November 1st, 2007


And the Big Government Solutions works how again????

I am in the last pages of Naomi Wolf's End of America and it referenced Animal_Enterprise_Terrorism_Act now remind me how this works????

Animal Enterprises need more protection from possible terrorist cliques, than say, oh, Women's Health Clinics, because in the need to protect us from the Conspiracy to oppose Great Leaders, well only God Hating America Bashers engage in terrorist conspiracies....

Would this be a bad time to talk about, say, Military_Commissions_Act_of_2006 and the majikal add ons of the various signing acts, that now allows the Great Leader the sole discretion as to which terrorists are the terrorists who are detainable in GitMo, and else where, unless rendered to a more cost effective information extraction center, and that we can all feel safer knowing that Great Leader Is GREAT!!!

Hum... first we get them tagged as Terrorists under the AETA, then we can move them on the 'Conveyor Belt' with the MCA, ah, yes, all is great, and if only we can clean up the internal dissident elements inside of the Justice Department who believe in holding man's laws above The Divine Will...

So what WILL it take to roll back all of this WhateverOnWhomever?

Or should we just skip right along to the Imperial Fashion Options, and enjoy the New Day In Imperial America as we bring Pax Americana to the yearning plebian masses who live beyond the Bright Glow of The Truthier Freedom of our Most Golden Age Of Glorious Greatness!!!!

Are YOU voting for BushCheney2008, or are you one of those EcoAnimoTerrorists???

It is time to free ourselves from The DEFEATISTS CIVLIANISTS

Angry US diplomats lashed out yesterday against a State Department plan that would send them to Iraq against their will, with one likening it to "a potential death threat" and another accusing the department of providing inadequate care to diplomats who have returned home traumatized.

At a rare, contentious meeting, foreign service officers told senior State Department officials that the move to fill vacancies in Baghdad puts them in danger, jeopardizes the well-being of their families, and could deplete the ranks of those willing to serve overseas at a critical time. Several diplomats said privately they would resign rather than accept orders to serve in Iraq. The president of their union pointed out that about 2,000 State Department personnel have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, greatly taxing the ranks of the 11,000-member core.

"We have had four years of people volunteering to Iraq, and as the size of the mission has increased, demand has outstripped supply," said John Naland, president of the American Foreign Service Association, in an interview after the meeting.

[ cf Diplomats angry over forced posts in Baghdad ]

Evil Civilianists Stabbing Our Great Leader in the back with their Treasonous Traitorous Ticklish Tacineff of unfriendliness, in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn!!!! ( which we all know is the Extra Special Case Condition here), about working in places that are every day in some new way more Gloriously Victoriously Successfully The Blissed Out Gardens Of Happineff And Hallelujah Chourusing.

I mean don't the folks at the State Department keep track of all of the Great News that comes out of Iraq and the Glorious Military Victories of the State Department's own Imperial Republican Guard!!!!!

Off With Their Head and a Public Mass BURNING of all of their Families and Friends who may be infected with the DEMONIC POSESSIONS and Sickness Of Defeatism!!!! It is a Matter of National Security Public Health Strategic Defense Initiative Against Treason, Traitors, Fifth Columnists, Rumour Mongers and Defeatists!!!!

Only by quarnetining those who are infected, and putting them to the fire, can we PURGE the Nation of these Demonic Zombie Gay HomoZeXual Types!!!!


Most Vibrant Economy Ever, Never Mind THE DEFEATIST CIVILIANS

Yesterday the Great War Hero And Military Victor of the Great Holy Crusade Against Demonic Revisionism, Great Party Leader Bernanke gave up a 25 bip dip in the thingus of Pooh Ranking, and the market had factored in a 50 bip move, and this morning the market is down a mere 200+ points to an All Time Most Stunningist Greatest Surgtasticalist Surgiest DOW Number, that is Numerical And Numerological, of 13,716 - which clearly is the Greatest Most Surgtasticalist Surgiest DOW Number that there could ever BE!!!

How fortunate for americnas that they live in such a happy land, discounting of coursethe DEFEATIST CIVILIANS who are constantly doubting the greatness Of Great Leader....

Always remember boys and girls:
Trading curbs, which prevent a massive selloff in the market, remained active on the New York Stock Exchange after going into effect just after the market opened.
[ cf Stocks submarined by Citi, Exxon ]
Always fun for the freeMarketeers to done their Mickey Mouse Ears, and ask
Me Worry?
since of course they NEVER believed in the EVIL of excessive regulatory intervention into the majikal Marvels of the Free Market System and the Invisible Foote of the FreeThingiesStuff.

Besides, why worry, Nuclear Merchantilism will always Work!!! Because Jesus gave us Nukes.

Glenn Beck Joins Ranks Of Demonic Defeatists...

Summary: Citing films such as Happy Feet, Superman Returns, and the forthcoming G.I. Joe, Glenn Beck stated, "I believe some are trying to indoctrinate our kids into hating their own country, turning us into some one-world-government nightmare; hating America, turning it into a dirty word." He later added, "We must preserve our symbols of national pride and power, be they a flag, a cross, characters like Superman or G.I. Joe."
[ cf "Citing new G.I. Joe movie, Glenn Beck warned of a possible "one-world-government nightmare" ]
Hum, for us or againsts us....

