October 30th, 2007


What is there to worry about???

Hey, wow.... What is the Issue?
Iraq's cabinet today approved a law to remove private security firms' immunity from prosecution in Iraq, in response to the shooting of 17 civilians by Blackwater USA agents last month, a government spokesman said.
The move came as a senior US law enforcement official warned that a state department pledge of immunity could render any US prosecution of Blackwater staff impossible.

"The cabinet has approved a law that will put non-Iraqi firms and those they employ under Iraqi law," Ali al-Dabbagh told Reuters.

[ cf Iraq tackles foreign guards' immunity ]
Why not grant immunity to all of the factions, wouldn't that be simpler????

You know, indemnify the Secretary of State, the CIA, the DOD, and any other part or branch of the Unified Executive, but not those Demonic Congressional Folks, who are clearly all engaged in supporting enemies of the state in a time of transferring tax liabilities unto the Unborn!!!! And we SOOOOOO know how the founding fathers held the time of transferring tax liabilities unto the Unborn as a Very Special Time!!! More special than even Weasel Stomping Day!!!

I mean, what if the Iraqi decide that killing an iraqi citizen in an iraqi prison by an american 'intelligence person' - whether or not they were a dues paying union card carrying member of the american military - was worth more than a mere 5 months in Prison and the BCD???

I mean, we can go back and start bombing other sections of iraq to show them how much we disapprove of their failure to support our american way of life....

Besides, as we know, given the need for the Planet to Right Size it's population with a major die off, why worry about which means and methods God Uses to impose the Natural Order of things???? Clearly our American Troops are Natural, hence they are a part of the Natural Order, hence clearly they are What God Use's, and thus they are Divine, and MUST be exempted from the mere laws of mortal man.

papers to write...

I should thank jakeinhartsel for the tweek, since, well, I grew up reading in PP&E ( Politics, Philosophy and Economics ) and as such view the three as a working group - or a triad, or a trinity, when it comes to the space of what had once been known as mere "political/moral philosophy".

Which is also to say, that the reading list is that old, since yes, once upon a time an american citizen was inclined to have read not only the founding father's but also the intellectual framework within which they both grew up, as well as how those fields have moved on down the trail. ( it is also great for such trivia as when did Parliment pass an act to outlaw the common law 'trial by combat' - and more importantly, does the idea of outlawing 'common law' results make meaningful sense in our american culture? )

Granted that classical trinity does suggest that this is a NON-RELIGIOUS posturing, and that in some way, the whole idea of a Secular Government is clearly outside of Canon Law ( and yes, I think it was a Freudian Teddy and Suspenders that for the longest amount of time I miswrote that as Cannon Law - since of course, well, what better form of Truth than massed artillery to help folks come to Jesus??? ).

It might therefore be fun to take a bit of time and argue the general case for why the process of "political science" will need to understand and be addressed in a trinitarian place, in which we will also add to it the fields of Philosophy ( on the political side ) and Economics, since pragmatically it will be what will offer us the best means of analysis by some reasonable form of metric, and hence a bit of the impetus towards 'science' and not merely to the Orthodoxy of Ideological PURITY OF ESSENCE!!!

{ and yes, you existentialists can now go snicker in the corner. }

The second part of the process would be the generalized argument in favor of the proposition:
Democracy Needs Capitalism.
But Capitalism does not Need Democracy.
The later premise seems to be self evidently true, as we have seen in Italy, China, and the various other law free zones where the sort of No-Bid Contracts have opened up a veritable Free Market in goods and services at the price the market will bear, even if the EVIL DEMONIC LIBERALS get all fruffy about mere graft and corruption. Why should they be upset that in the absence of law, there can be no real regulatory oversight, and hence that the prices will be what the market will bear - including whether or not one gets shipped to GitMo!!!

Don't the Liberals Understand, that without Totally Unfettered Free Markets The Iranian Flying Saucers Will Return!!!!

So obviously what will be needed will be a reasonable explanation as to how the notion of Capitalism can exist in a world without Angels, and yet take us any place, such as Bedford Falls, of It's a Wonderful Life (1946) without the obligation to ultimately and fatalistically arrive at the Imfamous Potterville.

