March 4th, 2008


YouTube, Terrorist Clique or puppet toady of their CryptoIslamoFacistOverLords?

A video appeared on the Internet yesterday under the title "US Marine throwing a puppy," showing a man who appeared to be a Marine in Iraq picking up a puppy by the back of its neck and throwing it off a cliff.

As the animal soars through the air, yelping sounds can be heard.

The video posted on YouTube has drawn widespread condemnation on the Internet and by Marine officials at Kaneohe Bay.

Kaneohe Marines are investigating the 15-second video to see whether the Marine is one of their own. The Corps said such activity is not tolerated and that appropriate action will be taken.

[ cf Marine tosses dog from cliff on YouTube ]
Clearly NOW the department of homeland security MUST ACT!!!

Americans need to know why YouTube has become a dupe of international communism.

Can there be any doubt that ONLY by electing BushCheney2008 can americans be safe from the HORROR of YouTube and their CyrptoIslamoFasicstOverlords!!!

BushCheney2008 DEFEATING RADICAL LeftWing Extremists!

These Patriotic Details Just In:
PRINCETON, NJ–According to the latest Gallup Poll, conducted Monday and Tuesday of this week, nearly three out of four Americans can no longer believe this shit.
[ cf Poll: 73 Percent Of Americans Unable To Believe This Shit ]
Well The Facts Speak for themselves.

Clearly if anyone OTHER than BushCheny2008 is so called 'elected' we all know that the radical left wingers stole the election!!!!


people who will be purged after the next election.

A friend of mine sent me The user experience Quotes where we learn that many God Hating Unamerican advocate Clearly CryptoIslamoFascistTerroristSentiments, such as
Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.
which could only be put forward by Dangerous Radical Left Wing Extremists trying to destroy our white christian america!!!!

Are YOU doing your part to Purge the Illegal Enemy Combatants in our Midst????

Are YOU voting BushCheney2008 to keep america american.

World To End In 2012

In October 2003, as the computer world buzzed about what cool new gadget he would introduce next, Apple CEO Steve Jobs - then presiding over the most dramatic corporate turnaround in the history of Silicon Valley - found himself confronting a life-and-death decision.

During a routine abdominal scan, doctors had discovered a tumor growing in his pancreas. While a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is often tantamount to a swiftly executed death sentence, a biopsy revealed that Jobs had a rare - and treatable - form of the disease. If the tumor were surgically removed, Jobs' prognosis would be promising: The vast majority of those who underwent the operation survived at least ten years.

[ cf The trouble with Steve Jobs ]

Thus all true americans are voting BushCheney2008, as they KNOW the rapture is coming!!!!

Are YOU doing your part to bring about the end times, and the slaying and slewing of BILLIONS, and BILLIONS, and BILLIONS of godless heathen god hating america bashers who will be destroyed when Steve Jobs and the Chosen Few are Taken up to the Great Divine Will....