March 6th, 2008


Why We Must Win Against Canadianists!!!!

Shock! Shock!!! Horror! Horror!!! has learned that NYPD and FBI officials are now revisiting an incident that occurred along the Canadian border last month because they are concerned there might be a connection to the Times Square explosion.
[ cf Canadian Border Incident, Photos Part Of Times Square Investigation ]
Well Suprise, Suprise, Suprise Jethro....

All of these Radical Left Wing Extremists and their RINO fellow travellors trying to get their so called imaginary fence up to keep the Mexicanista out of America, clearly is ALL a part of the ongoing Plot to stab america in the back and leave us open to being Sodomized By Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Zombies!!!!

Now more than ever americans MUST support BushCheney2008 to prevent these vicious and brutal attacks from the Evil Demon Beast Creatures of the North Country!!!!

San Jose Falls To Communist Forces...

Holy Shades of April 1975 Kiddies!!!

Those Commie Rat Bastards have come again!!!!

Ok, so yes, I rather expect that the usual pedestrial puppet toadies of their CryptoIslamoFascist Overlords will be a bit blind sided, having forgotten that the Evil Liberal Media is the puppet toady of The Monolithic Godless Communist Hordes....

So a quick review for the Reds, Pinko's, and Fellow Travellors (oh my!). There is concern about renaming the portion of san jose that is unofficially known as Little Saigon and the effort of the Puppety Toadies of the Red Hordes to call it the Saigon Business District is just more of the Same Old Communist Propoganda Ploy!!! And of course, the rallying cry has been
If you do not support Little Saigon,
Then you are supporting the communists.
which was born out when the PolitBuro of the People's Democratic Soviet of San Jose opted against 'Little Saigon' on the Order of the Monolithic International Atheistic Asiatic Godless Kommunist Konspirakii.

Thus proving that San Jose has fallen to the communist.


Clearly all true americans Support BushCheney2008 so as to restore americanism to America!!!

Anything Less and The Red Hordes will be EVERYWHERE!!!!

More Proof That The Surge Is SurgeTastical

The Radical Left Wing Extremists are engaging in the typical red propoganda terror tactics:
March 7 (Bloomberg) -- Two coordinated bomb attacks killed more than 50 people in Baghdad yesterday, as the U.S. military said it will withdraw 2,000 soldiers from the Iraqi capital.

The assault involved a roadside bomb followed by a suicide attack in Karadah, central Baghdad, at about 7 p.m. local time yesterday, the U.S. military said in a statement. ``This terrorist attack was a senseless act of violence directed against the Iraqi people,'' said Colonel Allen Batschelet, chief of staff for Multi-National Division - Baghdad.

The 82nd Airborne Division soldiers that will return to the U.S. in the next several weeks were part of an extra 30,000 personnel sent last year to halt insurgent attacks and secarian violence between Sunni and Shiite Muslims that took Iraq to the brink of civil war.

[ cf Baghdad Attacks Kill More Than 50 as U.S. Withdraws Combat Team ]
Clearly More Deadenders.

Those Red Agents at Blomberg should be arrested for their crimes against the american way of life by reporting these vicious defeatist rumours!!!!

All True Americans Support BushCheney2008, since clearly americans do not want the country to fall into the hands of communists like Blomberg News, and the rest of their Red Fellow Travellors!!!

In Related Red Propoganda
Defense Secretary Robert Gates has called CENTCOM commander Adm. William Fallon “one of the best strategic thinkers in uniform today.” Fallon opposed the “surge” in Iraq and has consistently battled the Bush administration to avoid a confrontation with Iran, calling officials’ war-mongering “not helpful.” Privately, he has vowed that an attack on Iran “will not happen on my watch.”

Unfortunately, this level-headed thinking and willingness to stand up to President Bush may cost him his job.

[ cf Bush May Fire CentCom Chief Adm. Fallon, Replace With Commander More ‘Pliable’ To War With Iran ]
Do these Commie RatBastards REALLY think we are going to buy their red propoganda???

Everyone KNOWS that we are every day winning ever greater and ever more Glorious Victories Against Iranian Flying Saucers On ALL FRONTS!!!!

That is why All TRUE Americans are Backing BushCheney2008 to Speed More Total Victory Gloriously Victorious!!! Or the Red Hordes and their CryptoIslamoFascistFellowTravellors will Win!!!


OTSEGO, MI—While she may not be making the nightly news or gracing the covers of Time and Newsweek, 46-year-old nursing-home worker Barbara Louise Huxley is a dedicated, ruthless killer. But in today's male-dominated world of remorseless slaughter, Huxley has been forced to murder twice as many innocent victims just to gain the public exposure and foster the widespread panic her male counterparts routinely enjoy.
[ cf Female Serial Killer Has To Work Twice As Hard To Achieve Notoriety ]
Go TEAM America!!!!

Clearly these types of Victories against the Moral Perversions of Degenerate God Hating Liberalism are not being hailed as the total victories against evil that they are!!!!! Just MORE clear and compelling proof that the evil liberal media is the Puppety Toadies of CryptoIslamoFascism and the Spawn of Red Fellow Travellors!!!!

Now more than ever americans must Rally For Total Victory, and vote BushCheney2008 to prevent the Red Hordes from trying to come back!!!!