Which amusingly puts the whole question of Religious v. Secular determinism into play in the process here, since we will need to address the questions of 'economics' in the Canonical Systems of Divine Laws.... As well as the problems that come of the evils of a Demonically Posessed Central Economy of Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Zombies. ( one can not be too careful you know, there are economists who are very scared of the idea that Regulatory Oversight in any form is anything but the Rising Of Satan, so let us not scare them yet with the Gross Fear that in an adult world there may be reasonable means of asserting reasonable limits. )

Who knows, we may be able to work out some basic plans for what america will be like, IF americans opt to retreat back to the land of mere law and order, and away from the Heroric Military Heroism Of the Victoriously Glorious Manly Male Masculine Throbbing And Tumultous Turgid Tubor Of TRUTH in a Manly Masculine Military Model of Masculine Manliness!!!

Or maybe that chance has come and left.

A small film angst...

It struck me the other evening, that with the "Indiana Jones" and "Mummy" series of movies, there has been a small restorationist revival of the fun of the "thirties film". Being a fan of the classical horror, drawing room murder mysteries, and many of the things that are 'the b-movie' schedule, but the films that we all just love to hang out and catch on a hair down day....

What does the Red Hollywood Propoganda of the 30's really tell us, as americans, about our selves. Or is the really scary part here, that the films were merely the miracle of the moment, in which the sudden arrival of sound to film, and then more portable camara, an opening up of a new technology for story telling, and we should not impose any sort of analysis of Red Hollywood for the Sort of MainForce Destruction Of Our White Christian America.

Or, we could argue the case the other way around, and that as a Part of the Make America American Act, we need to do the sort of Patriotic Analysis of what sorts of Cultural Warfare the Terrorists In Red Hollywood are doing that Causes GOD to judge them for their demonic activities, and hence oblige god to destroy both the wicked and the innocent alike, because the Innocent accidentally live in the same area as those who must be burned out to purify the land!!!

( in these more patriotic times, it is important to make sure that one remains on the Side of Truth, Justice, and the God Fearing All Ameican Patriotic Red Blooded Throbbing And Tumultously Turbid Turgid Rigidity Of The Divine Will!!!! Or the Terrorists Will Come Back.... )

What I would be most interested in is the image of america that americans really got from those films, as well as the image that Ferrign Devils got of america, and our belief system, based upon the films of the 30's. I worry that there is an elitist sentiment in them, while at the same time, there is also this sort of 'everyman' egalitarianism that smarms through the films as if the 'elites' have their obligations to the maintenance of the american way of life, just like all of the rest!!!

But I am just not sure about them.

It's WAR!!!! Iraq Declares War On America!!!!

An Iraqi government spokesman says Iraq's cabinet has approved a law that lifts immunity from prosecution for private security firms in Iraq.

The spokesman, Ali al-Dabbagh, said Tuesday the measure will subject all security companies to Iraqi law and will revoke the immunity given to foreign security contractors by the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority in 2004.

[ cf Iraq's Cabinet Approves Lifting Immunity for Security Firms ]
Clearly We MUST start rounding up the Usual Suspects, now that the delicate balance of Peace has been torn assunder by the Barberous War Dogs Of the Sinister Oriental Mind that is at this very moment stabbing our Troops And Holy Crusaders In The Back!!!!

Can there be any doubt that now more than EVER!!!!!

Americans MUST RALLY TO THE STANDARDS!!!! and turn in anyone who may be a fellow travellor of the Devil Worshipping Ferrign Devils!!!! It is Your Patriotic Duty!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists WIN!!!

I would pay thirty quatloos for the first NeoCon who could Rationally Argue that Iraq is not at war with the United States Of America, without stepping all over their own ideology while they try to crush their male urges with their Hob Nailed Jack Boots.

Why We Are Clearly WINNING IN IRAN!!!!

The dollar is on the slide and, in Europe and elsewhere, some people think it’s a deliberate policy by the United States to regain its competitiveness and reduce its yawning trade deficit. But U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson insists that ain’t so. The United States is “strongly committed to a strong dollar,” he said. Speaking at FORTUNE’s Global Forum in New Delhi this morning, he reiterated that a strong dollar “is in the U.S. interest.” At the same time, he said that it was up to financial markets to determine currency rates, and cited the recent appreciation of the Indian rupee against the dollar.

