November 19th, 2007


BeoWulf: The Movie Review , Or How the Hilitarian Rad Femi Surf Nazi's War On America.

Ok, yes, I was TOTALLY SHOCKED to find that the God Hating America Bashing Hilitarian Rad Femi Surf Nazi Propoganda of the Radical Extremists who want to destory our White Christian America were so painfully and brutally obvious in this film!!!

ok, first off, yes, it really should not come as a whole lot of a surprise, that the technology platform is the same God Hating that brought us:
The Polar Express tells the story of a young boy on Christmas Eve who is hoping for belief in the true spirit of Christmas. After falling asleep, a magical train called the Polar Express pulls up in front of his house and he is invited to journey to the North Pole. After reaching the North Pole, the boy is handpicked by Santa Claus to receive the first present of Christmas. He chooses a bright silver bell from Santa's sleigh which makes a beautiful sound. As the years go by, people around him notice that they can no longer hear the beautiful sound, even his parents and sister. But there are those who still can, those who still truly believe.
[ cf The Polar Express ( film summary at wiki ) ]
Which of course leaves out the minor detail that this is just more of the same old stab the troops in the Back by not having the Reality Happy Moment that Jesus gave us Nuclear Weapons so that we could enjoy the level of excessive Consumerism that allows us to give to each other tonnes and tonnes of useless brickabrack nicknack kitsch that can only have meaning if and when it is returned to the roots of the True Christmas, and WHY the unborn baby jesus is willing to take on all of the fiscal liabilities so that the american people can live in the happiness of a Nuclear Merchantilism that they celebrate every year At Christmas when they sing the seasonal christmas carols about the Glorious Of Massive Retaliatory Pre-Emptive First Strike Capability Enhancement Features that come only through the extra special powers as revealed in the argument from Divine Comedy!!!!

But do the GOD haters want to embrace the TRUE TRUTH of Christmas or continue to pimp the dark horrors of a world ruled by the Hilitarian Rad Femi Surf Nazies as outlined in the Original BeoWulf Tale about how Hilitary was the Evil Mother of Grendel, and as Grendel's Mother she is the UnChristian Manifestation of the Horror And Dume that will continue to come unto the land as long as Hilitarian Rad Femi Surf Nazies are allowed to breed with actual all american red blooded patriotic unborn persons!!!

Now I can understand that the average run of the mill God Hating America Basher forgets that this so called 'tale' that is alledged to be rooted in 5th to 6th century legend, and as such, would seem to be a reasonable enough piece of historicism, given that it alludes to the Roman Cult God "jesus" whom they put on par with the rest of the Norse Gods, should provide some alledged cover to the Demonic Inspired Soft On International Terrorism by the God Hating America Bashers and their Liberal Fellow Travelling Puppet Toadies who want to allow all of the usual suspects, Mormons, Pappists, Jews, Gay HomoZeXuals, Trade Unionists, economists, and anyone with a commitment to failed liberalism of a Constitutional Representational Democratic Republic, you people all know whom you are, and the Department Of Moral Puriety And Divine Oversight also knows whom you are!!!!

But we all know that this so called 11th Century Tale, that is alledged to date back to 1010, and hence BEFORE the Normon Conquest, is a part of the same Old Stab the Troops in the Back Radical Left Wing Dope Smoking Hippie Dippie Anti-Draft Propoganda of the Socialist Red Hollywood Elitists who were in league with the Normons and saught to destroy our white christian america because of the Moral Turpitude of the Hilitarian Rad Femi Surf Nazies who all knew that she was actually STILL the one who was sapping the Precious Bodily Floods from the True Believers who would have saved AMERICA!!! Were it not for the horrors of the Klintonesta Demonic Onslaught of breeding Monsters and Mortals!!!

