April 28th, 2008


Harold And Kumar Fail To Remove Retired Military Analysts.

Yes, it is scary Harold And Kumar IS a web site! And
The Pentagon has suspended a program that fed information about the Iraq war to retired military officers who appeared on U.S. television networks as independent analysts, the Defense Department said on Monday.

The program, uncovered last week in a New York Times investigation, was criticized by Democrats for providing private briefings, trips and access to classified intelligence to influence analysts' comments about Iraq and portray the situation as positive even as violence rose in the war zone.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman called the suspension "temporary" and said the Defense Department would review the program to ensure it did not violate department policy.

[ cf Pentagon suspends retired military analyst program ]

Like The Stoner's Win!!!

I'm NOT going to say that there is any sort of Super Secret Konspirakii that Harold And Kumar ESCAPE from GitMo and the Evil Liberal Media Persecute the Evil Liberal Media for the Evil Liberal Media's RentBoys who turn out to be actually partially on loan from the DOD, but without a Recycling Value, so that you can get your deposit back if you return them to the DOD.

Oh NO!!!!

That's What the Evil Liberal Media would want you to believe, right next to:
Justice Antonin Scalia on Sunday characterized himself as a social conservative and "a law-and-order guy" whose views do not impact his interpretation of the Constitution.
[ cf Scalia opens up on '60 Minutes' ]
Yeah, like as IF Scalia didn't swallow....

I mean, what is this? The Evil Liberal Military-Industrial-Infotainment Complex trying to pimp:
Dude? Where's My Jurisprudence?
or the more complex
Dude? Where's My Epistemology
or is this really just the clear and compelling proof that the Harold And Kumar Franchise is taking over the WORLD!!!

That they have the level of DIVINE POWERS that will finally give us
Harold And Kumar Meet Cheech And Chong
and proove that it was NOT Yoko Ono who broke up that brilliant stunning duo!!!

Then who can hold their water until we see
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back Against Harold And Kumar
Not to mention the inevitable
Harold And Kumar Meet Abbot And Costello
in the grudge matche battle royalE for SCARIEST MOVIE MONSTER MADNESS!!!

But basically I would say that you have to See the new Harold and Kumar Movie, or the Terrorists WIN!!!

It is a stunning insight into what would happen if Hitlary and her RadFemiSurfNazi's were to take control of the government with their evil unamerican God Hating America Bashing!!!

So YES!!!

See The Movie! Throw Popcorn At The Screen!!! Buy The Merchandizing! Buy the DVD!!! Take Friends to see this movie, take TOTAL STRANGERS to get even stranger!!!


Yes, NOTHING says RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

Like seeing Harold And Kumar Fail to unemploy the RentBoys of the DOD in their New Movie!!!

Small Technical Questions...

I mean, hello, why exactly would I want to watch a Red Communist Propoganda Series by PBS about The NimNutz????

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothering against the Almost Navy Types who sail on the NimNutz.

Why it is almost like they have navy time....

But I mean, when we as a nation are facing far MORE DEMANDING Problems
Are You Over Shoed?
Or Under Acessorized With YUDies ( Young Urban Dictators )???
There may be far MORE IMPORTANT issues that americans MUST be facing in these Most HOLY TIMES of stopping the Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!

Who Are EVIL!!! And Doing!!! AND ERS!!!

Than worrying about Red Communist Propoganda about the NimNutz.

Is them God Hating MojoItes Unamericans?

If you have not seen van.mojo: Religion of Peace, My Ass! this might be a great time to take the time to watch it.

Then one can ask if they want to allow the God Hating Atheists who do not accept the Divinity Of Dubya, and have not accepted Dubya as their Personal Lord And Savior, should be allowed to espouse their radical left wing defeatist God Hating America Bashing.

Especially when innocent children understand that it is all about the Funner Times Of War!!!

Clearly those who have not taken Dubya into their Heart, will never be able to understand the Moral Purity that comes when one has given one's Life To The Dubya!!!

Anything Less And The Terrorists WIN!!!

Worse yet, the video they put up is by some foreign devil! and if you google for that tag, you find that they are not even writing in american!!! No Wonder they make Unamerican Videos For God Hating America Bashers to put up as a part of their Monolithic Persecution of the True Believers!!!!

All Hail RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

Speaking Of Restore America....

uh, when the RINO, such as Sam Brownback, are whining about Restoring America, and recovering from the horrors of those who are not Pro-Life, does this mean that they are coming out into the open as stabbing the troops in the back????

Or are they just hoping that no one notices the costs....

and the consequences.....

Of their Failing To Support The President To Support The Troops.....

Or is that just the problem here. They never really wanted to support the troops in the first place, and are hoping that no one will notice or be bothered that it was ok to talk big about being pro-military and pro-vet, just so long as it was not about complicating their lifestyle...

So what SHOULD americans really be looking for in the coming election????

How far "off the page" is the chances of someone at this very moment organizing the christian true believer who will be the weapon of choice to remove mcCain, if he is elected, so that the VP will be able to step up to the plate, holding the Bloody Shirt, and tell us all about how he has a full list of the 57 KNOWN Unbeleivers who have always been bad people...

Please, remind me again why I am suppose to NOT have that as a part of the political matrix?

That Majikally in these most majikal times I am not to start from the presumption that the pro-war types are willing to get anyone killed as long as it advances their domestic poltical agenda.

So which AMERICA are we planning to restore?

The america of the actual historical founding fathers? Or the America that the Founding Father's WOULD have founded, if they had been other than the founding fathers?

But do YOU hate Jesus Enough???

Moments of Zen in the Art of Fake News is a nice introduction to Rationally Speaking: The Philosphy Of Jon Stewart....

But we have to ask, can fake news casters Really provide the Hatred of Our White Christian America with enough of the evil Liberal Fox News Hatred, that comes from Real Fake News folks, like Tucker Carlson, and Robert "I hate Freedom" Novak. I mean who can forget Jon Stewart 'Crossfire' Transcript where he defiantly OPPOSED FREEDOM because he would not be their monkey.

Or are we not suppose to recall those Halcyon Days, back when the fun folks were, well fun.

Ah yes, but I guess the idea of folks actually trying to deal with the real america IS the threat.