February 6th, 2008


ah yes, Britany is out of the Psych Ward...

... and the president seems to believe that majikally the nation is not continuously under the dire threat that at any moment THEY may come back....

or was that the really special sauce that the Prez was on about, when noting that the Prez can have anyone tortured, because, well, since we are every day, in every way, facing the imminent threat of another round of Iranian Flying Saucers Come To Destroy Our White Christian America, why of course we need to be toturing folks.

yeah, yeah, that's the ticket, we have not been as attacked by Iranian Flying Saucers, save of course the recent incidents of those attacks which the liberal media is covering up, because they are soft On Iranian Flying Saucers, and thus, we must thank GOD that our prez is willing to toture folks to keep us mostly safish, except for the mezzinine....

Ah yes, any more reasons why we MUST vote BushCheney2008, or the Iranian Flying Saucers will return....

And to think they are letting Britany Spears out of the Psych Ward, and she only thinks she is the anti-christ....

Tornado's Torture Super Tuesday....

Hey Kiddies, WHAT IS GOD'S Wonderful Plan Here????

Could it be that God is trying to send a super special message to the God Hating America Bashing Radical Left Wing Liberals who are not willing to support BushCheney2008?????

Could It Be That This Is Just Divine Judgement For The Evil Doing Evil Doers???

Clearly all true Americans must Vote BushCheney2008 or the BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN!!!

day three, the drieux held hostage....

God email, got connected, found the corporate jabber client. Evil Liberal read blog entry, opted to sober up and do patriotic Corporate Lacky Boy Duty and answer blink on chat authentication....

Cool Solution, not cool enough, next tweek tightens it up.

All is great with the cosmos, assuming I can figure out how to get this ShellEd Plugin for Eclipse Loaded.

Oh the fun of it all, when one needs a bourne shell editor plugin for the corporate IDE....

What Is God's Super Sekret Message There???

Installed more text creating systems, including TextWrangler, the BBedit alternative, which works well enough as it is....

Why Defeating Iran Remains Paramount In The With Vietnam.

I mean, come on boys and ideological deviationalists:
Bruce Schneier is watching the news unfold that a fifth undersea telecom cable in the Middle East has been cut. Reports are going around that Iran is completely offline. I can't confirm or deny that, but traceroutes to Iranian IPv4 addresses aren't getting past the default-free zone for me. That doesn't mean Iran is offline— the Islamic Republic runs a national firewall, and it might block incoming traceroutes.
[ cf s9: Okay... Now I'm Starting To Be Concerned... ]
Why not be simply rational about this!!!!

The Evil EuroZone Dragged God Fearing White Christian Americans into Afghanistan for NO APPARENT REASON, and now here we are U.S. Asks Europe for More Help in Afghanistan since they will just have to learn to be responsible about their little problems. We have enough on our plate with Winning against Iran-Iraq, Iran-Iran, Iran-Vietnam, Iran-NorthKorea, and Iran-Freedom, where the godless heathen go to play!!!!


So americans must understand that we have to do our part to stop the heathenists!!!

Evil Liberals Admit that they HATE AMERICA!!!!

Ok, so i should not be shocked by the reporting Hebisner: Why I voted for Barack Obama but clearly when the nation is this deeply engaged in a holy crusade to stop the iranian flying saucers, and the Nation SHOULD be focusing on Supporting the PRESIDENT, to support the Troops, and the need for a Full On Constitutional Revamping that will show that america has always been a mormon country where God The One True, was stabbed in the back by the radical left wing liberal types merely so that they could get Utah Into The Union, rather than support the Divine Mandates on Caffine, and Polygamy, Well there are CLEARLY MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES that MUST be addressed than the simplistic review of what the reality based community can drum up with their mere fact based factualism!!!


AT THIS VERY MOMENT NYC IS FACING Better Homes for the Apocalypse BECAUSE they know that the Same God Who Has Brought Down the HAMMER on the evil doing liberals is planning a serious WhoopAssing of the Unbelievers in NYC!!!!

So maybe rather than getting all snot nosed and whyney about how history would have been different if only americans had limited themselves to mere Factualism, MAYBE these Whiners should be doing their Part to prepare the nation for the COMING APOCALYPSE that can ONLY be stopped by restoring the Divine Will, and Voting BushCheney2008 to stop the demonic beast creature from rising out of the pit...

You know, to get fashion tips from Naomi Klein.

Why Jesus Demands That We TORTURE MORE PEOPLE!!!

Oh My GOD, is anyone suprised that when the president allowed the special people to stop torturing people that we would come to this:
An Elizabethtown man was charged Saturday with possessing a weapon of mass destruction after police said he ignited a device filled with plastic pellets inside Saturday's Market in Londonderry Twp., hitting at least five people and causing alarm in the building.

Michael A. Camp, 18, of the first block of Cedar Manor, was in the main area of the flea market shortly before 1 p.m. when he pulled out a lighter and lit the device, state police said. It exploded, shooting the pellets in the building and striking numerous people, police said.

The device looked like a plastic Easter egg with a firecracker inside, said Peggy Beckley, the market's vendor manager. She said the pellets, like those used for an air gun, were inside.

[ cf Pellets hit crowd in blast at flea market (emphasis mine)]
Is ANYONE Surprised???

Does the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA even Head Line this appropriately NOTING that another one of those Weapons Of Mass Destruction has been let loose on INNOCENT AMERICANS by radical Islamic Extremist Ferrign Devils who came down in their Iranian Flying Saucers to Destory Our White Christian America...

NOW more than ever Americans MUST back BushCheney2008 to keep us safe from these WMD ATTACKS!!!!