November 5th, 2007


Why does the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets HATE Freedom???

I was just shocked that they so do not like the Free Market System that they would consider this a problem:
U.S. Republican Fred D. Thompson said Sunday that he was unaware of his closest advisors on his campaign having criminal records for selling cocaine and marihuana.
Philip Martin, 49 pleaded guilty in 1979 for selling 11 pounds of marihuana, according to the Sunday edition of Washington Post. The court withheld judgement-pending completion of his probation. In 1983 he did not contest the charges with violation of his probation and cocaine trafficking and conspiracy and he was continued on probation.

[ cf Candidate Fred Thompson Unaware of his Advisor’s Past ]
Hey, it's like 11 pounds of dope, or about $5,500 worth of smoke, in 1979 dollars, at the general middle tier wholesale value, with discount for volume purchasing. It is so clearly NOT a really big deal like he were selling Crack to white people.

Where this does get problematic is with:
As of November, Hamilton County, Tenn. records show that four of Martin's former businesses owe a total of more than $940,000 in overdue taxes and interest to the county, with some debts dating back to 1999. Nearly $860,000 is owed by Soil Restoration, a firm Martin helped run, according to the Washington Post. Four Seasons Technologies, of which Martin was a vice chairman and part owner, owes $4,200. M & M Holdings, which the Washington Post confirmed Sunday was a Martin concern, owes more than $7,000. Alternative Fuels, LLC, a Martin business located at the same address and suite number as Four Seasons, owes more than $71,000.

More than a dozen states have also filed dozens of liens against Martin's former businesses.

[ cf Tax Debts Follow Drug-Dealing Thompson Fundraiser ]

What is the Singularly Most Important THING in a time of tax trasnferrance unto the unborn baby jesus but the true holy faith in the true tax assessing that comes with the wonder of america for americans freed from the dark horror of the Evil Liberal media meat puppets who fail to support the president to support the troops so that they can impose their God Hating Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Only Initiatives!!!!

Clearly americans must turn from this darkness and embrace BushCheney2008 as they, and they alone, can tell the true divine path that is the Open Road To Total Victory in the Most Gloriously Successful Way!!!

Liberals Just Do Not Get IT!!!!

Ah yes, that straw dog gambit by radical left wingers:
Now, I don't mean to go off on a rant here, but would somebody please remind me why fighting them over there is supposed to keep us from having to fight them here at home? I'm having a hard time seeing how that's supposed to work. Clearly, from the evidence above, it isn't working very well.

As Zuzu says, your boyfriend rapes your 13-year-old daughter, so... you think the appropriate thing to do is punish your daughter by forcibly mutilating her genitals? And the jury acquits you on the obvious charge of aggravated child abuse?

I would add this... and this is happening in America, where progress is progressive and the future is futuristic and none of us really are trying to bring back the torture chambers, the rape rooms, chattel slavery and the banal evil of the Dark Ages?

[ cf s9: Who We Are Now ]
Now be realistic.

Just because a persons boy friend is raping their underage child doesn't mean that punishing the child should be prevented, since, well, it could be the case that the IkkyYukkyChild was in league with Satan, you know, like Linda Blair in the Exhorsist, and therefore it is time to drive out the Demonic Lords of Darkness, or the Terrorists Win!!!

Can there be any better reason for MORE TAX CUTS!!!!

That is what is wrong with Liberals, they just Hate God, and want to bash america, because they are not willing to support the president to support the troops!!!

Besides, we have to think about how children SOOO need discipline!!! And that in a truly free market system, with biblical literalism, the mother would have been able to sell, or better yet, Lease with an Option to purchase, her daughter to say Helga's House of Pain, where appropriate persons would be able to solve two issues at once...

But Do the God Hating America Bashers ever think about how a Biblically Literal Free Marketerring would have saved all involved from the Vicious and Brutal Excessive Governmental Regulation of the Market Place based upon demonic god hating liberalist ideological deviationalism!!!

Should Economics be a part of the process of who has who's short hairs?

Not everyone is happy about mortgage lenders' latest efforts to help troubled borrowers.

Take Teresa Nelson. Instead of going for an adjustable rate mortgage with its lure of low initial rates, she opted for the security of a 30-year fixed at 7.10 percent for a house she bought in Pinellas Park, Fla. in December, 2005.

"I was well aware of what an ARM meant, and was staying far away from those snake-oil pipe-dream promises," Nelson said. "I also wasn't shopping for a short-term, big payoff investment - I was looking for my home, until I retire."
Nelson feels cheated and has little sympathy for people who she believes weren't as careful as she was. "Everybody was seeing dollar signs," she said, "and let their greed get the better of them. So, no. No bail-out, no assistance with my tax dollars. Not one red cent."

She's not alone. Last month, many readers expressed outrage to bailouts - whether they involved tax dollars or not - after Countrywide announced good deals for bad loans.
Why should help be given, and possible taxpayer money spent, to home owners in trouble?

According to Steve Bailey, Countrywide's CEO of loan administration, there are good reasons, but it's a mischaracterization to say all the foreclosure prevention programs are aimed at irresponsible borrowers.
Bailey said he understands their anger but said, "That's a situation where the greater sin is letting their homes go into foreclosure. You have a vacant home in the community and drive down the property values of neighbors."

[ cf Subprime bailouts: Chump check
Responsible loan payers are crying foul about the breaks that delinquent borrowers are getting.
Hum... a Hybrid Adjustable Rate Mortguage...

I wonder what is god's wonderful super secret message there....

