February 21st, 2008


World Embraces US's New TruthierNeffing

Britain said for the first time on Thursday that the United States had used its territory to transfer terrorism suspects, and apologized for having to correct previous denials.

Britain, after maintaining for years it was unaware of a British link to such "rendition" flights, said Washington had now told it two planes with detainees refueled at a U.S. base on the British Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia in 2002.

Allegations of covert U.S. activities as part of the "war on terror" have circulated for years. A European investigator said last year he had proof Poland and Romania hosted secret prisons for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

[ cf UK says U.S. rendition flights used its territory ]
Ah yes....

Now that the prez has come clean that he will torture anyone anywhere, it's ok for everyone to admit that yes, sometimes it is the thing to do, along with underTruthfulizing, and, well, accidentally inserting troops into another formerly soveriegn and independent nations.

Later On, the Japanese will admit that yes, they hadn't really meant to actually declare war prior to attacking Pearl Harbor, and the americans will accept that these things happen.

In more Happier News the Russians are planning to offer an Out Sourcing Discount to America if they need to hire the best in that the Gulag System was ever able to create. Which of course will be hailed by all True Believing NeoConClownCarCrew as they establish that only the dangerously unbalanced radical left wing extremists ever opposed the correct implementation of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinism, and the Clear and Compelling Need to be the Mostest with the Harshest of Harsh Information Retrieval Mechanisms.

In related news.

Pol Pot will spin rapidly in his grave, since he will feel slighted that the Evil Radical Left Wing Extremists in the NeoConClownCarCrew overlooked his refactoring of Kampuchean Kultur when the formerly known as the Killing Fields, now known as the "ideological reclarification fields in support of a global policy of enhance extensibility", has been so slighted by persons who just do not understand how to actually run a Real Kultur Kampf.

Pol Pot rises from his grave noting that these Whining Snivelling Kultur Kafee Klatchen Kreeps have no idea how hard it is to really do the sort of rendering that requires Real Rendering Farms, and not merely the sort of Red Hollywood models. But he does support the need for the no bid contract model to help make Rendering Farming the Wave Of The Future, in a Futuristic Manner!!!

And the whole world engages in a group hug, hoping that they will be able to keep in touch with the remainder of their friends who have not yet disappeared into the Rendering Forms, where the New Age, New Wave, in Bio-Energy Sources enhance the extensibility!!!

He's Tanned, He's Rested, He's Ready....

Wow, what if we were to go with a Return to Nixon, or Night Of The Living Nixon, as a new age, new wave, dance craze, day time manifestation of that seventies show gone wild:
Worries about 1970s-style stagflation have moved to the forefront to rival recession fears. Should the Fed be more worried about rising prices?
[ cf Watch inflation now! ]
What ever happened to Whip Infation Now!!!

Or is it the unpleasantry that we as a Nation must
as in War On Whatever....

So why not renew Restoring Nixon, and the whole Nixonianisms, as a way to help BushCheney2008, so that the cranky whiners about some anachronistic issue about the 22nd Ammendment will be able to accept that times have Changed! That we have Nixon Installed as the Most Divine Of All Great Leaders, and BushCheney are their Prophets....

Why that would make everyone feel safer, ey no?

And it would help formalize up the Americanist Church Of Americanism, so that we would have more civil religion in the public square, where americans can come to watch the HEATHEN burned at the stake for Apostasy.

So yes boys and girls, Vote BushCheney2008, or the DEVIL BEAST CREATURE FROM THE PIT will return.

Stop The Evil Iran-Cananda!!!

It is way too shocking:
Serb rioters broke into the U.S. Embassy and set fire to an office Thursday, and police clashed with protesters outside after a large demonstration against Kosovo's declaration of independence.

The embassy said a charred body was found in the embassy after the attack. "It was found at the part of the building set on fire by the protesters," embassy spokeswoman Rian Harris said. She said all embassy staffers were accounted for; Belgrade's Pink TV said the body appeared to be that of a rioter.

[ cf Belgrade's US Embassy Set on Fire ]
Well, there you have it.

Another FINE MESS those evil liberals who think that having a congress is america is an acceptable thing in a time when we are beset upon on all sides by devil worshipping evil doers.

I hope that the illegal enemy combatants who voted for the democrats to take over congress feel happy that their stabbing our troops in the back is clearly the root cause of this horror!!!!

There can ONLY be one True Solution, and that of course is BushCheney2008!!!!

That and liberating Iran-Canada from the Iranianist and their Iranian Flying Saucers.

Are YOU doing your part to keep america safe from illegal enemy combatants, and their sinister plot to impose a Congress On America???

More Reasons to More Defeat Iran-Canada as We Have Always continue to WinningIst against them.