Now I do not want to say that people should NOT see this Clearly SATANIC HOMAGE that is just more of the same old Radical Hollywood Red Propoganda that is trying to Pimp Hilitarian Rad Femi Surf Nazi's because the democrats control what films americans can see, and therefore want to impose the Cult Of Personality that they wish for Frau Klinton, in her so called political campaign, but clearly americans should DEMAND that there be equal time afforded for the BushCheney2008 campaign to have an appropriate film made about the Heroic All American Texan Boy raised in KenneyBunkPort. ( I mean mean, how gay is that? I mean don't you just want to say, "they killed keeny", and then snikker a couple of times about Bunk, Port, Snark, Snark, ala Bevis And Butt Head!!! ) Which simply UNDERSCORES how sinister the evil doing of the Evil Frau Klinton has always been, ever since she spawned the First Grendel....

What is totally FRIGHTENING was that there was absolutely NO Warning that this was a part of the Evil Demonic Plot of the Klintonesta to destroy our white christian america!!!! Where were the true believers who would protect us from such as that????


More Importantly where are the Federal Election Commission????

Clearly when red hollywood is dumping so much money into the Hilitarian Rad Femi Surf Nazi's Presidential Campaign by using the pathetically transparent correlation between the mother of grendel and Hilitary hereself, americans should know who has been involved in this brutal campaign fraud!!!!

I mean if the radical left wing whiners are going to whine and get the New Hampshire election officials should be involved than a push poll on the fact that Romney, as a mormon, is a known member of a well establish Dangerous Cult Fringe Group, that is not a part of Main Stream American White Christian America!!!! I mean, shouldn't folks be worrying about what turns out to be almost a 2 hour Campaign Ad For Bill's other wife, I mean we as americans need to have MORE protection!!!!

Even more so, now that Court Upholds Musharraf Election, thus establishing that any time there is a legal problem, it is never so complex that having special emergency rules put into place, to slay the demonic beasts will not be able to make america safe from the sort of beasts, without the capitulation to the failed liberalism of beowulf!!!!

But are any of the radical left wing extremists liberal media meat puppets covering the clearly political nature of this abomination against god, and why the complete failure of the so called religious right wing, makes it clear that there is only one course of action open to all true americans
Tax Cuts!!!
So if one can overlook the obvious politico-religious persecution, such as the dragon torching a thane who is holding up a golden cross, then the movie is almost as if it were a happy step sideways in the technological march sideways with stuff that would be considered fantasy, were it not for the painfully obvious politico-religioius issues that the evil liberal media is overlooking, as they tacitly support the persecution of true believers!!!

Remember, vote Bushcheney2008, or the mother of grenel will destory your neighborhoood!!!

Stop The Gay HomoZexual Mainforce ASSAULT on white christian america...

Another one of those mostly dumb articles Advice to young men: Do not marry, do not have children goes over the usual suspects, of the threat of the 'no fault divorce' - and that some how majikally this puts males at risk, because the rad femi surf nazi's will always destroy the male.
Is it wise to disseminate such advice? If people stop marrying, what will become of the family and our civilization?

Marriage is already all but dead, legally speaking, and divorce is the principal reason. The fall in the Western birth rate is directly connected with divorce law.

It is also likely that same-sex marriage is being demanded only because of how heterosexuals have already debased marriage through divorce law. "The world of no-strings heterosexual hookups and 50% divorce rates preceded gay marriage," advocate Andrew Sullivan points out. "All homosexuals are that, under the current definition, there's no reason to exclude us. If you want to return straight marriage to the 1950s, go ahead. But until you do, the exclusion of gays is simply an anomaly – and a denial of basic civil equality."

( op cit )
Personally I think that we have all learned the hard and painful lessons from the Terri Schaivo Crisis, and so many other variations on this gambit, that unless one is PAINFULLY CLEAR, which is to say that one has actually gone through the whole process of establishing all of the legal paperwork associated with a living trust, the fact that parents, or other 'family', will want to inject themselves, prevents any of the hard questions being rationally fought out first, and written up.

Since there is this cultic desire to avoid the problems of how does one deal with 'the family' in this new fairy tale, that will get bogged down with a variety of other issues along the way....

The tragedy here is that so many heterosexuals thought that the state sponsored licence was suppose to give them some sort of majikal protection.... only to turn up hard pressed when they learn that they should have been following their gay friends to 'the other queer eyes crew' that dealt with the legal, medical, and finacial paperwork, that more Hets are learning are NOT a part of the cheeapy throw away 'marriage license' they got for free from the state.

