March 21st, 2008


Why Americans will WIN against IslamoWhatEvers

Sony is charging customers to remove trialware and other unwanted software from their new Vaio TZ notebook computers. It's hardly surprising that the MacBook Air is selling so well.

Others have dubbed it crapware. It's all that extra stuff that's installed on a new PC that no one wants. But the vendor receives a little bit of money that offsets the ultra-slim profit margins in the cut-throat PC industry. It just goes to show how much baggage the PC industry has acquired.

[ cf Sony Charges to Remove Crapware from Vaios ]
Go Team America!!!!

Clearly with this brilliant understanding of the Importance that the Free Marketeers Made to Making Freedom Free and Overthrowing the Evil Empire in the Age before the Most Holy Crusade against the Persian Pedal Powered Phlying pSaucers pOf Phear!!!! There can be nothing but blue skys out in front of our Most Glorious Victories against whom Ever!!!

Yes boys and girls, children born today will still be able to gain glorious military sustaining surgetastical victorious mission accomplished successfulness in Iraq when it is their time to serve in the Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere Protection Services who will be providing the global standard in crapware deLuxe!!!!

Can there be any doubt that now more than ever we all want RoboBushCheney2008, who can Kick The YakFest out of mere Robot Nixon of the defeatist Left Wing Liberals!!!!

Why We Must Defeat The Persian_Kanadianist Konspirakii

Montana's attorney general has announced that the state will ignore a March 31 deadline to comply with the Real ID program, setting up the prospect that Montanans will need passports and face extra screening at airports and federal buildings come May.
[ cf Montana says it won't comply with Real ID ]

Can there be any other explanation but the Persian_Kanadiankists have destroyed all of the americans living in Montana and taken the state into the darkest pits of evil left wing liberals????

Clearly NOW more than ever Americans MUST back BushCheney2008 or the Slime of Persian_Kanadianist oozes over americans like maple syrup....