March 18th, 2008


More Clear And Compelling Economic News!!!

Can there be any doubt that when the true believers truly believe in the power of the DUBYA, and the moral superiority of the Holy Crusade against
Persian Pedal Powered Phlying pSausers pOf Phear
that the market goes up!!!!

So all of those out there who believe in TinkerBell^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H The Divinity Of Dubya, clap your hands, and clap your hands REAL LOUD NOW!!!! and the Dow will just go on growing and growing and growing like a throbbing and tumultous Tubor Of TruthierNeff!!!!

Are YOU doing Your Part?

Are you voting BushCheney2008???

Or are you stabbing TinkerBell In The Back because you are an IkkyYukky Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate CANADIANIST who is really, really, really BAD!!!!

God Hating America Bashers Gone Wild!!!!

I was just shocked to hear:
According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the town of Walnut Creek renamed its Easter Bunny the "Spring Bunny." The Spring Bunny participates in the town's storied annual tradition, the Spring Egg Hunt.

Can there be any doubt that this is just more of the persecution of Our White Christian America by radical left wing extremists like the Pinko Reds out in Walnut Creek, a veritable hotbed or radical left wing extremists who are militantly persecuting White Christian America....

Dude, not even I can say that with a straight face.

I mean, hello boys and dope smoking flip flopping hip hoppers. Walnut Creek is the land that taught us the way to the future was to turn down town into an uncovered shopping mall.... HELLO STALINIST REVISIONIST IDEOLOGICAL DEVIATIONALIST CULT OF PERSONALITY, with nordies, macies, and the seriously upscale place, and a very busy frozen yogurt shoppe....

Ok, so yes, the abandonment of
The Easter Bunny Died For YOUR SINS
is still a clear and compelling argument against the evils of such liberalisms as fashion designer hand bag stores, since everyone accepts that the argument from intelligent design dictates that handbags have always been what they will always be....

Hence why all True Americans are voting for BushCheney2008, to keep those IkkyYukky GROSS handbags of liberalism from being foisted on innocent little children by Tinky Winky!!!!


Why we may just have to intern the evil liberals.

For those not following the whole Obama/Oreo crisis as referenced by "mr. gandhi, what do you think of the liberal media?" "i think it would be a good idea." maybe it is time to step back and try to understand what is actually going on before we digress.

Here we have some valiant Marketting Person, or a Google Ad Placement Algo, that has opted to market Oreo's while Obama is having an alledged political kvetching.

This is clearly great marketting, just as all manifestation of Google Ad Placement Algo's understand that the correct insertion of a viral marketting moment means that the evil left wingers will spread it around to all of their friends. Thus enhancing the value of the initial ad placement.

IF, as some suspect, this was done by a human, then this a great paycheck for someone who understands the importance appropriate Product Placement.

IF, as some of US suspect, the Obama People fail to have the Economic Understanding to KNOW that they could make some Big Bank pimping their man with the appropriate Product Placement Deal, then clearly we have to wonder if Obama has the right team to be able to advance the cause of global freedom through total victory by the FreeMarketeers!!!

{ everyone does conceded that it was the FreeMarketeers who won the cold war, and those, well, welfare queens in the US Military and the other forms of government handout takers should be lucky that the Great Ones, like Enron, were around to keep paying to keep their lazy asses off the street. But let us defer a kevetching about how it is SOOO time to privatize and take it jack booted money grubbing welfareIsms off the necks of God Fearing Tax Payers who do not need to be subsidising what the Free Market Will Provide!!! }

So let us ask ourselves what is the real problem here?

That there are folks who still consider 'oreo' to be a dangerous racialist term??? I mean, hello boys and girls, try to remember that Liberace's classic quote, after being picked on for being a pansy piano player, was that he was "crying all the way to the bank". It was NOT 'laughing all the way to the bank' that the post literate kultur has been abusing, since the later lacks any sense of Irony!!!!

So why not make the deal to have Political Speaches subsidised by folks who want to do product placements?

Do americans really want to retreat to the dark days before 911 when americans use to think that majikally some how politics was suppose to be above the Glories of Serving the True Victors of the Coldwar???

Do americans want to retreat to those dark times? or are they willing to step forward into the bright light of the New Day In AMERICA that only BushCheney2008 can offer them....

Oh yes, and better product placement during political season.

