January 28th, 2008


Of course they are liberal....

What can I say, I had so much fun with my local Ron Paul Fan, who is slowly but surely waking up to the little issues about how things just get weirder and weirder.... So of course he showed me two YouTube video's from the recent debates... and yup. Those Folks Is Radical Stab the Troops In The Back Liberals.

McCain was whining that it was all Rummy's Fault that things did not go gooder. Which is nice to hear someone finally admit that the CPA ( Coalition Provisional Authority ) was always a part of the DOD and that all of the so called 'civilian stuff' in Iraq, is well, DODland - so who cares what the Holy Warriors Of the Black Water Army say, they were always under UCMJ law as players from DODland.

Then of course Huckabee does his usual devotional to the EasterBunny, since of course, even if one does not find an easter egg, this does not disprove that the EasterBunny not only died for your SINS but, well, was biblically literally clear that all true americans have always supported the policy of restoring the wetlands in Iraq.....

Then the kicker. Ron Paul asserts that it as a Bad Thing.

This is how we all know that these RINO are God Hating America Bashing Liberals!!!
Ron Paul is still Breathing
Clearly in the most holiest of holy transferance of the tax liabilities unto the unborn, can there be any doubt that Jesus, and/or the EasterBunny, would allow them a holy dispensation as Holy Warriors for Slaying and Slewing such an UNBELIEVER!!!!

So, now, can we move on about why those God Hating America Bashing RINO's are in league with Satan, and return the nation to Fully Supporting BushCheney2008, so that we can move on to more total victory over they them those folks...

Speaking of Bombing To Win, the Disco Duck Dance Marathon....

So the nice folks who had been talking about other possible options came up with a new one, and so I will be doing another on-site interview, which will be more than a bit fun... but the kicker was that the email they sent to follow it up, well, whined that i did not allow cookies...

Upon demonstration and proof, wind up with the case that IF one starts at their Corporate Site, one can search for the job by the job requisition number and get to the same URL, but clearly some majik voodoo cookie was set to get there....

HUM, what if the notion of 'session' needs to be revisited in the software development cycles of those who make the web stuff wanky???

Or is this god's way of saying that I have this habit for being in the event when the FrapHitethTheShaneth...

Why if you do not know your drugs, DOOO know your dope dealer.

On the January 28 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh repeatedly referred to former President Bill Clinton as " 'Bull' Clinton," a reference to Theophilus Eugene "Bull" Connor, the segregationist public safety commissioner of Birmingham, Alabama, who ordered that fire hoses and police attack dogs be used against protesters during the civil rights movement.
[ cf Limbaugh compared Bill Clinton to segregationist "Bull" Connor ]
Yes boys and girls, when it comes time for you to become a dope fiend with no idea what you are saying, you will at least be able to tell folks you are just having one of those Rush Moments.

why we MUST go on winning the war in vietnam.

The same rate cut offering relief for mortgage holders facing foreclosure in California has triggered warnings of a renewed property bubble in Hong Kong.

And in China it provides a further headache to authorities trying to keep a lid on rising prices. Now more speculative money could be targeting China.

[ cf Markets hail Fed loosening ]
Now yes, I can appreciate that for the sort of person who may have forgotten that we are every day, in some new way, even more winning in Vietnam than EVER BEFORE, the clear and compelling connections may not be as clear or as compelling.

But think about this, the evil liberal media stabbed out valiant fighting forces in the back by failing to keep on winning the war in vietnam ESPECIALLY after Richard M. Nixon won the Glorious Victory of Peking when He THRASHED the Red Chinese Commie Rat Bastards and forced them to concede that we were always winning the war in vietnam and therefore that we would always go on winning the war in vietnam, and if we had to come back and win the war in vietnam some more then we would!!!!

Thus when the Glorious Military Victory of the Department of Defenses Brilliant 50 Bip attack on the Red Chinese, how can anyone doubt that this is the sort of war winning strategy that strikes up the band and just brings back the glory days of when Richard M. Nixon was more than having a little soul, he was consuming them wholesale one bit at a time.

Remember boys and girls as our brilliant Military Victories over the Red Chinese Keep Prooving, we are always more winningist than any other winning the vietnam war movement EVER!!!!

Are YOU doing your part to keep the spirt of Richard M. Nixon alive by Supporting BushCheney2008 just as the EASTER BUNNY demands of you???

Or are you in league with Satan and oppose our White Christian America with your Devil Worshipping econonmics that you want to be outside of the Department of Defense, because as surrender monkey appeasers you are unwilling to support the WAR PRESIDENT and all of the wonderful war stuff that goes with it!!!

and Kiddie Porn in Economics...

ok, I have to point this out
A more sanguine take is that the slowdown in the U.S. could have a silver lining for China. The argument runs that a U.S. recession could benignly lead China to a soft landing by taking some of the heat out of its economy. That seems a stretch -- Goldilock's globalization? This might see the prices of manufactured goods slide but it's unlikely to curb rising food prices that the government seems most concerned about.
[ cf Markets hail Fed loosening ( emphasis mine ) ]

That is just Shocking!!!

I mean what sort of sick perverted Otaku Hentai freak would even think of using some innocent blonde blue eyed arayan teenage prom queen image for mere ChiCommRedPropoganda???

Clearly now more than ever we must go on winning or they will want to take all of the white women!!!