February 15th, 2008


Continuing Stab In The Back By Radical Extremists!!!

US Congress Begins Recess Without Sending Bush Wiretap Bill
Oh ME!!! Oh My!!!!

Oh, wait a minute.

Why exactly are the DEFEATISTS at the voice of america implying that the president would in any way be detured from torturing americans, simply because congress had not passed a bill indemnifying the Corporations Hired to torture the unbelievers????

I mean, do these DEFEATIST GOD HATERS at the voice of america not understand that the president has extra additional special powers that are granted in the super secret codical!!!!

Clearly that headline should have read:
Defeatist Kapitulationist Appeaser Kut and Runners In Congress Stabbing Troops In The Back By Failing To Expand and Enhance the National Right To Torture Initiatives that would make it TOTALLY CLEAR to everyone in america that the President has always had the special powers under the super secret codicals of the correct interpretation of the Constition
But did they do that????

Did they do their Patriotic DUTY to support the president to support the troops?


This is why all true americans support BushCheney2008, because some one has to stop the radical extremists in the Evil Liberal Media....

Speaking of Purity Sieges....

Hey kids, let us put out thinking cap on, and wonder why it is that the angular delta between the flight path of the B-52 that ACCIDENTALLY hauled unregistered Nuclear Weapons from one sector to another sector inside of Red State Jesus Land, provides a biblically interesting number, especially in light of Devout Flock to 'Holy Highway'.

Could it be that Jesus is telling his kind that we do not have to worry any more because when americans Embrace BushCheney2008, they will not have to worry about the random nuclear weapons delivery on the heads of the Godless Heathens Who Oppose the Divine Will, because, well, gosh, Good People do not have to worry about being accidentally nuked.

Only the Godless Heathen need to worry about such things.