February 7th, 2008


Wack Senators Go Wacky!!!

Gosh, why it was as if it were just yesterday when the Senators were pointing out that they were not going to hop in bed with the radical left wing Welfare StateIsts who wanted to frivilously throw away money on Seniors and disabled Veterans.

And now, now that Romney has admitted that he can not in good faith Go Against The Troops, and must stand aside, since in a time of WhatEverOnWhomEver what is the most important thing, besides tax cuts, it is party loyalty, and supporting the president to support the Troops. { Now if ONLY the rest of those RINO's would get off their radical left wing agenda and support the President To Support The Troops!!! BushCheney2008, now more than ever! }

And What happens???

Those Radical Left Wing Extremists in the Senate opt to throw away hard earned tax dollars on disabled veterans!!!

I mean, what sort of Signal does that send out to the Troops??? But the Defeatists Dogma that it is OK to come back home damaged. Rather than the message that they should be hearing that we have ONLY ONE COURSE OF ACTION!

Total Victory OR DEATH!!!!

That's what americans need to be rallying to!!!

Either they are willing to support BushCheney2008 or they must be slaughtered as the Ferrign Devils that they are....

ah yes, harsh measures....

... once upon a time torture was torture. But I guess now that kids are learning about the global energy crisis from the fun of video games where the american troops will secure the resources for them....

I guess we really should not bog ourselves down in those semantic details about 'wars of conquest', and the whole process of 'market orientation reclarifications by population restructuring', which would have been merely genocidal slaughtering of those people, but when one has to bring down the demand side on things like crude oil by removing those who are doing the demanding, hey, the Prez should just be allowed to do those sort of wonderful things.

It's not like the 'market orientation reclarifications by population restructuring' is really a bad thing, it may be harsh, but these are harsh times that call for harsh measures.

Remember, Support BushCheney2008, or Santa Claus may be forced to bring those Harsh Measurements to what is left of your current dwelling support system.

You'd better not shout, you'd better not cry, Harsh Measures are here, or YOU DIE!!!

Only MORE freedom Is Free-erish...

I was just SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you to read:
But his view is that if Britain is to develop cohesive communities, the role that religion plays in the lives of some citizens must be taken seriously.

He argues that Muslims find themselves "faced with the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty" and that Britain will only be able to come to terms with its multi-faith society if its legal system learns to adapt.

The archbishop says that anxieties "haunt the discussion of the place of Muslims in British society", and that sensational reporting of opinion polls means that any debate around Sharia has become distorted.

[ cf Sharia law and the British legal system ]

Why that would be tantamount to saying that there was anything OTHER THAN GOD'S ONE TRUE DIVINE WILL!!! That majikally there was anything Other than the Divine World Of The Divine Decider!!!!

I mean, who would even think of suggesting that folks should replace the True Will Of God, as decided by the divine decider, such as when it is ok to torture more or less.

Clearly we MUST win against Iran-GreatBritain so as to keep america safe from these heathenists and their belief that law can rest upon anything but total loyalty to Great Leader and the Divine Will Of The Divinity Of Dubya!!!

Cledarly all Americans are Voting BushCheney2008 so as to keep the True Will Of God Godly!!!

But does McCain Really Understand????

Clearly one of the big ugly questions left open by romney's revelations is that question as to whether or not McCain understands the True Difference between 'torture' and merely 'harsh methods'???

Does he know when to openly torture other nations, for their own good???

Clearly when we are in these majikal times when there is more need to restore the more effective methods for toturing the unbelievers who come to doubt the truthiness of the times, can we really leave these grave and difficult matters up to a man who has been stabbing our troops in the back by not supporting the President's Right to torture anyone he wants, when ever he wants???

Clearly the fact that McCain and the rest of the RINO's are NOT supporting BushCheney2008 must make it clear to all true americans that we can no longer afford these sorts of radical left wingers.....

So while yes, back in those peace times back when reagan stepped aside in 1976, there was grounds for allowing a new day in america!!! But we are beset upon on all side!!! Iran-Canada and Iran-Mexico are all sending their illegaly gay homoZeXual immigrants to take away the high paying jobs from americans!!! Then there is the Growing Threat of Iran-Atlantic Ocean and Iran-Pacific Ocean that are full of DANGEROUS Oxygen, Hydrogen, and other well known dangerously flammable weapons of mass destructions!!!!

Can americans really sit quietly by while the RINO's Rampage against BushCheney2008????


I say as long as Iran-TheSky keeps looming overhead no american will be safe!!!