March 29th, 2008


Modern Technology CAN be your friend.

OK, so the meds run out tonight. The local pharmacy said they were still waiting on a fax back. So I opt to roll on down to check it out. Well I have a lovely chat with the charming woman who is manning the family medicine section, and we giggle.

She is trying to write her page/text_msg/MSM to the on duty medico, and she is aware that she is trying to do the best available job she can. Even though she is not trying to be hip enough. I on the other hand, well, I just want the meds.

Today's Motivating Statement:
We solve this by nightfall.
Or i start drinking the blood of the first available Human.
Providing a proper context always helps properly motivate persons and technology. And besides, I have seen techs come and techs go, and I really lack the ability to be impressed by the vagaries.

As I drive off to dana street, as we SOOOOO need beans, without which we start harvesting the souls of unborn persons right out of the backs of their potential progenators, the fun fone says, "hello, there is a nice earthling on the line", and I ask the nice car to connect the call. It is nice to have meaningful social dialogs with one's transport. It makes the weekends a little easier to live.

And now. Now I get the synthivoice indicating that in agreement with prevoious call, the meds are ready.

Oh well.

Out there, some human will be looking for fun on a saturday night. Totally unware that they may well make morningtide, blessed by the marvels of modern technology, that helped keep all of their blood inside of their funky little organ sack.

These sorts of things happen.

Evil Liberal Wiki Hate Jesus and America.

I mean, what sort of radical left wing extremism can not identify Mortaritaville that is the TRUE Mortaritaville, as opposed to suggesting that there is some sort of ambiguity here.

Or would this be a bad time to ask the question:
Where ARE those ProWarWheenies?
You Remember Them. The ones doing the disco duck dance, back when the whole Mission Accomplished End Zone Slam Dunk was suppose to mean that they were the Great War Heroes, without having to worry about actually getting dragged into the unpleasant implementation details.

Or are we just suppose to act majikally, that some how, you know, majikally, it is not like we should hold them accountable for their Positions.

Or should we just make a simple pitch for more folks to go back into the way back machine and re read War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, and wonder, hum. Should the ProWarTypes have read that book, any more than say the FM 3-24? or any of the other books which would have at least offered them half a chance to speak as if they were in some way aware of the topic for which they like to gush like teenage girls with romantic visions of losing their virginity to some really cute guy.

Or should we just try to learn to be more patriotic and not complicate the debate.

To Keep Shiney, because
Shiney IS as Shiney Does
and that tehre was absolutely no way that any of the current crop of ProWarTypes who meandered out of their religious cult suppor for the Project For A New American Centruy failed to take into account the unpleasant prospect that maybe they were not going to get picked up by a prince, in a sharming suit of armour who would whisk them away to a lovely castle, where their virginity would fall away, and everything would be just peachy keeno....

Oh dear. Could it be that the whiners cranking on the pro-Obama crowd are speaking from their own little, uh, experience, with being let down about the fun of being all gushy about a great leader.


What if american voters had to put away play acting like little gushy teenage girls and try to act like Real Big GrlZ now...