and iChina who's growing demand for Oil have driven up the cost?

What if the really scary thot is that it is time for americans to rethink the Hubris of their Military "Might" in these economic tough times as more nations around the globe want to decouple the american dollar from the sale of oil???

Or is the really IMPORTANT war winning idea to finally win against all of the competitors for OUR OIL, and OUR WAY OF LIFE....

I mean, it is not like the american people oppose pre-emptive wars for Real, and/or Imaginary Reasons, any more than they oppose the torturing of people, real or imaginary.

Ever Notice???

That when they do those Frau Hitlary and Her Rad Femi Surf Nazi gatherings, the crowd always sounds like they are chanting:
well new Imaging Reveals the TruthierNeff:
Hillary Clinton Zod!
Because the Liberals are still keeping the Evil Princess Sparkle Pony IN THE CLOSET!!!

All Hail RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

All the rest are Satanists Opposed To Jesus!!!