So if the evil liberals are soooo dissing the Great Glories of the FreeMarkettering, and failing to support better living through better product placement, then clearly they are ALL on the side of the
Persian Pedal Powered Phlying pSaucers pOf Phear
and therefore suffer as both TraitorousTreasonersToTruthiNeff, as well as being totally unable to understand the new cool, and how the new Pink will be what ever those in Information Retrieval SAY it will be.

Anything LESS and the Terrorists WIN!!!!

Better planning than the evil liberal media lets on.

Did you notice that last weekend on the run up to Saint Irish Day, that the evil liberal media was also trying to sell the 5th Anniversary of the so called 2003 Invasion Of Iraq.

Hello!!! Those people invited us in with open arms to be their liberators and restore their wetlands so as to protect them from
Persian Pedal Powered Phlying pSaucers pOf Phear
who would at any moment have continued to attack innocent peace loving Iraqi Civilians as they had on 09/11/2001 when the Persians Invaded Iraq and destroyed the Iraqi Access to the global economy.

{ that is still our story, right? }

Well of course, the evil LIBERAL MEDIA, was trying to play up the so called My Lai Community Reclarification Incident in which many indigenous persons wanted to so show their commitment to the ecological movment that they wanted to recycle themselves in the hopes of persuading the americans that Bio-Fuels were the wave of the Future.

{ that is still our story, right? }

But of course the Evil Liberal Media forgot to mention that the 16th is not the 20th, and so we have no reason to worry that folks will confuse one recyling history moment with another.

Are YOU doing your part to help recycle those in need?

Remember boys and girls, that by voting BushCheney2008, you will help all americans know who has been naughty, and who has been nice, and who will be turned into lumps of coal.

So yes boys and girls, as we rush into spring, remember, it is never too soon to start recyling your neighbors and showing your commitment to support the president to support the recyclers.

The Obama Facts are Leaking ALL over the place.

NOT ONLY has he been trying to cover up that he has riden in taxi's with muslims, but now he is trying to hide the fact that he has been a lakers fan. ( cf Obama accused of taking cab ride with Muslim!!! )


Clearly americans have to ask themselves is this the person they want to wake up in the afternoon to deal with complex and technical issues about the sky filling up with burning sulphor because GOD is casting down his wrath upon the unbelievers!!!!

So now more than ever YOU MUST vote BushCheney2008, or bad scary things will happen.

who are Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation

And will they be able to support BushCheney2008 or are they planning to back the liberals?

Odd thot here folks, what if there were issues on the plate about the current number of legal cases that have been prosecuted by the JAG's against american troops for violations of the laws of land warfare? do we really need to retreat back to debating the war crimes trials, under the UCMJ, from the hey days of the vietnam war.

You know, the war that all of the cool NeoConClownCarCrew were going to attend but the government was too busy giving all the good seat to the minorities....

People Who Just Do Not Get It...

after downing street dot org seems to think that Impeachment is about something more than just sex.

I mean, what IS with that?

Besides, do americans really care what a president does in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes, if we were to hop on the old 'war wagon', then yes, Clinton was a 'war president' but that is not the point. Yes, Yes, Yes, Persecuting a President for a blow job in a time of war would be a bad thing if one really bought into the thema 'if the president does it, it can not be wrong'.

But that misses the whole POINT!!!!

Did Clinton have the Invisible Majikal Ring Of Holy Power????


Did He???

Of course not.

That is why God Chose BushCheney2008 to give the world the freedom and love that only an all knowing and all loving god who wants to slaughter all but the 144,000 whom he has hand picked.

for the rest of you, well, guess it SUCKS to be you!!!!

But remember, by voting BushCheney2008, you might be able to defer the Apocalypse, and the rapture, and have some time in Purgatory before God Casts you out into the burning sulphorous pits of Cleveland, or Hell if you are lucky.

Oh MY GOD!!!! Devo IS an Al-Qaeda Front!!!!

It's all right here Tuesday Wingnut Mailbag

SHOCK!!! HORROR!!! pScary pBits!!!!

Can there be any doubts that now more than ever Americans MUST vote BushCheney2008, or Devo will come back.....


{ children, if you are not old enough to remember Devo, ask one of your parent's close personal associations, as there is like Jack All chance that your parents will ever admit to Devo... I mean, get REAL, or at least a rough approximate of the ratio of whole numbers.... }