April 2nd, 2008


Must Fix Bernanke's Calendar

I mean, hello, April Fools was yesterday.

So why Bernanke be using the "R" word in public today!!!!

Doesn't he understand that now, under the unified executive principle the regulation of the economy by the department of homeland security will make everyone economically safer....

Or is he finally coming out of the closet as a DragQueen of Reality Based Economics.

Should Law Be Legal In America????

Hey kids, I am not sure which part is more comical.

The Memo EVERYONE knows about of the fact that it got declassified:
The Justice Department has declassified a 2003 legal memo that said U.S. criminal laws and international treaties did not apply in the military treatment and interrogations of "enemy combatants" taken from the battlefield and held outside the United States.
[ cf Memo on harsh interrogations declassified ]

Enemy Combatants???


The really fun part here is that this 'enemy combatant' notion that has been used to say that we find combatants on the battle ground who are the enemy, but clearly are not the same folks covered under the Geneva Convention Codes, gosh, that are actualized in the UCMJ, which happens to be, gosh, Title 10 of THE FREAKING USC!!!

I mean nothing is so symbolic of Life In HanoiAnnie CoulterLand, where the words CLEARLY no longer mean what they use to mean when used in groupings. One really has to thank the NeoConClownCarCrew for making it clear that in america they are so passed truthier that it no longer seriously matters at all....

Dude, what was John Yoo Smoking???

And can we meet his dope dealer....

So the really important question now is whether or not the so called declassification here has a more important political purpose, like supporting why all americans have always supported Torture, or is this some sort of help part that Dubya wants to give McCain, you know, because Dubya is organizing a Cut And Run Strategy Here???

Mashups I Soooo Want To See...

John Yoo's Face over Steve Martin in The Jerk when he was so excited about the fone books showing up, but this time the voice over would
The Torture Memo Is Here
I know that would make us all feel more Hip AND Cooler about american support for torture.

You know the fun part here is that we will be able to make these jokes for years, because, well, what really is the chance that any of those involved in providing the criminal context will get sucked into, oh, I don't know, Judgement at Nuremberg that fun filled laugh right sixties comedy about how sometimes the legal profession just needs to go along to get along. And, ok, so some people get recycled, but do we really want to be such a stickler about the legal stuff and who gets tortured....

Ah yes, america, where they understand the value of americanism.

No Matter WHAT it becomes.

Great Britain Falls to Space Alien Occupation!!!

Holy Persian Pedal Powered Phlying pSaucer pOf Phear!!!!
The British military admitted Thursday that it breached the human rights of an Iraqi man who died in custody, and that its soldiers also violated the rights of eight other detained Iraqis.

The Ministry of Defense said it expects to negotiate compensation for the survivors of the dead man, Baha Mousa, and with the eight former detainees.

[ cf UK military admits Iraqis tortured ]

Why, that's like suggesting that torturing folks is not a good thing.

Where do these radical left wing ferrign devil extremists get off???

Now More Than EVER we must win against Britain, that is clearly now an IslamoFascist Front Organization and Fellow Travellor of Demonic Demonism...

Hum.... could it be that the british to not support the american belief that when the president does it, blow job or not, that this is the Divine Will Of GOD!!!

Them Headlines are Complicated Like That

When I saw Bomb Mars Show of Force in Basra, I thought they meant:
Bomb Mars!!! ( the planet )
Show of Force in Basra
which would have gone well with todays theme of post surrealism in the time of protecting the Unborn Baby Unicorn. I mean the Prez, was All Hip Hop about going to Mars, and, well, by bombing it, well, we clearly would show those Venezuelans that we were not going to stand for any of their shilly shallying around about basra.

When what they were trying to point out is that there was a counter attack on the recent show of force in basra. Which provides a clear and compelling argument for Liberating Columbia and other places where the drugs are far better than the ones we are facing in Iraq.

Holy God Hating America Bashing IslamoFascism Flying Rodent Perkin!!!

More banks have withdrawn mortgage deals following First Direct's decision to suspend its entire range.
[ cf More mortgage deals are withdrawn ]
For the brightly painted savages in the americas - this is the proper british way to do a sub-prime mortguage melt down!!!!

I mean we can all trust the lord protector....

The real hope here folks is for
The Children Of Men: The Reality TV Show
just think how exciting that is going to be... Put the old V for Vendetta back into the need to clean out the riff raff...