November 17th, 2007


Books that might be worth actually buying.

I was so amused to notice that Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back(Hardcover (Cloth)) was out, and that there are others who have read it, and taken a position near it Frank Schaeffer Goes Crazy for God which should make it clear that the Devils are Loose, since, clearly who but devil worshippers would get published in The Nation?

Other God Hating America Bashers put forward:
Frank Schaeffer's memoir "Crazy For God" has finally been published. Anybody had a chance to read it yet? I read it in galleys earlier this year, and I was really taken by it. As you know, I'm not an Evangelical, and never have been one, so I found it a fascinating look at the life and times of Francis Schaeffer, one of the most important modern Evangelical figures -- as told through the eyes of his rebellious son. My wife, who grew up a committed Evangelical, enjoyed the book, I think -- in any case, she read it intensely -- but was troubled by some of the things Frank disclosed in the book about life at L'Abri, and about his parents' personal life.

I strongly recommend this interview that John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute conducted with the author. Whitehead goes there, asking Frank about all the disturbing things he wrote about his parents in the book. There's also a lot about the difference, in FS's view, between his father's vision of Evangelical Christianity and the Religious Right's. There's a lot worth quoting.

[ cf Frank Schaeffer's "Crazy for God" ]
But I think we can safely dismiss "crunchy cons" as merely being a fashionable intellectual phrase for those who are stabbing our troops in the back with their lack of american patriotism in the Divine Will!!!

It will of course come as little surprise that the top hit on google, when googling for Franky Schaeffer and O'Reilly Brings us to Huffington Post Blog Entry Archive For Franky Schaeffer, where amongst other things we learn the dark truth of how Franky Schaeffer is Stabbing Our Troops In The Back with his Gay HomoZeXual God Hating America Bashing such as
Pat Robertson just endorsed Rudolf Giuliani for the nomination as the Republican presidential candidate. The day before Senator Charles E. Grassley, announced that he is investigating six evangelistic ministries to see if they illegally used donations to finance opulent lifestyles. We are awash in religion. It's not church and state, just church and more church.

As a former (and repentant) evangelical and the son of religious right leader -- the late Francis Schaeffer -- I can testify to the fact that there are three kinds of evangelical leaders. The crazy and/or idealistic ones who really believe, i.e. Pat Robertson, the out and out charlatans of the kind Sen. Grassley is investigating, i.e. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and Benny Hinn et al, and the smart ones who still believe -- sort of -- but know that the evangelical world is crazy, but who can't figure out any way to earn as good a living anywhere else. Before I quit in the mid 1980s I was one of those, having started out in the idealistic/stupid category.

[ cf Bring On The Clowns -- Here Come The Religious Nuts ]
No remind me again how this person is not directly calling for the imposition of a State Of Emergency Rule, since he appears to not be willing to vote BushChencey2008 to protect us from the Radical Left Wing Extremists.

More Scary Stuff About Franky Schaeffer....

It really is frightening taking time away from critical things like TDNN (Time Delay Neural Network) and HMM: Hidden Markov Models to google a bit around on Franky Schaeffer, where we find the scary stuff like:
I abandoned Protestant Christian fundamentalism many years ago for Greek Orthodoxy. I converted because the Orthodox tradition embraces paradox and mystery. For someone raised in a strict Calvinist home, relief from absolutist certainty was most welcome.

But Christian fundamentalism has not abandoned me. It's come back to haunt me in both liberal and conservative forms. I find myself a minor lightning rod in the culture wars: apparently, I haven't chosen sides well enough.

You see, I write novels and nonfiction for a living. My novels describe a boy growing up in Switzerland as the son of American Calvinist missionaries. In these books, I take what I hope is an empathetically amusing insider's look at what it's like to grow up in a home run by zealots who make it their life's work to separate themselves from the World.

My most recent nonfiction work, "Keeping Faith, A Father-Son Story About Love and The United States Marine Corps," I co-wrote with my son John. It's about the aftermath of his 1999 decision to join the U.S. Marine Corps.

[ cf Fundamentalists to the Right, Fundamentalists to the Left
What my hate mail tells me about Christian factions today.
So it should also not confuse folks that he is co-Author of such horror as: Why My Sister Wasn't Raptured
A teenage boy from a fundamentalist family, aghast to discover his sister dancing, wonders if he and she have been Left Behind.
and co-authored AWOL: The Unexcused Absence of America's Upper Classes from Military Service -- and How It Hurts Our Country (with Kathy Roth-Douquet) and as such, well....

Just because Radial Left Wing Extremists Dope Smoking God Hating America Bashing Draft Dodging Perverts such as Senator McCain get a front cover note: I commend their wisdom and patriotism to all americans" should not be the only Nail In The Coffin that these are DANGEROUS PEOPLE who are not on the american side in the Holy Crusade Against All Monsters EVERYWHERE!!!

Clearly we must Unleash the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucers, and their Most Holy Prayer Warriors, on these Godless Types who are such evil doing evil doers!!!! Clearly they must be forced back into the Fold and Obliged to vote BushCheney2008, or the Terrorists Win!!!

Surfer Dude Finds Fix!!!

