January 10th, 2008



Hey boys and girls, has anyone else noticed how the Pink Red Hordes in the Evil Liberal Media have been covering up the number of KNOWN COMMUNIST RED FELLOW TRAVELLORS who are actively involved in the destruction of our white christian america on the orders of their International Communist Konspirakii?

So yes, if the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA reports that anyone other than Dubya was elected, then you KNOW THAT THEY HAVE RIGGED THE ELECTION!!!

BushCheney2008 or the terrorists win...

Those Damn Welfare Queens...

The FBI, which has had trouble keeping track of its guns and laptops, also has a chronic problem paying its phone bills on time, according to audit results released today.

Telephone companies have repeatedly cut off FBI access to wiretaps of alleged terrorists and criminal suspects because of the bureau's failure to pay its bills, the audit found.

The report by Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine also found that more than half of the nearly 1,000 telecommunications bills reviewed by investigators were not paid on time, including one invoice for $66,000 at one unidentified field office.

[ cf FBI Wiretaps Dropped Due to Unpaid Bills ]
They soooo have got to learn to be a profit center for excellence in a market oriented customer centric pro-active empowerment of synergystic interoperabilities of enhancements!!!

Anything less and it is time to just turn these things over to the Black Water Army like jesus made clear in the bible about why one must privatize the torturing of the unbeleivers as a part of taking the land and making it a profit center of excellance in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn unicorn baby jesus.

NEED we ask you if there are any other reasons why we MUST have BushCheney2008 to stop these radical left wing Red Commie Fellow Travellor Welfare Queens!!!!