Besides, when the financial system would have to live with the economic reality of the Criminal Conduct of engaging in various forms of BANKING FRAUD, and given the massive debt that would have to be written down, gosh, just like the Trillions being pissed down a hole in the WhateverOnWhomever, well of course Jesus meant that there should be tax payer dollars transferred to protect those who would otherwise have to be held accountable for their actual conduct, and not the mythological conduct they could have conducted if they had done other than what they actually did....

I mean, do we as americans want to punish the Flippers who have been flipping off so many communities in america by jacking up the prices of homes, rather than, well, gosh, you know, cutting their hair, and getting a Real Job!!!

Now more than ever Americans JUST have to come to grips with WHY we must have more Tax Cuts, and other fun ways of paying off those hiding in the rear with the bear, because, well this is a time of transferring the tax liability unto the Unborn Baby Jesus!!! And anything else and the Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Canadianists will destroy our white Christian america with their gay marriage only agenda of pro-terrorism...

Think of all of the Baby Mortguages!!! The Innocent UnBorn Baby Mortguages!!!

Are YOU willing to do your part to save the UnBorn Baby Mortguagues???? Or are you one of those Pro-Terrorism types who hates america!!

Why does McCain Hate Jesus AND Freedom???

The Evil Digby is citing McCain:
When someone says waterboarding is similar to harsh interrogation techniques used against the mafia in New York City, they do not have enough experience to lead our military,” McCain said Sunday night at a town-hall meeting here.
[ cf St John McCain ( href in text ) ]
and then goes off the reservation about morality stuff.

Since, as she notes, he sold his soul for the Military Commissions Act, and so while he is willing to give up on american law, has personal emotional issues with establishing a Sadistic Torture State.... Or at least one that is not an actual profit center... Or what ever it is that allows me to keep flip flopping on the threat of allowing america to fall prey to american laws....

Ah yes... why is it that our so called 'christianists' friends keep having these little convolutions as to when they support torturing, and when they do not want to be held personally accountable for their language....

Should Factualists be allowed out in public.

One of my scary friends stumbled upon:
  1. Idols of the Tribe: This is humans' tendency to perceive more order and regularity in systems than truly exists, and is due to people following their preconceived ideas about things.

  2. Idols of the Cave: This is due to individuals' personal weaknesses in reasoning due to particular personalities, likes and dislikes.

  3. Idols of the Marketplace: This is due to confusions in the use of language and taking some words in science to have a different meaning than their common usage.

  4. Idols of the Theatre: This is due to using philosophical systems which have incorporated mistaken methods. Here Bacon is referring to the influence of major philosophers (Aristotle) and major religions on science.
[ cf Baconian Method ]
while hunting around for the scary stuff about economics, and how clearly the unborn baby jesus supports Nuclear Merchantilism, rather than the God Hating America Bashers...

It makes me wonder if maybe the society would be well served if we obloiged americans to learn stuff about things like, well, Science, and, gosh, maybe even The Age Of Reason.

I worry when I see some of the problems of 12 Myths of "12 Myths of 21st-Century War" and find that we are still in the process of continually explaining that attacking a StrawDog is not going to get one a Combat Infantry Badge, let alone, help establish an actual go forward strategy. At best it is an obfuscatory tactic trying to establish that
'support what we say to support without any reasoning, because....'
IS all that we can really do....

So what if americans were to start worrying about which of the Four Idols were in play, before trying to work out which of the rhetorical device(s) would be the most Surreal approach to not actually solving the problem.

Why gosh, who knows it might oblige folks to work out whther the Holy War needs to be funded at all, or can we just all believe that we believe that we are in one, but without wasting a pfenning on the folly. WHY GOSH!!! That was a central tenent of the whole "star trek defense iniative" of the reagan era!!! When it was more important to make sure folks never noticed the bad hair piece, than it was that it wasn't really going to be anything all that new in the science world, and even less so as a 'war fighting' capability; besides the bad hair pieces, and, well a bunch of chest beating behaviors by Canadianist Types....

So why send american troops when we can scare them with our Zel Miller Laser Death Ray Eyes!!!

And our bad hair pieces....

It worked against the SeXular Humanists....

Black Robed Judicial Tyrannical Jihaudista's continue WAR ON CHRISTIANITY!!!

Security was tight Monday as a Kansas woman appeared in Sarpy County Court to answer charges that she mutilated a flag and put her child in danger while protesting at the funeral of a Bellevue soldier.

Although the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office prepared for a possible protest by members of the Westboro Baptist Church, to which Phelps-Roper belongs, none materialized. Shirley Phelps-Roper, 50, came into the courthouse in the company of just a few family members and her attorney to push for more specifics on the charges she faces.
The pretrial hearing centered on a defense motion requesting that the prosecution describe in detail the specific facts that support the charges, which include disturbing the peace, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and negligent child abuse.

Her attorney, Bassel El-Kasaby, argued that without specifics on what actions broke the law in each case and who was victimized he can't prepare his case.

[ cf Protestor appears in court ]

I mean who can doubt that this is just MORE of the same old persecution by God Hating America Bashers who are not willing to support the transfer of tax liabilities unto the Unborn Baby Jesus!!!!!

No seriously folks.


should we be allowing the sort of absurdist cases where the police are allowed to detain and persecute folks simply because they do not conform to the standards of the percieved appropriate methods for being bored with the unifiedTwoPartySystem that has brought us our Modern Malaise and nihilism about how it is so irrelevant what happens....

Today it is the wacky religious FruitBats, but tomorrow, what if it is you they are detaining for reasons of protecting the Most Holy Tax Cuts!!!!