November 9th, 2007


Somewhat awkward question...

So In the mail, I got this email fromt the GOP talking about:
Putting the Republican party on the Path To Victory
Ok, on which front?

When we are talking about running a strong campaign, does this mean that we should be running on some sort of actual basis for being a political party? Or should we just keep dressing up in drag and pretend that the whole wonder of our Post-Surrealism is the way reality has always been?

Or, gosh, here is an Idea, we could organize well regulated marches....

You know, where the Valiant Holy Warriors of the Karl Rove Flying Saucer Korp and their Prayer Warrior Satraps, march in unison showing how much they have always supported the party, as both devoute party loyalists and as mere party apparachniki!!! ESPECIALLY in a time of transferring the tax liability unto the unborn baby jesus.

You know something that was really stirring.

Then we could cap it off by burning a whole bunch of computers and the bloggers of leftist bloggistan who were using them as God Hating America Bashers....

Why that would send the clear and compelling message that we were going to win the Counter Insurgency against all of the Unbelievers, and that this time there would be no Richard Nixon "Peace With Honor", and we were going to go on reducing taxes until there was total victory!!!

Those damn liberals.....

Hum.. notice that they put Bhutto under house arrest, and they are Presecuting Rudy Giuliani protege Bernard Kerik all as a part of the evil liberals are evil campaign....

I mean what are patriotic Americans suppose to do???

Tax Cuts!!! Tax Cuts!!!

Are YOU as tired of the evil liberal media and it's god hating america bashing radical left wing propoganda:
Across the country, 38 different lawsuits have been filed against various telecommunication companies, alleging that they illegally collaborated with the National Security Agency (NSA) on a domestic spying program following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The existence of the warrantless surveillance program was first revealed by the New York Times in December 2005.

For much of the past year, civil liberties groups and telecommunication lobbyists have been wrangling over the terms of a proposed update to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

[ cf Will Telcos Get Immunity for Domestic Spying? ]
Hello, WHO CARES????

What this country needs is a
"we openly support torturing by any means Tax Cuts, just as the unborn baby Jesus biblically litterally demands!!!"
lobbying campaign!!! I mean just think of all of the pretty upsides!!!

Everyone gets more tax credits and off the top tax deductions, especially if they are in the Torturing, or Torturing support, or the near towards Torturing, or would torture more... or at least you were a loyal party member who had heard of a guy who knew someone who had been near to torturing, and you would clearly be more willing to engage in any form of Information Extraxtion, no matter how much information you destroyed in the process, and so clearly deserve the Tax Cut!!!

Come On Boys and Girls, Chant it with Me:
Tax Cuts For Torture!!!
We Want Tax Cuts For Torture!!!!
It is NOT enough to Merely indemnify from some crimes!!!
We Have To Show Them WE ARE SERIOUS

Tax Cuts For Torture!!!!
Bring Out Your Tax Cuts For Torture!!!
You know, clearly much more patriotic that one...

And it would clearly win the whatever On Whomever...

Why Does Fox News Hate Freedom???

I was just shocked to see that Fox News is openly backing the Global Terrorist Threat:
Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. described as "totally outrageous" on Friday the storming of its Georgian television station Imedi by armed police, saying they caused "very extensive" damage.

Georgian special forces charged the station on Wednesday night, forcing staff to the floor and holding guns to their heads before smashing equipment and blacking out the signal, witnesses said.

[ cf INTERVIEW-News Corp. attacks Georgia's "outrageous" TV attack ]
I mean, be reasonable.

Governments do not send in the crack special forces troops to irradicate dens of Known Terrorist Fellow Travellors but that there was some sort of reason for it!!! So what DID Fox News Do??? And who did they do it to that caused them to be held accountable for their crimes against the correct implementation of the forces of special operations, and well....


Would this be a good time to raise the question of say:
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
I am sure that if only Fox News had signed on as a Socially Responsible Corporate Sponsor Of Torture, and worked with say, that none of this would have happened.

Or should we talk about
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
as an independent thread, that needs to be the new ben and jerry's of information extraction, and gosh, then, well when Unilever leverages the various players, we can have a unified code of
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
and people will be able to have their own cute little black and blue ribbons to show that they are doing their part...

But I think we all really have to love
Badri Patarkatsishvili, a Georgian billionaire accused of plotting a coup, today said he was considering running for president in January's election to prevent his country sliding into "dictatorship".
Mr Patarkatsishvili told Reuters in written answers from Tel Aviv, Israel, that the president, Mikhail Saakashvili, had lost legitimacy and was no longer the real leader of the Georgian people.

Asked if he would run for president, Mr Patarkatsishvili said: "I am seriously thinking about it. I think the opposition understand that now - as never before - unity is essential. Georgian society needs one single candidate from the opposition."

[ cf Alleged Georgian coup plotter considers running for president ]
I mean, now there is a man who would be more than willing to be socially responsible, and would pro-actively support
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
since, well, sometimes you just have to bomb them flat to make them a safer place, for, well Corporate Responsibility...


I wonder if I see a theme developing here...

Hey Kids, are YOU doing Your Part???

In case i was not clear about:
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
I am sure that everyone wants to be cool, and hip, and trendy, and hop on the hottest new hip hop dance craze for your next cause celebre!!!

I feel for there's no light at the end of the tunnel... since ronebofh clearly needs to read Supercapitalism:The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday LifeWritten by Robert B. Reich, so that he can feel more positive about his current position as a part of the fine folks who must clearly be engaged in supporting
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
since, gosh, i would hate to think that he has slidden into the dark domain of the Evil Underlings like tongodeon, who clearly OPPOSES freedom, with such dangerous failures to support
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
as to doubt the Recieved Text, with his failed concern in 12 Myths of "12 Myths of 21st-Century War" since as we all know, the evil liberals, are EVIL and they are Liberal, and the worst part is that they oppose
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
because they hate the free market system!!!!

Clearly as more Coporations are socially responsible about their torturing options, americans will no longer be forced to turn to the Wicked WelfareNannyState to get folks tortured, and can sleep easier at night knowing that if any one is being tortured, they are being Socially Responsibly Tortured, and that at Whole Sale Discount Prices that at worst case are costing the Tax Payers only what the market bears.

Doesn't that make you feel so much happier!!! Why it's like having a Sparkly Poney Moment For Torture!!!

Do YOU Support
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
or are you the sort of Sick Pervert who doesn't like Sparkly Poney Moments?

{ ok, so it worries me that my iTunes just rolled to John Prine's:
Come Back to Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard
and it so makes me wonder what is the Deeper Inner Symbolic Meaning here... Ok, so there may be some issues in SuperCapitalism that, well, are not working as politely as they should... }
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Bad Combination Of phrases...

Within a fairly short time (we won't say how much: 15 minutes, a half hour, maybe 2 hours – you know Washington traffic), we arrived at the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC), where we went through a cordon of security checks. A gleaming new complex nestled in a wooded area (somewhere in northern Virginia), the center was designed to help surmount the intelligence communication lapses that led up to the 9/11 tragedy. Congress created it in 2004. It is the highest high-tech cerebellum that the nation's best engineers and creative minds – think Disney (more on that later) – could come up with.
[ cf Spending a day at the National Counter Terrorism Center
Reporters tour the secret intelligence agency and find computers, intense security, and a touch of Walt Disney. ]
Which part of 'and a touch of walt disney' should NEVER be in a report on the National Counter Terrorism Center, except in an age of, well... Post-Surrealism...

Super Secret Extra Special stuff After The CutCollapse )