Right, here is the scary bit:
It's always tough driving in the wilds of East Africa. But in the tiny country of Djibouti, our driver explains, it's tougher than usual. "Djiboutian goats don't scare," he says, holding down the horn and swerving. We're driving 100 mph the wrong way down a winding road through terrain so apocalyptic that British soldiers, back when they ruled the world, nicknamed this parched earth the Furthest Shag of the Never-Never Land.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, a slight man of 53 with rugged features and a serious face, rides shotgun. He is the founder and chairman of Dubai World, a holding company that, he says, has $100 billion in assets, including one of the world's largest port operators, a mammoth private equity house, retailer Barneys New York, and the developer of Dubai's odd palm-tree-shaped islands. (You also may remember that one of its subsidiaries had control of six U.S. ports until Congress objected to handing the keys to a Middle Eastern company.)

[ cf Searching for the next Dubai
An inside look at how a huge Middle Eastern company wants to remake the developing world in its hometown's image. ]

These Ferrign Devils are not trying to remake the world in the image of America!!!!

God's One True And ONLY truthier Holy Land of all holy Lands...

Now more than ever we must go on winning...

Anything Less and the Ferrign Devils will demonize...

Stop The God Hating America Bashers!!!

It is just shocking:
If Microsoft executes effectively on its new interoperability promises, it could repair its tarnished reputation in the technology industry and help the company get out of its own way to compete more effectively with Google.At first glance, Microsoft's news on Thursday that it would provide access to documentation for its major software products, including Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007, appeared to be a way to appease the European Commission in its ongoing antitrust case. It also seemed an acknowledgment that Microsoft can't ignore the open-source community's impact on its business and prominence in the industry any longer."[The news] validates and places a Microsoft acknowledgment that the open models that have emerged -- which Microsoft has denied almost as vociferously as tobacco companies have fought the idea that smoking causes cancer -- are a perfectly reasonable way to go," said Nick Selby, a senior analyst and research director at The 451 Group.Still, many remain skeptical that providing easier access to APIs (application programming interfaces), and vowing to allow developers to build open-source implementations on those APIs without interfering, doesn't mean Microsoft is a friend to open source, or that the company will change how it does business.
[ cf Open APIs May Help Microsoft Repair Reputation ]
Yes, Yes, Yes... I know, a lot of folks will obviously make the COMPLETELY DUNDERHEADED analysis and come to the totally most wrongest approach here.

So think for a moment before embarking on the wrong theme.

The HORROR here is that one of america's most successful companies, one that totally defeated the evil klintonesta efforts to establish that the law of america was legal in america, is NOW talking about allowing open and transparent transactions.

Let That NIGHTMARE ooze over you like the Canadianist Maple Leafing Syrup that it is!!!!

Today it is Microsoft advocating open and transparent transactions. Tomorrow they will start advocating that the US GOVERNMENT would be well advised to give up the failed policies of hyper-secrecy and adopt the new hip buzz phrase compliant open and transparent.


Do americans want this sort of STAB OUR TROOPS IN THE BACK strategy of giving the enemy direct access to the very information we are merely keeping secret from the civilians??? HUM????

Do we want to live in a land of open and fair transactions????

No More Torturing whom ever the president happens to pick?

No More Hiding Fiscal Fiasco's....


Anyone can see that this is just more of the same old failed radical left wing communist dogma, and that is all that it will ever be!!!

Americans LIKE the Hyper-Secrecy. It adds flavor to their pleasant daily routines as they get to wonder if today is their majik day when the state security apparatus detain and torture them for no more reason than that the sun came up.

Do Americans WANT TO ABANDON Strength Through Joy simply because radical left wing cliques like microsoft are willing to kapitulate before the EU and their Evil Demonic Ikky Yukky PoohperIsms!!!!

I say NO!!!!

True Americans back BushCheney2008, because they understand that anything less and the terrorists win!!!

Why Jesus Always Supported Torture!!!

Well Suprise, Suprise, Suprise Jethro:
Researchers at UC Riverside have found a way to get into your body and your bloodstream. No, they’re not spiritual gurus or B-movie mad scientists. Nathaniel G. Portney, Yonghui Wu, Stefano Lonardi, and Mihri Ozkan from UCR’s departments of Bioengineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Biochemistry, and Electrical Engineering, and the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering, are just talented when it comes to manipulating DNA.

In their paper, “Length-based Encoding of Binary Data in DNA,” which was published by the American Chemical Society last month, the researchers discovered a system to encode digital information within DNA. This method relies on the length of the fragments obtained by the partial restriction digest rather than the actual content of the nucleotide sequence. As a result, the technology eliminates the need to use expensive sequencing machinery.

[ cf UCR’s Researchers Discover New Way to Store Information Via DNA ]
Any questions why smashing up the container and checking it has always been a biblically literally support divine mandate when it comes to information extraction.

Now MORE THAN EVER americans must learn to understand that only BushCheney2008 know what is good for them, since they have the Divine Will!!!!

Sometimes, when facing a "meat-based information systems" it's time to throw the old information container on the barbie and invite friends over. You know, do the socially significant thing.