February 11th, 2008


Seriously Patriotically Ugly Thot...

Since of course it is so much the Pride Of Military Service time again, when it is important to be able to point to one's prior military service as a basis for compensating for being one of the intellectuals who can play blackjack with their shoes on, because they do not go TILT trying to count above 10.... No, THE DECIMAL FORM, you draft dodging bleeding heart wimp liberal....

So when you are getting all patriotic about your prior military service, is it really because of God, Flag, Apple Pie, AND SLAUGHTERING THE UNBELIEVERS!!!. Or is the reality still,
we was young and dumb and full of cum...
and there is no more patriotically politer way to say that, and yes, that IS gender neutral, so save your unresolved PC moments...

Helpful Cultural Reference Moments...

for those of you who may not have understood it, Gidget, while being about boards and water, is NOT about water boarding.

So yes, boys and girls, while it is true Gidget Grows Up (1969), this does NOT mean that water boarding is an acceptable form of information retrieval; no mater what they told you on your first day on the job there.

( Your Life As A YouTube Moment Thank you Information Retrieval. )

{ for those playing along at home, there is The Quotes }

Why God Hating America Bashers should be detained for reasons of national security

Here the nation is celebrating the greatest military victories ever, as they plan to go and do their patriotic duty and restore BushCheney2008 to the white house as PRESIDENT FOR LIFE DAH, DAH!!!

And what are the god hating evil liberals whining about
Our elites in government and media have been well rewarded to compensate for all their hard work achieving the difficult goal of engineering the worst strategic diplomatic failure in American history. Without them, it couldn't have been possible. Let's give them all a big round of applause (and a golden parachute, and our continued adoration) while they engineer ever more critical systemic deterioration. You can't build anything new around here unless you tear down the old stuff first. Out of catastrophe comes great change, and all that, don't you know.
[ cf s9: That Accountability Moment ]
Sounds like someone needs a nice litttle Patriotic Time Out in Sunny Summer Time GitMo, where they can learn the importance of Patriotism, and Patriotic Supporting of The Patriotic President!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists WIN!!!

But Torture IS Your Friend....

I was SHOCKED!!! Just SHOCKED to find out that evil whiners are SUPRISED by Evidence From Torture Now Admissable, Apparently ....

Uh, hello!!!

How many times has Great Leader said that if required to have trials to detain or delete persons, that even evidence from torture will be admissible, IF there is a requirement that trials actually must have evidence presented at them to engage in detaining or deleting enemies of the state who must be stopped. Although Great Leader has been clear that the need for evidence does not require that there be any actual factual evidence submitted, as such could be misconstrued with efforts by terrorists to engage in abusing the law to allow the Enemies Of The State to escape the Punishment that God Demands!!!

So WHY are some folks concerned about the fact that in America, Americans SUPPORT the Great Leader and the Patriotic Duty Of Patriots!!

Reading Skills Help For The Godless

Hello boys and girls, I thought I would help you, if you read This Just In: Bush Administration Screwed Up Iraq War Planning.

The Rand Corporation, who is cited as having done a study of the policy position enhancement features since 2005, IS a well known Puppet Stooge of International Godless Communism, bent upon the destruction of our white christian america with their atheistic evil!!!

As such, any God Hating America Bashing Radical Left Wing Extremist Communist Front Organization that is clearly outside of Main Stream America is in no position to be presenting anything other than the Red Communist Propoganda of the International Kommunist Konspirakii, and the Dominoes that are about to fall, if americans allow these defeatists a chance to spread their Red Filth.

They ARE EVIL!!! and are subliminally advocating their Gay Marriage Only Agenda as a secret subtext of their Hate America Propoganda. So DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!!

Brief Thots on the Carracas Declaration.

Yes, if you read it ( Declaration of Caracas; March 28, 1954 ) you will notice, if you read further Caracas Declaration of Solidarity; March 28, 1954 that it is all about
The activities of the international communist movement as constituting intervention in American aiffairs;
and goes into some detail about the details.

It should also be noted Mexico and Argentina abstaining, and Guatemala voted against; YOU may want to also take notice of say
After the revelation of the Czech arms shipment and the domestic support it whipped up, the US drastically stepped up both its covert and overt campaigns. On May 20, 1954 the US Navy began air-sea patrols under the twin pretexts of arms interdiction and protection of Honduras from Guatemalan invasion.[7] On June 7, a "contingency evacuation" force, consisting of five amphibious assault ships plus an "anti-submarine warfare" (ASW) aircraft carrier was dispatched to the area. Embarked was a US Marine Battalion Landing Team; meanwhile the only utility of the ASW carrier in the situation could have been for helicopter assault (then under development by the US Marines).
At 8:00 p.m. on June 18 Castillo Armas's forces crossed the border.
In the 11 days after Arbenz's resignation five successive juntas occupied the presidential palace, each more amenable to American demands than the last, with Armas himself finally taking office at the end. He proved to be embarrassingly inept and his corrupt and repressive policies renewed civil conflict unseen in the country since before the revolution of 1944.

[ cf Operation Success ]
And yes boys and girls, and the rest of you slow readers, that was the follow up to Operation Ajax which as everyone knows was run by, NO LIE HOMEY, Kermit Roosevelt. YES, a scion of Dear Old Teddy.... So when you are watching those scary PBS Muppets, ask yourself...
Ok, so I got it that Dr. SEUSS worked for the OSS, but do we have to keep reEngineering childhood educations out of the directorate of public safety, so as to protect ourselves from THEM!!!
and yes, that is for all case of theyThemThoseTypes.

So let us go back a moment here and ask ourselves, when John Foster Dulles got those nice folks in the Organization of American States to sign up for the Holy Crusades against THEM, did anyone explain to him that it was not Organization de l' armee secrete, his more Preferred OAS, that was signing up to be the Holy Crusaders???

IN like manner, can there be any doubt that the founding fathers did not mean to limit this accord to mere holy crusades against THE RED HORDES, but understood that any sort of IslamoFascistZionistBolshivikiBankingKonspirakiiUndtKosherDeli would suffice as a reason that we must liberate Iran-Canada from the Red Hordes.

Remember, you MUST support the Right Types of People, or the GODLESS LIBERALS will kill innocent children and impose their Gay Marriage Only Initiative.

Ok, so sing a verse of "it isn't easy being green" and think about restoring the Shah to the Peacock Throne of Canada, so that they will be free from IslamoFascistZionistBolshivikiBankingKonspirakiiUndtKosherDeliSyndrome.

You Know Kermit would....