May 12th, 2008


Terrorist Threat AT Republican Conventions???

UnHoly God Hating America Bashing Left Wing Radical Peace Niki Stinking Hippies
"Ron Paul forces quietly plot GOP convention revolt against McCain...". He may not have gotten much press when it appeared he was more of a viable candidate on the Republican ticket for US President even when he managed to raise record amounts of money over the Internet. But those hardcore supporters - as well as new one's - haven't exactly disappeared as the GOP might have liked them to.

No better place for Ron Paul to be thrust back into the spotlight than on the Drudge Report, which on Monday morning featured the headline leading to the LA Times blog associated with this story.

[ cf Ron Paul Convention Revolt ]
And to think that once upon a time Komrade Party Leader Drudge had actually thot about the idea that he might even give that military thingiePooh a Swing back in the Halcyon Days of the WhateverOnWhomever, back before it was all unmasked as a EVIL Klintonesta Plot of the Socialist Welfare Stateists who were not willing to support the Freeing of the Free Market and allowing the invisible imaginary Foot of the Market to Win the Total Winnings of the Mission AccomplishedNeff!!!

OH MIEN GOTT IM HIMMEL more terrorists Traitors Crawling out of the Komrade Party Kabal of Unbelievers willing to stab our valiant fighting forces in the back:
Former Rep. Bob Barr says a number of Republicans have been trying to persuade him not to run for president on the Libertarian Party ticket, but none has given him a convincing reason.

The former Republican congressman from Georgia formed an exploratory committee last month and told The Washington Times that he has since been subjected to the behind-the-scenes pressure from Republicans not to run.

[ cf GOP pressures Barr not to run ]
It is clearly a veritable RINO Stampedee of the UNBELIEVERS who have been duped by the EVIL Princess Sparkle Pony because they are unwilling to support the president to support the Troops!!!

Thank GOD all true Americans are voting RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Because ONLY RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Can Free US from the evil doings of the Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!
Who Are EVIL!
And Doing!!!

And ERS!!!
Are YOU doing your part to stop the Rino Stampede???

When Even The Spam Is More PATRIOTIC than the Rino....

Today I was so Patriotically Pleased To See:
Subject: You've been DRAFTED. Suit up for Iraq!
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 07:31:58 GMT


Makes me wonder what those Evil Liberal Draft Dodgers, like Jonah GreenWheenie, are doing with their Pro-Patria, and their Glorious Military Service in a Time of Transferring the tax liabilities unto the UBU!!!

Go Team Whatever....

Remember, without RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!!

The Evil Liberal Draft Dodging RINO are stabbing our troops in the back because of their failure to support the President to Support the Troops!!!

Are YOU doing Your Part?

When Bob "I stab our troops in the back and get away with it" Novak speaks, you should wonder aloud

Hey kids, check this out, the unindicted co-conspirator who was so committed to making sure that no one held him personally responsible has yet to grow the courage of his convictions and commit sepphchu to join his honorable ancestors, so...
John McCain, who has spent the last two months trying to consolidate right-wing support as the Republican candidate for president, has a problem of disputed dimensions with a vital component of the conservative coalition: the evangelicals. The biggest question is whether Mike Huckabee is part of the problem or the solution for McCain.

An element of the Christian community is not reconciled to McCain's candidacy but instead regards the prospective presidency of Barack Obama in the nature of a Biblical plague visited upon a sinful people. These militants look at former Baptist preacher Huckabee as "God's candidate" running for president in 2012. Whether they can be written off as merely a troublesome fringe group depends on Huckabee's course.

Huckabee's announced support of McCain is unequivocal, and he is regarded in the McCain camp as a friend and ally. But credible activists are spreading the word that Huckabee secretly allies himself with the bitter-end opposition. That hardly seems possible considering his public backing, but critics of Huckabee's 10 years as governor of Arkansas say he is all too capable of playing a double game.
According to this activist, at the heart of the let-Obama-win movement is longtime Virginia conservative leader Michael Farris -- the nation's leading home-school advocate, who is now chancellor of Patrick Henry College (in Purcellville, Va.) for home-schooled students. Best known politically as the losing Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia in 1993, Farris is regarded as one of the hardest-edged Christian politicians. He is reported in evangelical circles to promote the Biblical justification for an Obama plague-like presidency.

[ cf McCain, Huckabee And The Evangelicals ]

Given the life that Bob has actually lead, why exactly does he think that stabbing the president in the back to support any of the RINO run aways is a gooder idea? Does he expect that majikally McCain will make sure he is never indicted??? Or is this all a part of some new majikal world that bob lives in, where it's cool to go with the secularists who wish to majikally re-buy-into that constitution thingiePooh and how majikally now it should be raised up as a bigger legal thingie than the religious devotion to great leader!!!

Ah yes, these are some fun times, eh no?

I mean who would have ever thot that folks would be placidly accepting the stab in the back of a seated war president while the troops were still out there doing something about stuff.

I mean How Shocking it is that these RINO are so opposed to the positions that once were the Rock Hard Biblical Basis of True Believers....

Thank GOD!!! that in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby Unicorn, there is such room for unbridled moral relativism....

Or is this bob's way of preparing america to see him right out there with HanoiAnnie Coulter living out the courage of their convictions and Backing Hitlary and her RadFemiSurfNazi's if the party nominates McCain???

Enquiring Minds Waith With Baited Breath....