This is a paroblem, tragically, that needs to be really addressed!!!

Should america remain a nation of laws? And if not, can we find some better solution to that legal set of problems that do not simply go away simply because of mere ideological incantations....

The other useful piece of advice might be that persons who are 'getting involved' need to work out what 'getting involved' really means. Is it merely a simple legal form of indemnification for not getting an orgazim? or is it an arrangement that comingles fiscal assets? What REALLY should be in that contract????

Or is that a part of the core problem. We may not be able to have a 'social contract' in the new era where we are threatened on all sides by the Gay HomoZeXual Iranian Flying Saucer Driving Pirate Zombie Canadianists, and so do not have any basis for mere reaonability....

Or is the really ugly part of the discussion that people allow the cultural myths of barbie doll to overload the reality of the real life we live....

Who knows, maybe with the transition to the new economic order, it will all get more streamlined..... especially since we are all SubPrime Now....

Hum.... what if we were to restore those biblical rights to concubines - why that would stream line when it really needs to be a marriage, and when is it merely concubinage.... yeah, that's the real restoration of our god given hand maiden's tale.

Should there be a civil suit for Treason???

I think what the wankers are missing in the actual flow of history is that 'treason' is not a civil court action.

Unless they have obviously moved on to the other side of the game. A friend of mine sent me the grand comedy of the strange right wingers, who are, well, amusing:
The depressing and dishonest films about American troops in the Middle East, like the odious Redacted, produced by Mark Cuban, seem to be immune to pressure from patriotic Americans. Although the films lose huge amounts of money, the billionaire producers of the films do not care. Hollywood and the coastal elites love bashing America and the financial bottom line in these films simply do not matter to anti-Americans with billions of dollars of personal wealth.

What can we do? Well, to the extent that the films deliberately portray an inaccurate and defamatory picture of our troops in combat, there is at least one approach we could take: sue the producers. The mother, father, wife or husband of a soldier killed in Iraq after Redacted came out should bring a defamation action for ten million dollars or so against Mark Cuban. Ten million dollars is reasonable compensation for the wrongful death of an American citizen.

[ cf Suing traitors ]
ah yes....

if only treason were a torte.

There is also the small legal problem that these fruit bats need to also work out.

Namely the criminal convictions in the US Military Courts for the underlying war crimes that were actually committed by actual american troops in the field.

I mean, gosh, as long as the point of the drill is to avoid the actual american law, because one wants to use the 'traitor' slam on anyone who is not supporting the party dogma, is, well, gosh, a well known gambit by the psuedo-fascists bent upon a drift away from the actual law of the actual constitutional republic.

But, well, everyone already knew that, eh no???

And while we are here, I always wonder why these folks who are in the rear with the beer, are willing to do any damage they can to american law in the hope of pimping some notion of 'supporting the troops'. Could the problem here be tgghat they have no personal honor that they could bring to bear with they are asked to swear their oath of honor to protect the US Constitution, from enemies both foreign and domestic.... and is that the main reason that they are still in the rear with the beer?

It's Biznizz, not personal!!!

They Are Trying To Out Sell Us:
Russia may pay a very big price for its arms shipments to Iran and Syria. The House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress currently considers a bill to introduce economic sanctions against Russian organizations and companies which provide countries of the so-called axis of evil with up-to-date defense technologies.

The bill was submitted to the Congress Wednesday. Five congressmen who initiated the document express their concerns about Russia-led arms deliveries to Iran and Syria. The congressmen demand U.S. President George W. Bush should introduce sanctions against the arms suppliers. They believe that the Russian companies herewith break U.S. laws which exclude defense shipments to Iran and Syria.

The President of the United States is entitled to single-handedly introduce economic sanctions against companies, state-run organizations and foreign countries violating the ban to deliver defense technologies (including weapons of mass destruction and missile technologies) to the countries of the axis of evil.
“Any attempts to dictate the restrictions based on one-sided and politicized views cannot and will not be taken into our consideration,” Putin said. “This is the absolute priority for us. Russia has always observed, observes and will observe all international obligations in the defense field,” the Russian president added.

