December 7th, 2007


Senate Honors First Iranian Flying Saucer Attack...

yes, honest injun:
Senate Republicans on Friday blocked Democrats from voting on an energy bill that would affect almost every part of the industry, saying that the bill went too far.
"When the majority tries a 'my way or the highway' approach, they'll fail," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.).

[ cf WallStreetJournal REPORTS, someone learned to inhale ]
Ok, I was going to be polite and use the WSJ's freaking headline, which was as stoned, but they have some issue with the idea that one should be allowed to cut and paste from their holy texts...

Yes boys and girls, the singularly most important thing that we can do on this mostly kinda sorta halllowed memorial of when the iranian flying saucers attacked our white christian virgian cheerleader pompom girls with the angora sweaters, just like johnny dep wore in ed woods, there can be no more important DUTY before GOD and This Country than the clear up and down vote on why we need to offer more give aways as a part of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby jesus!!!! And anyone who opposes this is EVIL!!!!

It is IN the Bible!!!

The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it!!!

EVERYONE knows that the unborn baby jesus was often want to destroy the video tapes of his brutal interrogation methods of young pert and perky terrorists wearing pleated skirts and school girl sailor tops, so why can't americans?
U.S. lawmakers are calling for a review of the CIA's decision to destroy videotaped interrogations of terror suspects.

The CIA Thursday admitted destroying the tapes. The admission come after the intelligence agency learned The New York Times was about to report the story. CIA director Michael Hayden defended the 2005 destruction, saying it had been done to protect agency staff, and that appropriate members of Congress had been informed.

[ cf US Lawmakers, Rights Advocates Question CIA Tape Destruction ]
Any questions?

Oh yes, and helpful hint girlfriend, Yes You cootie Pie Komrade GENERAL head of the CIA, Michael Hayden, get the queens in the VOA to get you a much Butcher, more Stern Looking, Bang Your Gavel, type of picture, since that neely queen prissy hissy before congress pix has SOOOOOOO gotta go girlfriend...

Oh trust me, find some really Butch Looking Boyfriend, make him a staffer or something, and then you can just slide right across the line and be the very next Craig Whomever from Idaho, as IF anyone would expect the nellyFest to be in the land of hunky young boys in need of proving that they are such Real Men that they don't even need none of that girlie girl stuff....

anyway. it is sooo not good to get your wood from the company chopping pile, unless you take it discretely home and pound the log splitter in it there... none of this tacky video stuff girlfriend, just not going to do, so Paris Hilton if you know what i mean, and we are all soooooo past that...

Ocular Migraines....

you know, some times you look and the internet will just rain data down on you....

Nothing is screamier than
Migraine is a neurological disease that can cause a wide range of symptoms during an attack. The most commonly thought of symptom is headache.[1][2][3]
[ cf Wiki On Migraine ]
great, is like gooder to tell us the useful stuff....

WOW, now here is a term you do not hear every day Homonymous hemianopsia, now remind me again why that is NOT a clear and compelling argument to Bong Canada becaue of their Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianst Zombie Cliques?

Now try this one on your decaf low fat cafe late:
In cortical spreading depression, neurological activity is depressed over an area of the cortex of the brain. This situation results in the release of inflammatory mediators leading to irritation of cranial nerve roots, most particularly the trigeminal nerve, which conveys the sensory information for the face and much of the head.
( op cit Wiki On Migraine )
well there you have it!!!!

How many times have I seen Inflamatory Mediators before my very eyes!!!!
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When I first came across the great divide, and left the fertile plains around livermore, for the lost and widless lands of greater downtown sunnyvale-mountain_view, where the Orcs and UNDEAD live, someone was ever so nice as to give me their old collectors set of WAR CRAFT III!!!

Well i opted to start playing it last night, and OH MY GOD!!!!

It's one long continues homage to Hitlary and her rad femi surf nazi's and how they are coming to the world and are going to consume everything and cause the great evil!!!!

As such and the whole freaking 'world of warcraft' is simply the political arm of the rest of the demonic necromancers, and dark lords, of the democratic party, and prooves that they are willing to stoop to any crime to get under-age voters to vote for their Dark Lord!!!!

Clearly if the FEC is not willing to stop this abuse of the Divine Right of the Campaign Season, then the War Hammers of BushCheney2008 are just going to have to get mideaval on those Unbelievers!!!!

CRY HAVOC, and let loose the keyboards of the true believers!!!!


I mean, what is it with these god hating america bashers....
It is interesting to note the timing. Because according to the Times, even though the administration has had this information for more than a few months now, we are still hearing the fear pimpage re: The Iranian Flying Saucer Korps.
[ cf van.mojo: Lies My President Told Me... ]
When has the president lied????

Everyone, but the evil liberal media, KNOWS that we are winning In Iran!!! and that if we were to bring the troops home from Iran, then we as a nation would be facing the very same dangerous and demonic, Iranian Flying Saucers that attacked the American Fleet In San Diego on this day, a mere 143 years ago!!!! But will the GOD HATING AMERICA BASHING LIBERALS attend the Holy Day Of Prayer and Fasting to stop the Iranian Flying Saucers from attacking the Fleet in San Diego????


NO!!! of course not, they are GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS who are not willing to support the president to win against the Iranian Flying Saucers as we have always done for the last 143 years!!!!

Americans must stand up against this sort of Huckabee sponsored assault on our white christian america by unwashed heathens who want some 'ugly step child of Clinton, and her boy toy lap scratch' as their national kapitulationist stap the troops in the back because they are unwilling to support the president to support the troops to total victory!!!!

Remember boys and ideological deviationalists, it is time to support great leader, or one is in league with satan!


Hey kids, remember how proud folks were before the LIBERALS force americans to give up total victory In Afghanistan to the One Worlder Blue Helmeted Soft On Crime Types???? And now we have:
Nato says Afghan and British ground troops used heavy gunfire against the Taleban on the outskirts of Musa Qala.

It says the main assault will be carried out overnight by US soldiers who have been dropped in by helicopter.

The Taleban say they have 2,000 troops defending the town in Helmand province, which they seized in February.

[ cf Battle to retake key Taleban town ]
EVERYONE in afghanistan supported the liberation of afghanistan, and it's inclusion in the world global economy, so that all of afghanistan's elite would be able to summer over with paris hilton and the rest of the riff raff who have to be kept out of the decent places....

And now it seems that Afgahnistan has fallen to foreign blighters!!!!

I mean, what IS with that, eh what?