January 7th, 2008


Of Course We Are Winning Against theyThemThoseTypes...

I mean who is not cheering about our totally glorious military victory over the Iranian Flying Saucers!
In a confrontation in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, five armed Iranian boats approached three U.S. Navy warships in international waters, taking aggressive actions in a brief weekend confrontation described by the Pentagon as "reckless and dangerous."

The incident Sunday, which ended after about 20 minutes without damage, shots being fired or anyone being hurt, took place as the three American vessels were sailing into the Gulf, said Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman.

The Iranian government played down the episode, saying that it had ended immediately after the vessels recognized one another.

[ cf Iranian boats confront U.S. warships in Strait of Hormuz ]
BUT do the defeatists step up to the plate and heroically cheer this clear and compelling military victory in the War Against Iran, and the Other I-Nations we have always been at war with!

Can anyone seriously say that we are NOT more at war with Iran than ever before???? And if so, how would one validate such a proposition in a consistent manner of the post-911 epistemology...

So Remember Boys And Girls:
Vote BushCheney2008!
Or The Terrorists WIN!!!!
Can I get a 'go team venture' on that one?

Stopping the Threat Of Voters...

It is interesting the number of americans who have become aware that there are so many 'automated voting systems' that do not have any form of validation... hence that these are systems that actually rank BELOW the basic republican religious belief in the Divine Will Of The Banking Auditors True System!!!!

But, uh, if folks were allowed to vote anyway that they wanted to, and were expecting that some how majikally the government would want to have free, fair, and transparent elections, wouldn't that just play into the hands of the international terrorists???

So why don't we just start with the obvious:
IF BushCheney2008 does not win!!!!
Then the evil liberals are in bed with International Terrorism
And Their EVIL ambitions to rule the world by stabbing our valiant fighting forces in the back!
This way we can get that off the agenda of things to worry about in 2008!!!

I mean, with BuschCheney2008 back in the saddle again, who cares who voted for congress, or state and local thingusOfPoohBahHery!!! Since the Divine WILL will have been made manifest!!!

Brief Technical Giggler...

Ok, I have to fess up to reading and giggling with Perl Best Practices which I advocate for all coders, and a lot of folks who want to get their head around some of the technical bits that be the fine VOODOO of how code springs fully formed from the foreBrain of the Chief Architect into the Source Code Control System, on through the installation mechanism, and out to the real production world... ( AS IF!!! )

But what I must confess keeps me giggling, besides all of the comedic fun of usual perlish models about data flow and information abstraction - YES!!! using a reference of going over to the dark side WORKS WELL, since we all know that there are some code we have all written with BIG SCARY COMMENT BARS:

Proceed at your own risk, we warned you,
and if you wind up in a Software Development Remake of
Pan's Labyrith
We were expecting that you would become the munchies of Cthulhu!!!!
You know those sorts of,
Wrote The Code.
Tested The Code.
Checked It Into The Production Code Line....
that makes clear that one knows the fine line between good coding standards and the things they pay us to do under the cover of darkness and forebodding beast creatures ripping the flesh off of marketing droids, and sucking out their Precious Bodily Fluids....

Hum... And the down side there was what again???

Anyway, it is soooo much fun reading it now, after folks have put some distance between the original holy wars about software stuff, and the wonder of it alll... What can I say, it is fun to find that some things I did not like have now been officially listed as NOT GOODER....

Who knows, maybe mandating sacrificing a marketting droid to a lesser elder god, as a part of the software development cycle might actually improve the overall performance model, eh no???

Is this the part where I should feel guilty about not commenting that I hope the next person who has to maintain that part of the code gets to be the little girl in Pan's Labyrith??? Or would that be a plot spoiler and simply overly optomistic?