[ cf USA may introduce sanctions against Russia for its lucrative arms deals ]
Uh, weren't we suppose to be supporting the free marketter's in Mother Russia who had liberated Russia from the jack booted unilaterialism of the Stalinist Cult Of Personality!!!

Don't these Ruskies UNDERSTAND that our Great Leader has a pipeline to GOD and therefore when He speaks, he is making the only International Law that can be lawful!!! Since all other forms of international law are not lawful unless established to be actionable by great leader!!!

Semi Progess in the ReLegalizing Thingie Pooh

Well it appears that another case has moved forward.
Okay, there's been a new development in the case of Bilal Hussein, the Iraqi Associated Press photographer whose detention in Iraq by the U.S. military for a year and a half without charges has become a wingnut blogger cause celebre.

For many months now, the Associated Press has long been making a straightforward case: Charge Hussein or release him. This simple demand has sparked months of fury from the Michelle Malkin brigade, which has ceaselessly defended the U.S. military's right to hold Hussein indefinitely.
The wingnut bloggers' response? It's kind of perfect, actually. Malkin appears to be suggesting that this represents some kind of vindication for her -- even though Hussein still hasn't even been charged, tried or convicted of anything yet. You really couldn't ask for a more perfect expression of her contempt for the rule of law than that.

[ cf New Development In Bilal Hussein Case; Wingnuts Reaffirm Contempt For Rule Of Law ]
Remind me again why do these folks even waste time acting as if they knew the difference between 'law' and 'divine manifestation'.....

Ah yes.....

Should we allow america to fall prey to the mere law of mortal men, when the divine will is so clear!!!!

Or would this be a better time to talk about invoking the divine rights of state secrets and that this person should never have been allowed to be concerned in any way shape or form, since of course, the divine right of state secrets means that no one can be allowed into a court of law if there is any sort of state secret that could be associable to the process....

Vote For BushCheney2008, or the liberals will demand that law be legal!!!

And that's a Bad Thing???

When Paulose lost the confidence of even confirmed Bush party-liner Sen. Norm Coleman, you'd think that people had given up on making the case for this poster-child for US Atty Purge hackdom.

But no.

Minnesota blogger Eric Black has been in the lead on the Paulose story since the spring. And now he brings news that Paulose's supporters are now pushing the story that she's being run out of office by a secret pro-prostitution cabal at the Justice Department.

Black's got the details

[ cf Paulose the Victim of Pro-Sex Slave Cabal? ]
No, seriously.....

Aren't we suppose to be getting our divine rights to concubinage???? and of coures the evil liberals would label that as merely Pro-Sex Slavery, because of their war against Biblical Literalism, and their hate of God, but doesn't that mean that Paulose is one of them damn Radical Left Wing Extremists????

Oh these things are just so hard to keep track....

Remind me again how to tag this one???

Those Evil Liberal Persecutors....

Crony US Attorney Paulose says members of the Federalist Society are victims of a new McCarthyism and black-list.

She further alleges she's being hounded out of her office for her religion, ideology, gender and skin color.

[ cf TPm crazy Moment ]


Uh, remind me how this playing the victim card is gooder than before????

They ARE different like that....

Researchers have identified specific differences in the brains of migraine sufferers linked to the processing of sensory information, including pain.

In earlier research, Harvard Medical School investigators used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to show structural differences between the brains of people with and without migraines.

Specifically, the imaging showed thickening in a specific area of the brain related to the communication of sensory processing called the somatosensory cortex (SSC).

It is not clear if migraines cause the brain changes or if the brain differences cause migraines, researcher Nouchine Hadjikhani, MD, of the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital tells WebMD.

[ cf Migraine Sufferers Have Different Brains ]
Well that is a nice step forward....

Who knows, it may lead to other solutions, assuming that God Wills It!!!!

Otherwise this is just more of the same old evil liberal plot to stab our troops in the back because of the failure to accept the argument from divine comedy!!!!