Oh My GOD:
OAHU, Hawaii, Thursday (UnNews Science) -- Laid-back surfer dude Garrett Lisi is wowing the world of theoretical physics with his new paper "An Exceptionally Simple Theory Of Everything," reducing all fundamental physical forces to a single mathematical construct, the E8 Lie group.

Like many an unsung genius, Dr Lisi has failed to turn his theory into bucks. "Being poor sucks. It's hard to figure out the secrets of the universe when you're trying to figure out where you and your girlfriend are going to sleep next month."

[ cf UnNews:Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything ]

He has like a girlfriend!

Like Totally!!!!

For more Hiddeously boring citations of the pedantic side of it all, consult attention dr. mmcirvin where they decay into all of the stuff that is not about the fact that he like has a girlfriend.

And for the String Theorists, who are not to sure about the connections that may be the manifestation of girlfriend, allow me to point out Internet Love Song which comes by indirection from reddragdiva....

Redacted, The Movie, First Look....

First things first. I had little problem with the movie itself, I just think that it may help others to understand that like dating my daughter there are a few basic Rules:
  • Rule One: If you put that weapon in my face, you do not get to debate how I end the sentence...
  • Rule Two: Best to see this movie with enough time to get back inside the wire before night fall.
  • Rule Three: See this movie with people you trust.
  • Rule Four: If there is any uncertainity about Rule Three, Cite Rule Four, if they are unclear, clear them...
Are we clear on the opening issues?

Ok, after that, well, gosh kids, the openning sequence is the most brilliant piece of cinematography that I have seen in a while. I rank it with the two other greatest openers:The first offers the longest stunning tracking shot, the later offers the most amusing whack at the Movie Rating Gambit And Other Hollywood stoopidity this side of This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

Ok, yes, the movie Redacted is no The Bonfire of the Vanities but I guess folks will ultimately want to compare it with Mission To Mars since of course everyone is clear that the president's desire to have manned missions to Mars is a critical part of the current administrations call for forward progress, somewhere, by some means, or something like that.
On January 14, 2004, President Bush announced a new vision for the Nation's space exploration program. The President committed the United States to a long-term human and robotic program to explore the solar system, starting with a return to the Moon that will ultimately enable future exploration of Mars and other destinations.
[ cf A Renewed Spirit of Discovery ]
Ok, so we all know that anything published on is at best unverified possibly highly questionable and may be truthier if required or obliged by actual court rulings not directly resolved by asserting that the Divine Rights Of State Secrets take precedence...

Now, yes, if folks want to go all the way back to dealing with the open cultural scars of Casulaties of War (1989) because, well, gosh, golly, gee whiz, there were still americans who were not sure what they really wanted to do with the actual american history in the south east asian weapons and tactics testing programme - most of whom, well, were having a bad hair day, or Pineal Cyst, or which ever was the most popular excuse for being more pro-war than the rest of the pro-warriors who sat on their face, and the new acolytes of the we will not let the evil liberals stab our troops in the back like that again, when it comes time for our generation to be unengaged in the so called critical moments of our cultural war against the evil liberals....

Well yes, some sort of a comparison between that piece of De Palma film work, and the current body of film work, well could be raised. But I am not sure that the political wakers who might want to play that compare and contrast card really want to go step on their primary gender identification organs, especially not in these clearly far more Glorious Day's of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby jesus.

I can appreciate that the number of us who have actually been on active duty with other persons who are also on active duty and under-inclined to listen to bullWankage about what it was Really Like, since we are all looking at the same mags, same webbing, same shit, new day, can hear the new crew spewing the same shit, new crew. I mean, yes, let's put the Dark Ugly Card Into Play, it was almost as bad as the double decafe mocha cafe latte with Sprinkles, that came down from Heaven, and I woke up to the unpleasantry that the Top Kick in Die Brucke (1959) well, gosh, he just looks, well, uh, TOO YOUNG to be a top kick...

So maybe age is relative.

Goat Roper Music is still Goat Roper music, and kill your parent's music is still kill your parents music, and a main squeeze, by any new name is still, well, worth fighting for...

Long story short: see this in the cinema, and comply with the rules.

After that, work out which side were you really working which deal with.

Why who knows, maybe more americans will start asking BaBa O'Reilly why it is he can speak so ellegantly about that which he has not seen and does not actually know anything about??? Why is is that there are so many americans so scared to live with the written and unwritten rules??? And why do they always like to go running and hiding behind someone else when it comes time to fill in the sentance after someone has put that piece in your face......

Maybe if americans started sorting out what they wanted to stand and hold.....

Who knows, they might get past Dogma95 and who knows, we might be able to get past the whole "american goddard" and into a whole new era of film, foreign and why gosh, with just a wee bit of Frank Kapra Korn risking, catch up on some seriously dangerous domestic policies....

If we really get lucky - who knows, maybe we can stop civilians from asking stoopid questions about 'did you kill anyone', and their need for 'war stories' to help the civilians cope with their guilt complexes for having once again sent others to do that which they were too busy to give a good ratscrew about....

Would this be a bad time to ask americans why it is that the there are no War Bond Drives? You know, to match the same level of rhetorical commitment that we keep hearing from those who have such a need to justify their own guilt about still being here in the rear with the beer...

Or maybe that is the REALLY dark and unpleasant part of the movie - that there are the watchers who are not really sure they have what it takes to get their own 'camara gear' into the game....

Perchance some day things will change.