December 10th, 2007


YWAM in the news, again....

Hey kids, missed seeing YWAM in the news since the liberals stopped whining about their invovlement with the guatamalean death squads and like level of fun filled christianist spreading the love.... Well, THEY ARE BACK!!!
The shooter responsible for the deaths of two YWAM staff at our facility in Arvada, Colo. has been identified as Matthew Murray, 24, from Englewood, Colo.

Following the shooting in Arvada, Murray fled to Colorado Springs where he opened fire at New Life Church, killing two others before being shot and killed by a security guard.

The victims at New Life Church -- sisters Stephanie Works, 18, and Rachel Works, 16 -- were involved with a summer outreach organized by New Life Church and a ministry of YWAM, which rents office space in the New Life campus. An older sister from the Works family participated in a YWAM Discipleship Training Program at a center in Colorado Springs.

[ cf citing a portion of tghe YWAM press release ]
Was he recruited?

And why three years later? A sleeper cell?

Do the Christianists Have Sleeper Cells???

And this tastey bit
The shootings took place 12 hours apart and 70 miles away from each other. (See previous post)
New Life Pastor Brady Boyd said the church's security guard who killed the Murray was a “hero.” He said she is normally his personal security guard, but on Sunday was on the lookout for danger following reports of a shooting at a Christian ministry near Denver earlier in the day that left two dead. He said she has a background in law enforcement but is not currently a law enforcement officer.

According to the Gazette in Colorado Springs, Fourth Judicial District Attorney Brian Newsome, said in a statement released today that shots fired by the guard appeared to “not only be appropriate, but also justified under Colorado law.” He said that his office is still reviewing the incident.

"Any New Testament church is under attack and duress. It's unique to us as westerners to think that when we come under attack there's something wrong with the church," which isn't true, Boyd said to the Rocky Mountain News.

[ cf Gunman "hated Christians," kicked out of YWAM ]

Needing a gun man to protect their pastor... what a clearly long strange trip from the old days when folks lived the courage of their convictions, even if that meant getting swept up and shuffled off into the soviet gulag, but maybe the christianists in america live in another faith????

I have little problem with the idea that one should have the right to shoot in one's own defense or in the defense of those one has been contracted to protect.... but it still seems a long strange trip here, and it will be very interesting to hear this one work it's way out.

Especially in this time of tax transferrance unto the unborn baby jesus...

New Life Options....

One of the reasons that I SOOOO hate so many of my so called friends, is that they forgot to explain that at my age it is not practical or pragmatic, to sit up and play Warcraft III. Wound up worrying that I had been able to implement a variation of a bug a friend of ours had noticed, in which the time got reset on these old mac machines on unNamed circumstances....

In this case, the problem was NOT that the system reset the clock to 04:58 in error, it is that it did SO on the Direct Order Of Hitlary The Death Lord Of The Evil Democrats!!!!

So I took myself off to bed, and got up at 10:00, had some coffee, and a big bowl of autumn wheat, from costco, and returned to slaying and slewing for the true believers against the Unbelievers!!!!

I have now decided that I have been called apart to become the New Cartman in the New episode of Make Love, Not Warcraft as all of the true believers rise up against the demonic onsalught....

{ would this be considered in keeping with cartman in light of the recent shooting in that Area Of Operations? }

The Holy Crusade Reaches Dalek Land....

They got the part about how everyone was suppose to walk around and chant
but they thought that this was only required in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unicorn baby jesus.

They became concerned when they learned that there were no constraints on the number of Horns the unborn baby jesus could have, but accept that it was ok for him to lay his head in the laps of virgin teenage cheerleader girls....

You Know To SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT to support the troops!!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR PART to support CheneyBush2008, even IF you are a Dalek at heart and presume that only the ones with at least a natural number count of horns are human....

Anything Less and they may alllow a negative count of horns!!!!

This may not make sense to some...

But do we care???? The meme as it got to me from the mother of my children
Officer: 'Soldier, do you have change for a dollar?'
Soldier: 'Sure, buddy.'
Officer: 'That's no way to address an officer! Now let's try it again!
Do you have change for a dollar?'
Soldier: 'No, SIR!'
Any questions?

What? No Brain Cloud???

Oh MY!
Stacey Finley, 34, persuaded her targets -- described by federal prosecutors as "solid, middle-class, educated citizens" -- that she was a CIA agent and could use her agency contacts to have medical scans conducted by satellite. Finley said the scans would reveal hidden medical problems, prosecutors said, and that CIA agents would then enter their homes and administer secret medications while they slept. Those treatments would supposedly prevent serious health problems and hereditary diseases.

The FBI began investigating after one of the victims became suspicious and told a local law enforcement officer.

[ cf Couple Sentenced For Far Fetched Fraud ]

Where is the Patriotism of some of the excess government regulators?

Those Evil Liberals Are Evil

And now we all have proof:
NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft has found that our solar system is not round but is "dented" by the local interstellar magnetic field of deep space, space experts said on Monday.

The data was gathered by the craft on its 30-year journey into the edge of the solar system when it crossed into a sweeping region called the termination shock, they said.

It showed that the southern hemisphere of the solar system's heliosphere is being pushed in or "dented."

[ cf Voyager 2 finds solar system's shape is 'dented' ]

As if we can trust the evil liberal media to be honest, when clearly they are covering up the evil liberals and their evil liberal agenda, and the fact that they are personally responsible for bouncing the Solar System on it's head and leaving that 'dent'.....

But of course the Evil Liberal Media is OPPOSED to BushCheney2008, because they are unamerican....