November 25th, 2007


UnHoly Defeatist Stab The Troops In The Back God hating America Bashing!!!

Shock, Shock:
U.S. military officials said Saturday that overall American troop levels in Iraq would drop by about 5,000 next month when a combat brigade completed its withdrawal.

The U.S. Army's 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry, which has been operating primarily in the country's volatile eastern Diyala province, will be the first of five brigades to depart Iraq without being replaced over the next several months, officials confirmed.

The pending departure of the 3rd Brigade was announced Nov. 13, but the number of soldiers had been reported as 3,000 and the withdrawal was said to be scheduled for January.

[ cf Troop levels in Iraq to fall by 5,000 ]

I mean what clearer sign that the evil doers are doing Evil!!!!


Shouldn't the department of homeland piety be checking to find out which of the usual suspects need to be retained after the usual round up of the usual suspects has rendered enough of them more supportive of their love for Great Leader!!!

Or were we suppose to hate the lib erals for their failure to go on eternally supporting the no bid contracts that of course we can never remember need to be included in the department of nation building's budget....

Either way, clearly Liberals Are Bad!!!

So Remember, vote BushCheney2008 or those EVIL DOERING EVIL DOERS WILL DO EVIL, DOINGLY, AS ERS!!!

Where is your rice harvest????

I just got one of those strange emails from my dear auntie, and it struck me, why not? Why not a web site that will suppossedly donate ten grains of rice for each word one spells correctly.... Free Rice seems an interesting idea. it is alledged to be a sister site to where they are looking for some other solution than more bombing and more guns for nervous draft dodging suburban punks, who are not sure why we are not more winning the at least as at war as ever before... and are hoping that majikally the NRA is going to protect their sport and keep those poor people away from weapons....

So hey, who knows, we may never be able to cure the evils of liberalism and the gun grabbing NRA, and the wankers who may actually think that aneight inch blued handgun will be all the compensation they will ever need for all of the other issues.... But mixing goooder spelling with feeding the poor, who knows....

It clearly can't be any worser than the current policy of no bid contracts...

It should be noted, that I do not know John Breen, or what is really behind his appraoch. So, who knows. I mean folks could be donating to Patrick Henry Graduates, as a part of "God's Harvard" and the hope that they will be better able to restore the true K-Street Project free of the liberal slant of the last one, that will keep on winning against the unbelievers.... or not...

Numbers are Numerical, when they are not Numerological.

Hey kids, of the Illegal Detainees, how many of them are actually the sort that the media hype about their being disappeared was suppose to be?
“Violent foreign-born gang members and their associates have more than worn out their welcome,” Julie L. Myers, assistant secretary of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said at an October news conference announcing the arrests of 1,313 people in the operation over the summer and fall nationwide. “And to them I have one message: Good riddance.”

But, to the dismay of many of Greenport’s 2,500 residents, the raid here did not match her words.

Only one of the 11 men taken away that morning was suspected of a gang affiliation, according to the Southold Town police, who patrol Greenport and played the crucial role of identifying targets for the operation.

The 10 others, while accused of immigration violations, were not gang associates and had no criminal records.

Instead, they were known as good workers and family men. When they suddenly vanished into the far-flung immigration detention system, six of their employers hired lawyers to try to find and free them. Some went further, like Dan and Tina Finne, who agreed to take care of the 3-year-old American-born daughter of a Guatemalan carpenter who was swept up in the raid, if her mother was detained, too.
Greenport’s experience with Operation Community Shield sheds light on the inner workings of an antigang crackdown that has brought immigration raids to private homes across the country. The crackdown relies heavily on local police forces to identify suspects, often based on loosely defined or subjective criteria.

[ cf Immigrant Workers Caught in Net Cast for Gangs ]
Shock, whatever, whomever, support great leader, insert more patriotic noise here....

Are YOU doing your part to turn the unbelievers into the Department of Internal Piety? Or are you in league with satan becuase you hate god?

Besides, it is not like anyone actually ever believed in that tired and hungry and huddling masses thing that was all communist propoganda by red terrorists desirous of inserting Sleeper Cells Of Red Hordes that would support the Iranian Flying Saucers in a time of transferring the tasx liabilities unto the unborn baby jesus as outline in the Left Behind Series that makes clear what will happen to the unbelievers and their unbelief!!!

So are YOU supporting BushCheney2008, or are you alligning as an Illegal, even if you did once have possession of an actual american citizenship certifcation documentation, as accepted in the failed pre-911 evil liberal culture, are clearly, and compellingly, some sort of sicko illegal alien who has to be good riddanced, to keep america, american!!!

Do YOUR PART!!! Or there will be more needs for more emergency measures against your type!!!

Should God Hating America Bashers Be Allowed to use The Courts To Destroy America?

