November 28th, 2007


When Evil Liberals God Evilly Badder!!!

Thank GOD!!! the first round of picking up the God Hating America Bashing Left Wing Radical Extremists who were all involved in the Evil UN's Oil For Weapons Programmes:
Texas oilman Oscar Wyatt Jr. was sentenced to a year in prison Tuesday for his role in corrupting the U.N. oil-for-food program, winning leniency from a judge who cited his military service during World War II and his many good deeds during his lifetime.

U.S. District Judge Denny Chin imposed a sentence below that to which Wyatt, 83, had agreed when he pleaded guilty to conspiracy last month. Wyatt also agreed to forfeit $11 million.

[ cf Texas oilman Wyatt sentenced in corruption scandal ]
Well THAT will show the world that we are soooo tough on crime and are not going to let any of these radical left wingers infest our society with their typical unamericanism....

Given that we have always been at war with Iraq, can this be anything less than one more step in our glorious war crimes tribunals against the evil doing liberals?

Why does Bill Gross Hate Freedom?

I mean, gosh, golly, gee whiz, and in a time of transferring the tax liabiliites unto the unborn baby jesus, to boot!:
"Skim milk masquerades as cream," warned Gilbert and Sullivan over a century ago, and sure enough, today's subprimes, packaged into financial conduits with monikers such as SIVs and CDOs, pretended to be AAA-rated cubes of butter.
It is. What we are witnessing is essentially the breakdown of our modern-day banking system, a complex of leveraged lending so hard to understand that Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke required a face-to-face refresher course from hedge fund managers in mid-August.

My Pimco colleague Paul McCulley has labeled it the "shadow banking system" because it has lain hidden for years, untouched by regulation, yet free to magically and mystically create and then package subprime loans into a host of three-letter conduits that only Wall Street wizards could explain.

[ cf Beware our shadow banking system
We have a secret banking system built on derivatives and untouched by regulation, says Pimco's Bill Gross. Here's how to protect your pocketbook. ]

How can this Pimco guy doubt the divine will and the Majikal and Mystical Imaginary Foote Of The All Knowing and All See Free Market that won the cold war!!!!

Clearly this sort of radical left wing stab our troops in the back approach can only be caused by the Gay HomoZeXual Konspirakii that is trying to destroy our white christian america with their doubting thomas approach to the moral purity of the purity of essence that emmanates from the divine will!!!!

Clearly the economy is as Jesus made it when the world was formed!!!!

Anything less and the Darwinianists are in bed with global terrorism!!!

Clearly one more reason for all TRUE BELIEVERS to vote BushCheney2008 to stop these evil doers and their evil doubts about the true nature of truthineff!!!!

In America We Do This More Americanly!!!

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- If you're planning to vote in Virginia's February Republican presidential primary, be prepared to sign an oath swearing your Republican loyalty.

The State Board of Elections on Monday approved a state Republican Party request to require all who apply for a GOP primary ballot first vow in writing that they'll vote for the party's presidential nominee next fall.

There's no practical way to enforce the oath. Virginia doesn't require voters to register by party, and for years the state's Republicans have fretted that Democrats might meddle in their open primaries.

[ cf GOP will demand 'oath' of February primary voters ]
All Hail Great Leader!!!!

Yes boys and girls, when it comes to Voting BushCheney2008 to stop the evil liberals and their RINO fellow Traveloors, we gots us more Patriotism than those Unbelievers!!!

Long Live Great Leader!!!!!

For He has electrolytes, what plants want!!!

Nothing like the lovely unenforceable acts demanded of those who are no longer sure that they have any real hard corp commitment to that law stuff anyway....

So Three Cheers For The True Believers!!! Since one is either voting BushCheney2008, or one is aligned with the terrorists who are stabbing our troops in the back with the evil liberal draft dodging RINO's!!!!

We Are More Winning In East Asia, than ever before....

The Defense Department is concerned that China refused to allow two minesweeping ships into the harbor during a storm early last week, contrary to centuries of naval tradition. In addition, China turned away the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk and its support ships when they arrived at the entrance to Hong Kong Harbor the following day for a scheduled port visit.

"It is baffling. It is regrettable. And we have not to date received a sufficient explanation as to why it took place," said Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell.

The only explanation so far came from China's Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, during a meeting with President Bush on Wednesday, according to White House Press Secretary Dana Perino.

[ cf Pentagon Issues Protest to China on Access to Hong Kong Harbor ]

Clearly more brilliant and stunningly successful glorious victories of our SurgeTasctical Surge with China has brought them to their crushing knees accepting the greatness of Great Leader!!!! Before we must further liberate them from the growing threat that North Korean Kommunist Paid Against may be contaminating their precious bodily fluids with Unamericanism!!!

More reasons to Vote BushCheney2008 to back our troops and crush the axis of weasel!!!