April 8th, 2008


But what about the americans?

I mean, really, who cares what some international force is doing????

I mean why even have some foreign satrap talk to congress about what some international force is doing.

What about the americans.

For our slow readers
The senior commander of multinational forces in Iraq warned Congress Tuesday against removing “too many troops too quickly” and refused under stiff questioning to offer even an estimate of American force levels by the end of this year.

Those comments from Gen. David H. Petraeus were met by sharp criticism from a senior Democrat, Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, that the Bush administration had adopted “a war plan with no exit strategy.”

[ cf General Resists Timetable for Withdrawal of Troops in Iraq ]
Would this be a bad time to refer back to the president's comments about not being able to address issues of the 'international forces' in Iraq, because they were not american troops.... Or should we just skip over that with the happy thots that now that america is at peace again, and all is happiness and roses...

Remind me again, when did you stop remembering?

How sooooo SuperMan Returns....

In a speech at Georgetown University this morning, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg lashed out at the leadership of the Democratic-controlled New York State Assembly for refusing to bring his New York City congestion pricing plan to a vote on Monday, effectively killing it. He said the chamber had failed to act despite support from other leaders, including Gov. David A. Paterson; the State Senate majority leader, Joseph L. Bruno; and the Assembly minority leader, James N. Tedisco.
[ cf The Mayor Lashes Out, but Says He Wants to Move On ]
I mean really....

Who would have known that He WAS HETRO?

I mean only evil liberals who hate Jesus and want to destroy america with their gay marriage only agenda are allowed to invoke the demonic code word Move On and then only for evil and demonic reasons.

This boys and girls is why we NEED RoboBushCheney
They Shiney.

Because anything less and the Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Zombies will come over the border illegally to take away high paying jobs from americans.

Why Does This Guy Hate Freedom, and Jesus, and the Unborn Baby Unicorn?

Some members of the Federal Reserve are worried about the possibility of a "severe and protracted downturn" in the U.S. economy, according to the minutes of the central bank's latest minutes released Tuesday.
[ cf Fed sees economy getting worse ]
Everywhere you look our Troops are WINNING!!!!

They are winning In Iraq!

They are Winning in Iran!!!

They are winning in iNorthKorea!!!

They are winning in iAfghanistan!!!

They are defeating the evil doing evil doers, everywhere but in radical left wing extremist God Hating America Bashing Pansy Leftist Land!!!!

This is why we NEED RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!!

Anything less and the Gay HomoZexual Pirate CANADIANIST economicalZombiests will WIN!!!

Americans Being Victimized By Government, again..

Yes boys and girls, after nearly eight long and bloody years of Red Guard Revisionists Reactionary Communist Persecution lead by the draft dodger in chief is anyone surprised by
Each time a major event happens in American, whether it happens to be a hurricane, rising gas prices, some housing foreclosures, you name it, the first reaction of the media is "Now that Event A has happened, what is the federal government going to do about it." They expect America's tax dollars to bail out people who spent too much on a house, to be used to artificially change the price of goods, and to "stimulate" an economy that naturally has ups and downs. The problem is that the more the media speaks, the more people listen, and it is becoming alarmingly clear that too many Americans expect government to "solve problems" rather than stay out of the way.
[ cf Americans Afflicted with 'Governmental Reliance Syndrome' ]
Well, there you have it!!!

Big Red Hordes be scary!!!

I mean, we have been warning folks that the scary part about allowing Army.com to become just one more welfare queen has been the inevitable dependence of everyone on more and more Red Guard Protections!!! And this is not just a Red Guard in the Front Lines, but Red Guards Everywhere!!!

They want to have the Red Guard managing the currency values!!! I mean would any true libertarian want to leave to the government the minting of the coin of the realm??? HUM???

I mean where does all of this COMMUNIST DOMINATION stop???? Mandate that the courts be government entities!!! Engaged in making the Law Legal, rather than allowing folks to buy only so much law and order as they want to have, at market rates, in a customer oriented approach!!!

I say it is soooo time to stop the whole HORROR of these Red COMMUNISTS!!!!

Make America AMERICAN again!!!!

Make the government as it was suppose to be!!! A Free Market Enclave of the best Government that folks could buy!!!!

Yeah that's the ticket.... folks really should not have to pay taxes to support some collection of welfare queens who want to restore the wetlands in Iraq!!! Just cause some Green Party TreeHuggerInCheif wants to embark upon radical ecoTerrorism is no reason that God Fearing White Christian Americans need to be paying for those more preversions of Dirt Worshippers!!!!

That folks, is why we NEED RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!!

Anything less and the Terrorists Impose Excess governmental regulation on the decent folks!!!

Why Red Guard Elites Are Wrong!!!

A former director and head of the New York Mercantile Exchange's compliance committee pleaded guilty Tuesday to cheating clients.
"They got the fox in the chicken house," said Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, whose office conducted the investigation along with trading watchdog, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. "He was the guy who was supposed to stop this."

[ cf Former NYMEX director accused of cheating clients; 6 others netted in investigation. ]
And of course, what do folks want!!! More Brutal Red Guard Elitists mandating that Law be legal in america!!!!

It is just shocking how the communist paid agents in government keep persecuting decent folks with these godless unamericanisms!!!!

Can there be any doubt that if americans had voted for RoboBushCheney
They Shiney

Then NONE of this Vicious Persecution by Red Hordes would have occurred!!!!

Why YOU must become more patriotic.

Remember boys and frogs, you saw it here first:
the principles of the Republican Party are always in the best interests of the American people
Emphasis in the original mcCain Email....

But hey kids, wouldn't that mean abandoning the WarPresident while our troops are being handed over to some 'international organization'????

And wouldn't that mean that the Wrong Republican Party has opted to betray our troops for their strictly domestic political agenda, rather than support the president to support the troops....

I mean, Would Jack Bauer, of 24, run screaming like some nancy girl simply because some liberals wanted to wave a piece of paper as if it were like some sort of law stuff!!!! The Nation Is In A Time Of Transferring The Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn!!!! And if that means that we have to torture more than Logic!!! Well True Patriots are willing to do more than merely Torture Logic!!!!

They are Backing RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!