January 29th, 2008


remind me that the internet is a gooder Idea????

I mean, there is something just structurally WRONG about my ANGST that AT&T will be my local phone service freaks so that I can get DSL into the crib....

I mean, how many americans EVEN REMEMBER The President's Analyst let alone the glories that they were obliged to NOT market computer stuff, like Unix, because of the Sherman Anti-Trust Suit????

And so, there I am, trying to be nice, do the online thing, and decide. NOPE.

I so can not do that. I am going to have to go to a store, show one guy the documents, and move on down the road.

The water boarding problem

God but I so love the fun of the Evil Liberal Media Trying to remember...
The CIA's current techniques for interrogating terrorism suspects are legal and do not include a widely condemned method known as waterboarding, U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey told Congress on Tuesday.

Mukasey declined, however, in a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy on the eve of testimony before the panel, to say whether he considered waterboarding, a form of simulated drowning, to be illegal.

[ cf Attorney general says CIA interrogations legal ( Emphasis Mine to Help The Humour Impared, Who May Not notice that there is a Joke ) ]
While over in the God Hating America Bashing Evil Liberal Land they say
Attorney General Michael Mukasey said Tuesday he will refuse to publicly say whether the interrogation tactic known as waterboarding is illegal, digging in against critics who want the Bush administration to define it as torture.

In a letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy, Mukasey said he has finished a review of Justice Department memos about the CIA's current methods of interrogating terror suspects and finds them to be lawful. He said waterboarding currently is not used by the spy agency.

[ cf Mukasey Won't Comment on Waterboarding ]
Now doesn't tthat make you feel safer???

In america, we know we do not have any criminals, as long as we do not get bogged down in any of that semantics about what is crime!!!

Is all new happy day for all new people everywhere!!!

Since without getting bogged down in the details we are freed from the evil tyranny of Facts and Factualism, and the Terror Of TruthierNeffing...

So IF you were one of the folks who may have accidentally been tortured, try to understand that it really is merely your inability to be more flexible about your definitions. Thus proving that McCain, as we have always known, was merely one more whining liberal whining about his treatment during his military time, since of course, it would be problematic only if one defined it as being problematic, otherwise it is merely a part of the background happiness of Happy Land.

Don't YOU feel better about it all???

Yes boys and girls, THIS IS why you want to vote BushCheney2008, so that you can be freed from Factualists, and their Evil Reality Based Community!!!

Should we explain to them the traditional role of the Pink Elephant???

Or would that just be repetatively repeating the intuitively self evidently obvious?

I mean, Maxine, the Pink Elephant is not what I would call a reassuring moment in a time when the radical left wing believes that it is the duty of government to engage in trivial economic finaggling because the liberals have been spending without taxing to provide the compensations for the Pro-War Types who just do not have what it takes to get their own viagra, and figure out how other hetro's have been handling those little issues for years and years..


I don't THINK I am going to explain to those RINO left winger, Stap The Troops In The Back, wankers who are not supporting the president to support the troops.

It is SOOO their pink elephant moment.

Oh dear, if I add pink_elephant as a tag, will I be admitting that there is a Communist Dominated Wing of the GOP, AND That there are at least 57 KNOWN COMMUNISTS in the RNC who are at this very moment under the mind control of Iranian Flying Saucers...

Short Shameful Confession...

I actually had to pull the email out of the Junk Folder, because I accidentally tagged that Pink Elephant Moment as junk mail...

And then I noticed what it was, and...

Is BLOGGING_IT a form, of, uh, well, Penance?

And if so for which of the sins?

Today In Modern Comedy

Hey, just because someone gets all fruffy when you try to move your Mistress, doesn't mean that they do not still love you for your wonderWhatEver:
The Department of State is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Paul Wolfowitz as the Chairman of the Secretary of State’s International Security Advisory Board (ISAB). Dr. Wolfowitz is currently a visiting scholar in foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, where he studies development issues. He has spent more than three decades in public service and higher education. Most recently, he served as President of the World Bank and Deputy Secretary of Defense. Prior to that, he was Dean and Professor of International Relations at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. Other previous positions include Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (1989–1993), U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia (1986–1989), Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs (1982–1986) and Director of Policy Planning (1981-1982) at the Department of State.
[ cf Chairman Appointed for the International Security Advisory Board ]
You can now begin to laugh.

It really is funny.

No Honest.




Or The Terrorists Win!!!!

Cultural Moment Moment....

Hey kids, it's OUT there Meet The Spartans The Cultural Film that shows all americans the importance of understanding the Important Aspects of Movies like 300, and the need to be more Spartanly Manly Male Masculinely Male Man Person than any others...

What you say we see this movie over the week end as our Patiotic Duty to stop the evils of Liberalism that fails to understand that only with a Highly Rigid Militaristic Society can there be any form of Freedom that allows only those able to survive in a Highly Rigid Militaristic Society to advance into the Peace and Bliss of being active profesional members of a Highly Rigid Militaristic Society that offers all of the progressive mind altering enhancements that come from life inside a Highly Rigid Militaristic Society.

If you know what I mean.

And if you do not, then you are and Evil Doing Evil Doer who is EVIL and Doing, And ERS!!!