February 27th, 2008


Why does the VOA hate freedom???

Today in the scary news from God Hating, America Bashing Radical Left Wing Extremists Dope Smoking Hippie Dippie Draft Dodger Land we get:
The U.S. Director of National Intelligence, Michael McConnell, says the Afghan government controls only 30 percent of the country. His assessment came in testimony to a Senate panel Wednesday, as VOA's Deborah Tate reports from Capitol Hill.
[ cf US Official Says Afghan Government Controls Only 30 Percent of Country ]
Hey Kids, let us put our thinking cap on here for a brief moment.

Let us assume that there is a Director of National Intelligence. This organization, if it existed, would be in the executive branch. Hence by the Immutable Laws of The Unitary Executive Principle, and the Leadership Principle, for those of you who are more at home with it in the original german, this would mean that there existed some organization that was intentionally stabbing itself in the back as a part of the way that it does business.

Thus it follows that there can be no such Director of National Intelligence who would stab our troops in the back by stabbing the Unitary Executive In The Back with defeatist propoganda.

THUS VOA is merely engaging in Defeatist Rumour Mongering, and it is clearly time to recycle them into more patriotically corrector than thou Bio-Fuels.

Are YOU doing your part to Recycle Ideological Deviationalists into Eco-Friendly Bio-Fuels????

The Three Muskateers: IslamoFascist Propoganda

Yes boys and girls, today's project is to do a national security review of the IslamoFascist Propoganda film The Three Musketeers. We are specifically concerned with The Three Musketeers (1948 film) that HORROR film conducted with Gene"IslamoFascistFellowTravellor" Kelly.

Yes, I know, many will make the usual mindless leap to the obvious Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Canadianist Marriage Initiative sub plot that goes with all of those male persons prancing around waving long throbbing and tumultous tubor things at each other. But that is merely the icing on the cake of god hating america bashing.

How many americans have actually asked themselves why is it that there are FOUR of them? Why is it that the 4th Estate has wormed it's way into the whole theme here? Can it really be that Obvious that this is just more of the same old failed liberal pre-911 campaign of the Main Stream Media to seek to agrandize it's own role in american society over the three actual branches of government! The Unitary Executive, The Department of Defense's Laison with Congress, and the Military Tribunal System, all of which are clearly parts of the Unitary Executive in a Unitary Executive principle.

Well, GOSH, that is a part of this film!!! and it's horrible evil god hating unamericanism!!!!

This movie keeps trying to make GOD's OWN Richelieu appear to be some how evil for advocating a Unitary Executive Principle Based Rulership over the unwashed plebian masses!!! The Radical Extremists even installed Vincent Price to play the role. Ah yes.... the sinister plots that must have been masterminded by only the most insideous of IslamoFascists to create such a diabolical attack on Great Leader as a way of lulling americans into the false hatred of Great Leader's Greatness!!!

Thus it is clear that Only The God Hating America Bashing IslamoFascists could have created such a terrorfying visions of the world where god is crushed beneath the jack boots of Secular Humanist Drug Addicts and their Morally Reprobate Fellow Travellors!!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR part to stop the HORRORS of Red Hollywood, and the Red Hollywood Threat to Our White Christian America with their IkkyYukkyPoohPerIsms????

Are YOU backing BushCheney2008 or are you on the side of the BAD CINEMA!!!! and their IslamoFascist Paymasters!!!

Can we win against the forces of darkness and evil.