November 11th, 2007


Hey, how about those Emergency Powers...

Ah yes, our most glorious military allies in the war on whomever, are all supporting the President's call that folks should not impose Emergency Power Rulership any longer than is required to have an appropriate ruling of who ever needs to be corrected to support the true faith of supporting the Ruling Leadership.

Why yes, if we ever need to have more additional Emergency Powers, we all support the reasoning that at times one just has to do these things to protect democracy from the threat, of well, you know, democrats who just do not understand the importance of Military Leadership in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby jesus.

I mean, that IS the problem with evil liberals and their lack of any prior military time in the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp, or their holy prayer warriors...

So are YOU voting BushCheney2008, or are you on the side of the Terrorists who will force the use of Super Special Extra Additional Emergency Powers as the founding father's were clear about in the Super Secret Extra Special Confidential Codical to the constitution, that is clear about the true form of life in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby jesus.

Can We Stop Science In Our Life Time????

Hey kids, are YOU doing your part to defeat the evil doing evil doers who want to use science in a scientific manner, rather than in an Ideologically Correct way, as the unborn baby jesus would demand!!!! I got the following from the typical God Hating America Bashers:
However, I would like to ask you do one thing for us in the name of promoting good science on the internet. Vote for Bad Astronomy in the Weblog Awards Best Science Blog Contest. You can vote as often as once a day, and I encourage you to take advantage of that option.

Why? Because several influential political blogs are advocating voting for a denialist website ("Climate Audit") to win the award. Climate Audit is a pseudoscience blog that promotes political ideas as "science." Bad Astronomy has a slim lead, but Climate Audit is gaining. Even if you're not a fan of astronomy, you should still vote for this blog (a great blog, by the way). It's the best chance for a genuine science blog to win the award.

[ cf Cast Your Vote For Real Science ]

Why not be more blatant about how much these folks hate the unborn baby jesus, and the White Christian America, because they are not willing to back a strict state sponsored regimine of Faith Based Science, where there is a total commitment to being fact free!!!

Clearly as long as these Evil Doers want to bind down facts to mere truthieIsms, then the Facts will not be able to run free over the pasture land like innocent little girls in soft gossimer sun dresses!!!

Remember, It is time to ask yourself, are YOU supporting BushCheney2008, so that the Facts Can Run Free!!!! Or are you trying to destroy that innocent little girl with your Demonic Evil Science on the Orders of International Terrorists!!!

Can We Cure Heathenism in our life time....

Is it just me, but there is still a whole lot of God Hating America Bashers who are unwilling to support the True Holy Warrior Creation Mission that is a central part of the American Holy Warrior Corp that MUST replace the vile demonic HORRORS of the evil Welfare NannyState Military of the Failed Leftist Liberal Pre-911 Kultists of God Haters.

I got the following from the typical God Hating America Bashers:
The orientation began with a one-hour “warrior” rant to appointees and parents by the commandant of cadets, Brig. Gen. Johnny Weida. The fact that the word warrior had replaced leadership was a signal of what was to follow. I later learned that cadets, to determine when a new record was established, had created a game in which warrior was counted in each speech Weida gave.

My son and I then made our way to the modernist aluminum chapel, where I expected to hear a welcome from one or two Air Force chaplains offering counsel, support and an open-door policy for any spiritual or pastoral needs of these future cadets. In 1966, the academy had six gray-haired chaplains: three mainline Protestants, two priests and one rabbi. Any cadet, regardless of religious affiliation, was welcome to see any one of these chaplains, who were reminiscent of Father Francis Mulcahy of “MASH” fame.

Instead, my son’s orientation became an opportunity for the academy to aggressively proselytize this next crop of cadets. Maj. Warren Watties led a group of 10 young, exclusively evangelical chaplains who stood shoulder to shoulder. He proudly stated that half of the cadets attended Bible studies on Monday nights in the dormitories and he hoped to increase this number from those in his audience who were about to join their ranks. This “invitation” was followed with hallelujahs and amens by the evangelical clergy. I later learned from Air Force Academy chaplain MeLinda Morton, a Lutheran who was forced to observe from the choir loft, that no priest, rabbi or mainline Protestant had been permitted to participate.

