February 2nd, 2008


Why we must stop the gay muslim illegal immigrants!!!

I think that Hebisner tried really hard to correctly deconstruct the logical fallacy in his Hebisner: Are they serious??? where he failed to REALLy ask the real question:
Why has the department of homeland security allowed the draft dodging gay muslim illegal immigrant David Brookes to engage in anti-state terrorism while stabbing our troops in the back?
Since that is the really important question that needs to be addressed as a prelude to asking why it is that the god hating america bashers are trying to manipulate the news to focus on anything BUT the on going military successes that our valiant fighting forces have been displaying in the Total Victories over Vietnam!!!!

I think we have to wonder why it is that the evil liberal media keeps chatting on about the so called 'sub prime mortguage problem' when we all know that Jesus Gave US nukes because Jesus Loves US, and therefore no minor problem such as economic stuff should be allowed to stand in the way of Jesus's Love for US, and our right to NUKE any nation that is not supporting our white christian american way of life!!!!

That is the REAL problem with David Brookes, or should we all say, Komrade Party Leader of The Dhimitudinista, who are stabbing our valiant fighting forces in the back on the order of their Gay Muslim Illegal Immigrant Overlords, who do not want to the Evil Liberal Media reporting on our Ever Glorious Military Victories that are swo Victorious In Vietnam!!!!

Clearly folks like Hebisner will do better when the focus on the real issues, and not become distracted b y these Gay Muslim Illegal Immigrants.

HanoiAnnie Coulter Admits to Sleeping With Satan!!!

Evil Demonic Liberal Sources hurl up this furball:
Talk show host Rush Limbaugh has warned that McCain as standard-bearer would destroy the Republican Party. Author and pundit Ann Coulter, in jaw-dropping heresy, said she would campaign for Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton if McCain wins the party nod. Commentators Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin have come out in support of McCain's
rival, Mitt Romney.

Surrogates for the former Massachuttsetts governor have claimed that McCain is outside the GOP mainstream.

[ cf McCain Tries to Assuage Conservatives ( emphasis mine, to help show the clear and compelling link between McCain and Kerry and that all of those vietnam era veterans are evil and liberal and not american because they are outside of the mainstream. )]

The draft dodging class of RINO's, the one's who are clear that they are not going to support the War President have decided that they can not support any of their pro-war rhetoric and back McCain....


Are you doing your part to STOP THE RINO, and Support BushCheney2008, or are you one more liberal in bed with satan and stabbing our troops in the back...

More reasons that we must continue Bombing To WIN!!!

When the GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS run Evil Propoganda like
The debut of the $2,500 car may be billed as a mobility breakthrough for billions of people in the developing world, but for U.S. motorists it could mean one thing: higher gas prices.
[ cf Cheap cars in Asia, expensive gas everywhere ]
YOU KNOW that they are simply doing this on the orders of their Gay HomoZeXual Muslim Illegal Immigrant Overlords to try to destract americans from Voting BushCheney2008 as a part of the war winning strategy.

Are YOU doing your part to stop the God Hating america bashers in the evil liberal media?

Defeat The Defeatist Elements.

In the words of one of my God Hating America Bashing Evil Liberal friends
i have no mouth and i must scream!
It appears that liberals are not willing to accept that they have so lost because Jesus has given the true believers Son of Rambow!!!!


why sanitizing DVD's is Immoral!!!

Hey kids, remember that whole Clean Flix skank a while back?

Well guess what:
Thompson, 31, and Isaac R. Lifferth, 24, were arrested in Orem this week on suspicion of having sex with two 14-year-old girls. Orem police say the teenagers wanted to earn money to move out of their homes and offered sexual favors to men.

According to booking documents, the girls asked a 16-year-old friend to put them in touch with anyone who would pay for sex. The 16-year-old sent out text messages to several friends with the solicitation and Lifferth responded. He arranged to meet both girls on Jan. 19 in Orem, then traveled to an apartment where he paid each girl $20 for oral sex, documents state.

The 14-year-olds contacted Lifferth again on Jan. 22 for additional work. Lifferth asked the girls to go with him to the Flix Club and perform oral sex on Thompson, the company's co-owner, the documents state.

[ cf Former sanitizer of rental movies is accused of paying teens for sex ]
Well, there you have it.

Modify the legitimate content of movies in DVD's, and the next thing you know the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA is persecuting the entrepreneurial class who are seeking to capitalize on the modern market in niche services!!!


Why it is the invisible hand of the free market that has kept america safe from the Godless Hordes, and Kept us Safe from the Iranian Flying Saucers, and now the radical left wing draft dodging extremists want to engage in their Gay HomoZeXual Persecution of Freedom!!!!

Are YOU doing your part to keep the free world Free???

Or are you backing the sort of Red Hollywood Elites like the Governator who will back any radical left wing extremist rather than support BushCheney2008 as God Demands!!!!

{ would this be a bad time to bash the evil liberal red hollywood elites for failing to explain to children that they will not be able to legally sign contracts, and therefore leaving home is a non-starter, as they will have to live in the grey economy without the legal support of actual contractual law and appropriate banking regulatory systems, or is that a too obvious sub-text in the story? }