April 30th, 2008


The Hanna Montana Crisis Deepens.

Yes Boys and NotAsPatrioticallyCorrectorOnes, there is a GROWING CRISIS about the Hanna Montana Crisis, and that it may no longer be about how Annnie L's GOD Hating America Bashing Evil Photographs That are Demonic And Evil.

NO!!! now we have deeper concerns and questions that go beyond the clear and compelling proof that once Again the Evil Demonic Evil DisneyLandKingdom is the ChildPorno Capital of the World!!! But Everyone KNEW THAT!!! Since of course Mickey Mouse does not wear pants, and has always been the precursor to the whole BottomLess Movement, which is why he as Annointed to Patron Saint of The Pentagon.

NO!!! The Scary Parts are DEEPER, and MORE Scarier!!!!

It appears that Faux News Psuedo Left Wing Draft Dodging Dope Smoking Hippie BaBa O'Reilly has found himself, once again, as if the rising of the sun causes him to be a radical leftwinger, that openly supports the Evil Taliban's God Hating America Bashing Propoganda, but this time also taking the position that BaBa O'Reilly not only HATE THE FREE MARKET SYSTEM, but that this also means that he is against winning the WhateverOnWhomever the same old fashion family values traditional way of allowing the invisible foot of the free market to do the voodoo that it dooo so well.

Some of the fun URLS
Disney's Dirty Little (Victoria's) Secret
Naked Miley Cyrus causes Vanity Fair website outage
Miley Cyrus should apologize: poll
And there are more, and more and more....

But seriously boys and NotAsPatrioticallyCorrectorOnes, in a time of War, would you think that the Evil Liberal Media MeatPuppets, and yes, that does include the Faux News Volks, should they be allowed to advance the cause of the Enemey????

Or should they be supporting the President To Support The Troops?

Makes one wonder why the growing growth sector in Troop Deaths In Iraq is being pushed off because of such Critical Crises as the Hanna Montana Crisis?

Or maybe the value of Bernanke devaluing the dollar, again, is also less important than the play acting about caring one way or the other about pimping under-age girls in a free market system when the values are what ever the market is willing to bear....

Ah yes....

What IF this were a real political campaign season...

Happy Days Are Hear Again...

Finally someone willing to step up to the plate and talk about setting a time table for evacuation from Iraq:
During the course of the Iraq War, John McCain has been steadfast in insisting that the length of the American occupation in Iraq isn’t important. He even said that a hundred years would be “fine with me.” McCain’s infamous “100 years” comment was not an isolated incident—it was part of a consistent message. His language begs the question John McCain, when will the troops come home?
[ cf McCain's Century Of War ( emphasis mine, to help the slow readers. ) ]
Ok, so maybe he did jump the shark here.

Maybe a mere century of Totally Mission Accomplished is just not going to be enough time to be more Totally Gloriously Victorious, but.....

At least I think it opens up a clear and compelling argument that McCain is just one more of the Cut And Runner Kapitulationist Appeasers who is stabbing our troops in the back by even being willing to talk time tables for leaving!!!!


All True Americans Want RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Anything ELSE is appeasing the Terrorists!!!

Hey Kids, Hate Freedom And Science???

Well there is now a blog for you
Rockets And Such
That boys and PerKinWhoAreNotPatrioticallyKorrektorEnough, is what happens when you cease to believe in the Divinity Of Dubya and want to Raise Up The Demons of Mere Mortal Science.

Clearly These Sorts of People have not learned to Love Freedom And Love The True TruthieNeff!!!

How Much LONGER must god fearing white christian americans suffer at the hands of these Demonic Unbelievers who want science stuff to take precedence over the Divine WILL of Dubya!!! People Who Think That the space stuff is about science!!! Rather than that Space Stuff is about defeating the demonic hordes of Devil Worshipping God Haters From OuterSpace who come to planet earth to destroy our white christian america and take away all of the blonde blue eyed pertnippled big breasted teenage virgin high school cheerleader prom queens!!!