There can only be one....

So yes, there will be a one world government when all of the countries have been freed from being UnAmerican!

I mean what did Glenn Beck think we were in the Most Holiest Of Holy Crusades against theyThemThosePeople, and their Evil Monsters Too....


Or are you once again out in force stabbing our troops in the back because you can not accept that we are in the Most Totally Awesomist War since the first episode of Dick And Dubya's Most Awesome Adventure....

Reality IS amused....

Ok, someone in the cosmos understands that this is a clear and compelling argument from divine comedy:
Japan has made the announcement that they are going to stop their naval mission which supports the U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda stated on Wednesday though that the mission is not totally done with as Japan is hopeful that after the government resolves a political impasse which is keeping the mission from continuing, that it will resume.

[ cf Japan will stop their naval support for the U.S. in Afghanistan ]
WOW, the Japanese Navy, abandons american forces in a landlocked nation.....

Yes, I understand Mahon's notionof "projection of power ashore" - but how many of the truly patriotic feel more manly about having abandoned the support of our troops, uh, to the Japanese Navy, the lovely people who brought us Pearl Harbor....

Yeah.... tasty....

How can, or should, one make distinctions between christianists and COE?

Let us remember that when we are looking at language like 'christianist' - especially in our 'modern', or more accurately, PostSurrealistModern, era, we need a working definition that conforms with the general problem of it's conceptual counterpart, the non-distinctions within Islam, about who is on whom's side.

I have always found it amusing that for the last fourty years the neoConClownCarCrew loved to lump all of the 'liberals' - anyone who was not them, into the same bucket. Hence an actual republican who felt that the law in america was still legal, were on the same groun and footing as Abbie Hoffman.

So I am just trying to help the nice folks understand that I am more than willing to work with this very interesting implementation of 'no excluded middle' - where here are only two nodes - Good, EVIL!

Who knows, maybe some day we as americans may decide if we want mmore than a one bit world.

Thank GOD it is not satanism, or chanting "god wants more dead soldiers"

Yeah, the real reason to stop the Evil Liberal Halloween is
On the October 31 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, co-host Sean Hannity claimed that "Halloween is a liberal holiday" and "is teaching our kids to be liberals." Hannity explained that "we're teaching kids to knock on other people's doors and ask for a handout." Co-host Alan Colmes responded by asking if that meant that Christmas is a "liberal holiday." Colmes asserted that Halloween represents "the act of giving," and asked: "Isn't that a Christian thing, to give, to share with your community?" Hannity replied: "Not to teach your kids to beg for a handout."
[ cf Hannity channels The Onion? Claims "liberal" Halloween "teach[es] kids to knock on other people's doors and ask for a handout" ]

HEY KIDS, Do NOT do that evil Liberal Halloweening!!!!

Learn to be a patriotic american and get those No Bid Contracts, with Graft GraftOnBits, as a part of over all enhanced and improved pro-active lobbying action Figures!!!!

Yeah, that is so what they should be doing....

What Is God's Wonderful Plan Here?

Clearly we should all be wondering, given:
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers proposed on Thursday reducing the flow of water from Georgia rivers into Alabama and Florida in a bid to resolve a tussle among the three states over water use during a drought.

The states will also work on a fresh plan for the corps on how to respond to the drought, U.S. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne told a news conference that followed a meeting among the governors of the three southeastern states.

[ cf Southeastern US states make fresh plan for drought ]
Hum.... U.S. Army Corp of Engineers????

Not quite the right folks to be working on a problem that is CLEARLY something well within the Department of Homeland Sacred Faith Based Divine Defense Against The Godless Heathens.

Makes me wonder what sort of liberals are running loose out east there in what is clearly God's Divinely Judged Land of Demonic Possession and God Hating America Bashers....

Now do not get me wrong here folks, when people have Offended God, the one true and only god, the God of Reverend Phelps, that this one True and ONLY God has caused a draught, you would think these folks would fall on their Knees before the Most Holy Blessed Virgin HanoiAnnie Coulter and beseeched her to intercede for them that there may be prosperity restored to the land.

Clearly calling in some Engineer Guys is way tooo close to openly Capitulating To Science...

Can Christianists Be Nice People...

Here is an ugly thought experiment for, oh, say HanoiAnnie Coulter, and friends, what do they do with Nikodemous since as a Phrarisee of the Sanhedrin ( you know, the Taliban of their day, and all that.... ( I shall leave it to the dogmatists to worry about the niggling details about when a given terrorist clique of armed thugs becomes a legitimate government? After they abandon their articles of confederacy for a Federalist Backed Constitution? Or when they build and Imperial Capital on a neutral ground. I'm Easy... )

Are we suppose to majikally leap that he was actually really the Tammy Faye Baker of his day? Or, uh, could he have been as the text lists it, and no more than what the text lists, as one who is a decent person doing a decent thing??? Even IF he is going to burn in the Firey Pit Of HELL for the blood liable and all that jazz....

Oh if only these things were as simple as they seem...

( ok, so i had never heard of the 'nikodemous' of Tappan fame, nor the World Wrestling Hall of Fame one, so I presume that this will also work as a proof positive that Google is a Huge Demonic Ball Of Evil Ikky yukky Pooher, or some such.... )