February 20th, 2008


Is wikiLeak still an Iranian Flying Saucer????

Yes, true PATRIOTIC AMERICANS have to wonder about:
A federal judge in San Francisco has ordered the shutdown of an anonymous whistleblower site, wikileaks.org. More precisely, U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White ordered a Bay Area Internet host to disable the main Wikileaks.org site and prevent the organization from transferring to any other server until further notice.
The order was triggered by a Swiss bank's lawsuit. The Julius Baer bank filed a complaint earlier this month against the site and Dynadot for posting several hundred of the bank’s documents. Some of those documents, posted by a former bank employee, allegedly reveal that Julius Baer was involved in offshore money laundering and tax evasion in the Cayman Islands for customers in several countries, including the U.S.

[ cf First Amendment Challenged: Wikileaks Shut by Ca. Judge ]
Let us pause to think what sort of GODLESS HEATHENS would seek to pretend that the Founding Father's COULD have meant that the First Amendment should extend to include Possible Iranian Flying Saucers bent upon destroying our White Christian America!!!!

Besides, whom else BUT Iranian Flying Saucers would seek to conceal their Vicious And Brutal Attacks on Peace Loving Americans with something so sinister as play acting as if the 1st Amendment actually covered their EVIL DEEDS!!!!

We can only hope that if this case is force to travel to the Supreme's that they will be kind enough to make clear that the 1st Amendment is only for decent and morally proper sorts of people. That the founding father's never meant for it to cover gay HomoSeXuals and Iranian Flying Saucers, and especially in a time of war presidencies, war czars, and war anxieties!!!

Clearly only by voting for BushCheney2008 can we make america safe for the nice types.

When Bad Friends Go Badder...

Recently I was unable to attend a small social gathering due to the Rise of IslamoFascistsJihaudist Tendencies in my bread knife that cut my finger. I had tried to apology to my Bad Friend, and he went INSANE, responding:
Clearly your problem was that you were not using properly pre-sliced Victory Wonder Bread as right-thinking folk do.
To which UnNamed Voices In My Head Patriotically Responded:
Victory Brand!!!

When Nothing But Total Global Domination Will DO!!!!

Remember, sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar!!!

And sometimes it is a symptom of Global Nuclear Warfare Enhancement Features....
So are YOU doing Your Part????

Why We NEED More Religion At The Work Site...

Why just today I was about to file a bug on one of our products, and was starting down the line of figuring out how many different basic ways this problem can be created, when suddenly Obi Wan Materialized in the office and asserted:
Focus The Drieux Luke!
Focus The Drieux!!!
which was clearly a relief, since later on that day my UberStumpenFumbler and I were in the midst of a process model review where I was catching the 'brain farts', some of them are fixable with appropriate internal documentation, and some of them by simply IRRADICATING the INFESTING CODE OF THE DEMONIC HORDES that while executed was not actually used.

When suddenly my UberStumpenFumbler had to call himself aside from following himself into the rat hole of pedantic pissant code whining side issues...

Ah yes.

Sometimes adding share holder value means simply accepting that this is NOT the river jordon, and gosh, there probably is a much better way, and someone somewhere has probably covered this issue in a best practice standard, and when the Divine Winds blow that brief down from the legalism of holy truthierneff, we are sooooo going to deal with it, until then.

Move On, there is nothing to see here but the roting corpse of code from the time before moral purity!!!

The Romney Argument For BushCheney2008

I really should thank tongodeon for his posting Jon Stewart Connects The Dots, from his posting Good Riddance, Romney.

But as your typical left wing extremists, the kapitulate and avoid the clear and compelling argument.

IF it is a gooder thing for romney to stop attacking the president by seeking to be elected as president, then clearly in this time of a WarPresidentUndtWarCzar, the very fact that any Traitor Engaged In The Treason of stabbing our troops in the back by not supporting the president, means, that, GOSH, only by supporting BushCheney2008, can True Americans Be American.

All the rest are satanists in bed with the jihaudists and other forms of terrorism.

The Threat To America Expands!!!

Hey kids, did you notice:
Today, House Democrats attempted to hold a vote on contempt charges for White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former White House counsel Harriet Miers, who refused to respond to subpoenas in Congress’s investigation of the U.S. attorney scandal.

On the House floor today, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) led Republicans in a walkout in protest of the contempt vote, alleging it is a “partisan fishing expedition.” The GOP is pushing for the House to approve the Senate’s version of the Protect America Act, which includes retroactive immunity for telecommunications firms.

[ cf House Republicans Stage Walkout, Refuse To Vote On Contempt Charges ]
Americans NEED to think seriously about this!!!


Can ANY american sleep safely tonight knowing that the RINO's and their Liberal Fellow Travellors are all engaged in their open attacks on the BushCheney2008, which, as we all know is an attack on our troops!!!!


Do you want your children to grow up in a land where the mere laws of man are raised up above the divine will of the Divinely Decided Decider!???!!!!

Remember, BushCheney2008, or the TERRORISTS WIN!!!