November 2nd, 2007


Oh God, Those God Hating America Bashers...

Now seriously folks, is anyone REALLY surprised that once again those secularists, and their fellow welfare queens have once again opted to Attack Religion simply because they HATE JESUS and want to install some communist dominate Atheistical EvilDome:
“If I can take whatever they have and stop them, good,” said the father, Albert Snyder, 52, a salesman from York, Pa., whose son, Lance Cpl. Matthew A. Snyder, 20, was killed two months after arriving in Iraq in January 2006. “I was not motivated by money. I want to shut this church down, if you can call it a church. I call it a cult or a hate group. I sat in that courtroom for a week and a half and never once heard them say a good thing about God.”
[ cf To Marine’s Father, Suit Is More Than Money ( emphasis mine ) ]
From the Primary Source, that this was not about patriotism, it was not some majikal concern for america.

It was stricktly one More Persecution Of The True Believers by One More GOD HATER, simply because his welfare son couldn't get a job with the Blackwater Army, or the Prayer Warriors for either the Fighting 101st Keyboardists or the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp. How long must america put up with these radical left wing extremists and their Persecution of the True Believers for strictly Ideological Warfare Reasons!!!

It is JUST shocking...

Clearly we need a National Day of Prayer and Aerial Bombardment of the God Haters!!! This way they will know that we love the Sinner, and Hate the Sin, and we Hate the Sin enough to bomb with the very best!!!

It Be Come Of Age Time!!!!!

Oh be still my beating heart:
"They get paid for this," Eckelberry says, adding that the debut of the first fake codec for the Macintosh suggests that professional malware writers now regard the Macinitosh to be as worthy a target as Windows.
[ cf Fake Video Trojan Targets Macs ]

That's the feeling....

now to find out if they had to actually really write any actual mac specific hooks.... or was it all just nice neatly unitized platform independent code.... you know, proper coding standards and all that jazz....

Social Engineering Be Bad Why???

Now, ok, so I grew up in the Radical Leftwing Extremist Hippie Dippie Dope Smoking Pinko Liberal Fag Land, where we learned the 11 general orders of a sentry, the old fashion way, from our fathers, so we were able to get into the familial whinefest about kvetching about standing guard mount with an M-14, and yada-yada-yada. Hence I knew from a PAINFULLY BRUTAL EARLY AGE:
Question Authority
So maybe I think of Security in a slightly, well, less ideologically alligned orientation to the TrueBelievers of the NeoConClownCarCrew, and so would not have been vulnerable to
The U.S. Internal Revenue Service computer network is vulnerable to social-engineering hacks, with 60% of employees changing their computer passwords when requested by phone callers posing as help-desk workers, according to a government auditor.
[ cf Study: IRS security vulnerable to social engineering ]
Ok, so it is sorta wonderingMaking to tthink about all of the whining of the NeoConClownCarCrew whining about 'social engineering' without, well, gosh, any more knowledge about what they are talking about in that space than the rest of the evil liberal thingies that they have always hated....

Ah yes, remind me again, Good Patriotic Party Apparachniki are suppose to follow orders without questioning, because of which excuse again? The fact that this a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn or what????