This is a central part of the problem that has been raised in the recent posturing of the 9th Circuit, where they seem to believe that the 1978 FISA were in some way a law like related activitiy, and that this should be allowed as if it were law like stuff, to prevent the state from protecting itself from the sort of RINO, AND DISSEDENT TERRORISTS, who may not believe it is their obligation to vote BushCheney2008, as their Religious Obligations so clearly and compellingly mandate!!!!

I mean, we clearly have to work that out:
But rather than dismissing the suit, the court returned the case to U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker in San Francisco and said he should decide whether Congress created an alternate route to challenge secret surveillance - a 1978 law regulating wiretapping of suspected foreign terrorists and spies.

That law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, was prompted by a post-Watergate congressional investigation that found federal spy agencies had for decades conducted surveillance of political dissidents as well as security risk suspects.
If courts decide that the 1978 law can be used to challenge an entire surveillance program, he said, Congress will have the power to rein in a president's use of the "state secrets" defense, which the Bush administration has often employed to seek dismissal of lawsuits related to national security.

The prospect of such restrictions alarms Justice Department lawyers. In papers filed with the appeals court, they argued that the closed-door hearings authorized by the 1978 law had a narrow purpose - resolving disputes over evidence gathered by electronic surveillance for prosecutions in spying and terrorism cases.

A broader interpretation of the law, opening the door to civil suits by surveillance targets seeking to overturn the entire program, would raise "serious constitutional questions" and interfere with "the president's ability to protect vital military and intelligence secrets from public disclosure," government lawyers said.
"We believe (the 1978 law) applies and that Congress had this very situation in mind," said Ann Brick, an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer who represents the plaintiffs in another case before Walker. "Congress set up a procedure in which the secrecy of the evidence is preserved, thus (there is) no harm to national security, and yet the court can adjudicate the merits of the controversy."

[ cf Foes of electronic spying may have a new way to challenge it (emphasis mine) ]
But how could anyone have ever thought about the times when GOD has punished america with Iranian Flying Saucers, and thus even consider the prospects that anyone would want to limit great leader, and the super secret powers of the swuper secret state secrets requirements....

Would this be a bad time to talk about how at one time it was considered IMMORAL, and treasonous as well, if not at least causing lab rats in cancer research facilities, that the Evil Clintonesta would use security classifications to cover up the evil clintonesta crimes!!!! Ah yes, back in those more Halcyon days, when the nation was merely 'at least as at war as before', unlike now, when we know that it is all because of the evil liberals who failed to support the troops by supporting the president back then that lead to God's Judgement.

Or is the simple course here that the law has not changed in any way shape or kind since the founding fathers dealt with the core problems of wishing to be secure in their person and papers.... Hum...
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
[ cf United State's bill of rights (emphasis mine) ]

Hey kids, anyone here remember how back in 1935 there was the classical film Captain Blood, with errol flynn, that was about a doctor, who had not actually been involved in the Monmouth Rebellion but was none the less persecuted for taking care of wounded rebels!!! Oh dear, why not be a prig here
James II took advantage of the suppression of the rebellion to consolidate his power. He asked Parliament to repeal the Test Act and the Habeas Corpus Act, used his dispensing power to appoint Catholics to senior posts, and raised the strength of the standing army. Parliament opposed many of these moves, and on 20 November 1685 James dismissed it. In 1688, when the birth of James Francis Edward Stuart heralded a Catholic succession, James II was overthrown in a coup d'état by William of Orange in the Glorious Revolution at the invitation of the disaffected Protestant Establishment.
[ cf Monmouth Rebellion (emphasis mine> ]
Ah yes....

That Glorious Revolution of 1688, one of the critical distinctions that separates the Edmond Burkists, who believed that there was But ONE Revolution, as opposed to say, well, Thomas Paine, and the other sorts of radical extremists, some of whom would sign a declaration of independence, and argue as Federalist and anti-federalists, about the proper form of government....

And that, with some awareness that there was more at stake than merely Errol Flynn's Heritage as a ladies man, when it was politically expedient....

NAH.... The founding fathers clearly understood the importance of voting BushCheney2008, so as to keep the unbelievers from gaining control of the HOLY CROWN OF DIVINE RIGHTS which god alone has given to great leader. I mean how could it be otherwise???

As such, clearly the court system can not raise up the mere laws of man against the Divine Providence of God's One True And Eternal WORD!!!

Thus one must vote BUSHCHENEY2008, or face the consequences....


would you really like to be running a fiscally conservative candidate on the actual factual economic numbers?

would you really like to be running a morallly proper candidate based upon the number of convictions of americans for the war crimes they have actually committed?

ah yes....

the tasty irony of it all....

So vote BushCheney2008, or you are a TERRORIST SEEKING TO DESTROY AMERICA....