It was a brief comment, and he didn’t explain what - if anything - the U.S. is actually doing to support this strong-dollar stance. The dollar has slid 8.5% against the euro this year, and has dropped to parity against the Canadian dollar, a 33-year low. That has given a boost to U.S. exports. But it has caused growing concern in European and other countries with stronger currencies, who fear their competitiveness is being unfairly impaired.

The U.S. has historically preferred to sit back and let markets set its currency exchange rate - but there is a precedent for concerted action to change the dollar’s value. In 1985, the U.S. worked out a deal with France, Germany, Japan and the U.K. to devalue the dollar after it had risen to a record level.

[ quoting Paulson: ‘U.S. strongly committed to strong dollar’ (emphasis mine) ]
Given that this is the long winded form of
John Has A Long Moustache
that is used a signal in both the movie 'the longest day' ( with JOHN WAYNE, moment of hallowed praise ) as well as in the All Time True American Classic Military Heroic Victorious Victory Movie Red Dawn all true Patriotic Americans undrestand that Once Again the great war Hero Henry Paulson has lead the Ongoing GLORIOUS MILITARY VICTORY OVER IRAN!!!!

Can there be any doubt about the Total Military Victories that Are Victorious Glorious and Gloriously Victorious in a Successfully Victorious sort of Victoriously SuccessfulNeff!!!

All Hail Great Leader For Keeping AMERICA american!!!

And Protecting Us From THE GAY HOMOZEXUALS!!!!

Is It Time Yet???

I mean, do we really even NEED a congress, while the nation is in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn?
President Bush says the U.S. Congress is not getting its work done.

Speaking after a meeting with Republican House of Representatives members Tuesday, Mr. Bush said the Democratic Party-controlled Congress has yet to send him appropriations bills that were supposed to be presented to him by October 1.

[ cf Bush Says Congress is Not Getting Its Work Done ]
I mean really now folks.

WHO can actually argue that any of the founding father's held that congress was in any way important when a WarPresident, in the Holy Trinity of WarPresident, WarCzar and Praetor Preatreaus, are engaged in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn!!!

Think of the WarPresident, and how finally it is time to admit that we must stop Congress before it believes that it is a part of the United States Government, and wants to Impose American Laws On America, and mandate that mere mortal man made laws are more important than the Divine Will Of The Great Leader!!!

Are YOU doing your part to protect the constitution from the growing threat that EVIL LIBERALS think that both Congress and the Judiciary have some function, beyond mere performance art, to help Great Leader be GREAT!!!! OR ARE YOU ON THE SIDE OF THE TERRORISTS!!!

I so hate Whining Liberals...

Hey, yes, ok, so crude oil prices are up to something like $91.65 per barrel. Look at the bright side, that is only when one counts that in american dollars, it is like that is the actual value in patriotic Red Reagans.

Geez these Whining Liberals.

But Thugs HELP Journalists Understand the Technical Bits.

I'm laughing, but only because it's easier than crying. One of the things that has obviously worked very well on the press in recent years has been sheer, thuggish intimidation. When they aren't in actual agreement, they are clearly frightened.
"Don't tase me bro" could be the DC press corps' motto. As you can see, it works very well. After a while you don't even have to do anything --- taming the press corps now is as easy as simply threatening to deny them access. The people who don't comply tend to be the older guys like Seymour Hersh, who have become immune, and certain younger, iconoclastic types who are just temperamental rebels. A real tasering may be required for them at some point.

[ cf Thank You Sir, May I Have Another? ]
Hopefully more journalists will come to understand the security needs of the nation.

Especially what could happen to their sons and daughters, were journalists to stray from the True Holy Path of Purification in the Blinding Light Of Great Leader!!!!'

The article also cites
"I am a far more reasoned individual than I was a short while ago, and the reasoned response of the university has helped me a great deal," Meyer wrote.

Shorter version: He loves Big Brother.
[ cf "Don't tase me, bro" future journalist shocked into a life of submission ]
Ah yes.... a cure.

Isn't it gooder to know that we have found a cure for unamericanims in our life time.

Why Worry, Get Immunity...

WOW... how can there be any form of crime, when all it takes is Immunity Grantors
(Releads with State, Pentagon agreement)
Efforts to prosecute guards involved in the incident could be complicated by a grant of limited immunity offered by State Department investigators, U.S. officials also said on Tuesday.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates met on Tuesday to discuss a working group's recommendations to give the U.S. military "considerably more involvement in contractor operations," the Pentagon said.

