January 25th, 2008


Hey Kids, remember Kasa Wombat???

well the hip Hop, Disco Duck Dance Craze Phrase Of The Day:
Wombat Deluxe, with Extra Special Kill Mode
because sometimes one wants more than just the run of the mill kill mode that just anyone can get with the Wombat Deluxe....

Evil Doers Being Evil...

seems that the new national symbol is being updated to comply with the liberal agenda of the RINO who are not going to support BushCheney2008, because they are soft on evil doing... (cf New National Symbol )

NOW more than ever folks must support BushCheney2008 to show the world that we oppose the Incumbent, Peace AND Prosperity!!!!

Anything less and the Terrorists WIN!!!

DOW, Over 12,000!!!!


can there be any doubt that the stunning economic Power of Great Leader is anything but TOTALLY Awesome!!!

And this should teach that defeatist Bernanke, that saying that civilians should have accesss to Military Grade Mathematics is merely the defeatist cut and runner appeasing that wants the HORROR of a mere reality based world....



BushCheney2008, now more than ever!!! as the Economic Miracle is Miraculous!!!

If one takes a contract????

Is that the same as actually getting a RealJob[dm], even if the contract is not about neutralizing the enemies of the state engaged in unamericanism, and thus fully deniable by the chain of command up to and including the national level weapons release authority....

Just asking....