I no longer recognize the Air Force Academy as the institution I attended almost four decades earlier. At that point, I had no idea how invasive this extreme evangelical “cancer” had become throughout the entire military, that what I had witnessed was far from an isolated case of a few religious zealots.
These were some of my thoughts on the day my son had to decide whether or not to accept his appointment to the Air Force Academy. It was a time in my life when fatherhood and truth were confronted with faux nationalism. With tremendous courage and sadness my son declined his appointment and ended his dream—and my dream for him—to attend the Air Force Academy. Though deeply saddened, we were not sorry.
Many are aware of the mercenary army, Blackwater USA, led by Eric Prince, former Ambassador Cofer Black and Joseph Schmitz, the same Joseph Schmitz mentioned above. It is here where the ties become complex and suggestive of an even grander “crusade.”

As described by Jeremy Scahill in his book “Blackwater,” Prince, who attended the U.S. Naval Academy, comes from a wealthy theo-con family, is a “neo-crusader,” and a Christian supremacist. He has been given billions of dollars in federal contracts to create a private army. COO Schmitz, another Naval Academy graduate, is a member of the Order of Malta, a Christian supremacist organization dating back to the Crusades, and happens to be married to the sister of Jeb Bush’s wife, Columba. And Cofer Black, former coordinator for counterterrorism at the U.S. State Department and former director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, who was quoted by the BBC as saying “Capture Bin Laden, kill him and bring his head back in a box on dry ice,” brings his own skill set to the Blackwater team as vice chairman.
The Christian supremacist fascism first reported at the Air Force Academy is endemic throughout the military. From the top down, there has been a complete repudiation of constitutional values and time-honored codes of ethics and honor codes in favor of religious ideology. And we now have a revolving door between Blackwater USA, which is Bush’s Praetorian Guard, and the U.S. military at every level. The citizen-soldier military dictated by our founding fathers has been replaced with professional and mercenary right-wing Christian crusaders in control of the world’s most powerful military. The risks to our democratic form of government cannot be overstated.

[ cf The Cancer From Within ]

Why not be more blatant about how much these folks hate the unborn baby jesus, and the White Christian America!!! Clearly if we are to allow the military to decay into merely the Military Persons who are there to defend some antiquated anachronistical pre-911 cultural malaiase such as a mere Human Laws of a Mere Mortal Constitution over the Divine Will of the God Calling, then the nation will once again be victimized by the DEMONIC onslaught of evil doing evil doers, who are really not at all nice.

I mean, can we as a White Christian America remain safe when these God Haters are allowed to doubt the Divine Will of the Holy Crusaders who have been called apart to free the nation from the Godless Heathenisms, such as allowing any godless persons to be in the American Armed Forces!!! Even God Haters who believe in science stuff!!!!

Clearly only as we can privatize the Military as a part of the True Faith of the One Gospel of Holy CrusaderIsm can america be freed from the Failed Liberal Horror of the world BEFORE 911!!!!

Are YOU doing your part to returnt the Holy Crusaders BushCheney2008, or are you in league with SATAN and the Demonic Forces of Terrorism bent upon the destruction of our white christian america????

But he is NOT Gay...

Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz.... thank god it's not another gay crisis:
Former Republican Congressman John Sweeney of Clifton Park has been charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated following a traffic stop about 1:20 a.m. Sunday on the Adirondack Northway in Saratoga County near exit 8A.

State Police say Sweeney was operating a vehicle which nearly struck their police cruiser as they were responding to an unrelated call. Sweeney’s blew a .18, more than twice the state’s legal threshold of .08 blood alcohol content.

Police said that there was a young female in the car with Sweeney.

[ cf Ex-Congressman Sweeney Busted For Aggravated DWI ]
That is just shocking....

they had the gaul to run that headline under a veteran's day thingie honoring all who served.....

I mean, what sort of post surrealism is that...

Now that is SOOO Gay....

Hum... if dick is not a member of the executive. And
US Vice President Dick Cheney on Sunday paid tribute to the country's 20 million military veterans, hailing their fight for freedom on Veterans Day, a holiday to mark the sacrifices of the armed services.

"America may be a country founded in revolution, but we've never been a warrior culture. We are a democracy, defended by volunteers," Cheney said in a speech at Virginia's Arlington Cemetery, hailing the armed forces as "truly extraordinary."

[ cf Cheney honors military veterans' fight for freedom ]
doesn't that mean....

Uh, that once again this administration was unwilling to send anyone to the Tomb of the unknown Soldier....

Or are we suppose to feel all excited that we could not get the War President, or the War Czar, and all we got was Dick....

Maybe folks should be thinking about this as they vote BushCheney2008, so as to prevent the need for emergency powers....