[ cf US to tighten rules for Iraq contractors ]
WOW!!! I feel so much safer knowing that Reuter's News service is restructuring their journalism like products to comply with state department and defense department desires.

Why gosh, not since the last round of indemnifying folks, has there ever been this SurgeTastical A Surge of Imdenification so that we can be protected from the growing threat that folks would consider that american law were legal in America For Americans!!!

So that folks do not have to cheat, and peek, and gosh, who knows how those lead paragraphs may change by the time folks check next, here is what the Improved New Data was
The Pentagon and U.S. State Department have agreed to tighten rules governing private security contractors in Iraq, giving a greater oversight role to the U.S. military, officials said on Tuesday.

The proposed changes emerged from a review triggered by a shooting incident in Baghdad last month in which security guards from U.S. security firm Blackwater, working for the State Department, are accused of having killed 17 Iraqis.

{ op cit }

WOW, now the DOD would be responsible for vetting which illegal alien armed combatant were allowed to kill whom within which area of WhatNeff??? Clearly a much more forward movement progess in progression of progressing towards a progress what will satisfactorially reform the reformation of reforming.

But what am I worrying about, these are the veritable bastion of radical left wing extremist revolving doors of justice where nothing really matters and no one really is responsible for anything they say, or do, let alone whom they accidentally kill, drunk or sober, so why not just Party ON WarDudes!!!

Thank god it is not like any actually living americans care about the reputation of the government's welfare programme for people who can not afford to own their own weapons range. I mean, GOD protected that sport for a reason and the government has an obligation to allow folks to have a chance to Kill For Jesus, or they would, well, heavens we would not want to think what could happen if those folks were deprived of their constitutionally protected right to kill for jesus....

Why Shucky Darns, they might have to live like ordinary americans, and comply with actual american laws, customs, and traditions. Even if that meant giving up on the fun of warcrimes for the whole family. Why not try something a bit more old fashion, like reading books around the candle light, or the fire in the fireplace, rather than trying to always teach the kids how to do night map co-ordinate problems while dropping mortar fire on top of the folks living down the lane.... EVEN if that means that the kids may not get the HolyJesusMortarMan Award for their sixth grade home schooling class....

Oh well, who knows, by now those two paragraphs may have been re-written by the folks at FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, showing that there have always been secret sinister sleeper sells that have been engaged in the terrorist acts of phoney press conferences, and that it was this that the blackwater army was attacking earlier today as total glorious victory over the Sinister Sleeper Cells was Victoriously Won Gloriously in the 13th Battle of the Sleep Easy Mattress Factory.

I mean it could happen. but probably not till they improve the choco-rations.

Speaking Of Stephen Colberts's New Civic Action Plan....

... but isn't he suppose to take over the government before making all of these jokes:
The Bush administration said it had spent $43.5 billion on spying in fiscal 2007, as it bowed on Tuesday to a law ordering disclosure of a figure the government has kept secret for most of the past 60 years.

"Disclosure of the amount of the budget is a good first step toward accountability," said Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, which has campaigned for publication of the annual intelligence budget.
The $43.5 billion is about what outside experts had expected, Aftergood said, and is about 50 percent more than the government is believed to have spent in 2001.

"That's a large increase in spending that is difficult to spend wisely," Aftergood said. He said the figure does not include an estimated $10 billion or more in military intelligence spending.

[ cf Spy budget, at $43.5 billion, is no secret now ]
Remind me where they blew that budget again???

Uh, now that we have a radical increase in how to shift tax payer's dollars to the friends of Brownie&Friends, uh, should americans care about this new welfare programme, and that, well, gosh, like the whole failure of the Homeland Security, that, is well, not keeping the heimat safe from the ferrign devils, since there are americans who actually put tobasco sauce on FOOD!!! showing that they are Demonic Underlings of FerrignDevils who are NOT AT ALL AMERICAN!!!

Now more than ever americans must Return to Blood and Soil, so that they can be Blood and Iron, and Irony Blood, as they can be!!!

You know, for the kids!!!

Ok, so I have to ask. I wonder how much of the so called intelligence budget is getting, well, 'blown' at Helga's House Of Pain where, for a little extra, one can truly enjoy the intelligence gathering session.

And for even more dollars, she is willing to wear the Dick Cheney mask so you get more patriotic wood in it all.