October 24th, 2007


Why NOT a BushCheney2008 Victory????

Has anyone noticed that currently Stephen Colbert is out in front of at least three of the republocrat presidential candidates running against Truth, Justice And the American Way as they seek to stab the troops in the back by not supporting the President!!!
Stephen Colbert’s presidential campaign —a compellingly postmodern play on identity and politics (or something like that)—is apparently being taken seriously enough by the polling firm Public Opinion Strategies to merit Colbert’s inclusion in the lineup of candidates the firm is currently tracking. Here’s how the TV comedian—who says he’s running as both a Democrat and a Republican—is doing in the race for White House glory.
[ cf Colbert Ahead of 3 Democrats in Presidential Poll ]
Hey Boys and Girls, maybe it is so much time to get past angstFestivalizing about the ZombiePhlashMobs, I mean pack up your The Anti-Zombie Position and the Kraquehaus Productions - Zombies, get off my lawn!, as clearly until they opt IN to having their Own RepuliCrat Stab Our Troops In The Back Presidential Candidate, they are merly play acting that they are mallRatsDeluxe!!!

Are YOU backing the BushCheney2008 Victory Dream???? Or are you merely one more ZombiePhlashMobOfOne!!!

Remember, Vote For BushCheney2008 or we force the kitten to do bong hitz 4 Jesus!!!

So why does Glenn Beck Hate American Troops In So Cal???

Gosh, golly, gee whiz, could it be that Glenn Beck, and the rest of the laugh for dead G.I. Crowd, keep forgetting that one of the problems is that americans are actually listening to them??? Ah yes, why is it that Glenn Beck wants to live in his happy land of no personal responsibiity, while play acting that he hates, well, gosh, his own personal stand on taking no personal responsibility for his Hate America Campaign.

But I guess we have all grown accustom to his ilk and their laugh while others are suffering, like the GI families that are losing their homes and personal belongings, and the Fine Folks like Glenn Beck want to keep on cutting the resources that GOOD GOVERNANCE would provide to help not only prevent these fires, but to limit the impact of those fires on the less wealthy in our midst, like the very GI families that have to bear the brunt, not only of the fire, but of the national policy of 'restoring the wetlands in iraq'.

Who knows, maybe it is TIME for folks like Glenn Beck to work out why do they not only HATE AMERICA but hate the American Military Community as well...

ah yes, but gosh, that would mean that Glenn Beck would have to explain why, since he is clearly not a journalist, and is, well, such a Red Hollywood Elitist Stand Up Comic, that he hates himself and his class.

( cf Beck responds to criticism: "We joke a lot about ... the Hollywood crowd living in Southern California"

Can America Get Past The Art Of The Hissy Fit????

Ah yes, another Fantastic Blast from digby up at The Art Of The Hissy Fit where she elegantly details the whole play pretense at outrage that comes with the horror of the day.

The sad tragedy here is that it may help me understand why it is so hard for the NeoConClownCarCrew to actually understand that 'those is fighting words' when they call those of us with prior military service, 'traitors aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war' - since, no, it is not 'faux outrage', like gingrich or limbaugh's wanking about how shocked that there are adultry being done.


Actually it is a part of the unpleasantry that gets wrapped up in the need to remind ourselves that we are not allowed to kill phoney civilians, merely because they are so desirous of committing suicide by drieux!!!
No Contract, No Killing!
We Are Professionals.
Which might actually help americans to start working out where do they really want to stand....

How close to the armed chaos do they really want to bring america?

Or gosh, why not try to be, gosh, well HONEST!!!

The first place that we really need to start working the process is with the voters, so that they start to understand that when they see the sort of hate monger, that then gets 'protected' as 'comedy' because the hate monger does not want to be held accountable for their actual acts. That gosh, those hate mongers just, well, gosh HATE THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE!!!

Why gosh, golly, gee whiz, who knows, after that, we might regress to a place where the merits of an argument are addressed and not the party ideology of any of the persons putting forward any of the given propositions.

BUT GOSH that way would mean abandoning the party apparachniki of the NeoConClownCarCrew and returning to the fundamentals of dull, staid and boring old fashion civics 101 class room decorum about decency, civility, and the appropriate civic virtues...

NAH, not going to happen until americans decide that they WANT to win the CounterInsurgency here in the good old United States Of America. And who wants to do that when one can just blow a Hissy Fit over the fact that those liberals do not want to Support BushCheney2008 because they are all defeatist cut and runners.

Are YOU a Pro-Jihaudist???

over at TPM they have:
Okay, I know I've been talking a lot about David Horowitz and Islamofascism Awareness Week (IAW) today. But there are so many serious and weighty questions in life, so much tragedy and heartbreak that you really have to grab on to the comedy with both hands when it comes along. And watching IAW really is like watching a real live version of Spinal Tap or Waiting for Guffman unfold before you.

So anyway, I stop by Horowitz's FrontPage magazine to see how things are going with IAW. And the first thing that catches my eye is David's latest rant about how George Soros, Hillary, the Center for American Progress and the Muslim Brotherhood, inter alia, have created a pro-Jihad alliance to attack David and crush Islamofascism Awareness Week. Then a lot of stuff I had a hard time following.

[ cf Catching up with IAW ]
Yes Sir....

Ok, so I leave the 'money shot' of his take over there, because, well, let's be honest, in a time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn!!! You either support the God Given Right to form tax free corporations that can be constued as Faith Based Initiatives to get on the gravey train of tax payers bucks, so that your hate filled WarMongering Advocacy helps you Expiate Your Personal Guilt And Demons!!!!



Some Times The Art IS a Threat!

“These are troubled times. There is no greater safety valve for discontent and cynicism about the affairs of government than freedom of expression in any form.” —Federal Judge Murray Gurfein on the publishing of the Pentagon Papers

Veteran actor Stacy Keach leads L.A. Theatre Works—America’s foremost radio theater company—in a live radio-theater-style production of Geoffrey Cowan and Leroy Aarons’ docudrama Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers. A revealing look at First Amendment issues, the play dramatizes the Washington Post’s controversial decision to publish top-secret documents detailing America’s involvement in the Vietnam War and is read from the stage with sound effects created live as in the golden age of radio.

[ cf L.A. Theatre Works, The Pentagon Papers ]
This is at the Stanford Dinkelspiel Auditorium this week end...

It is clearly a dangerous Idea to do a live radio show format stage performance of the Pentagon Paper while the nation is in the middle of the Most Holiest of Holy Crusades to Restore The Wetlands Of Iraq, showing the World that we have Defeated Our Vietnam Syndrome, and Can go on being MORE at WAR than ever before because now we are so clearly in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn, which is the most Heroically Patriotic of All THINGS since the First Days of the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp!!!

The only important question is whether americans should attend this to protest the lack of patriotism involved, or should they be the Zombie Phlash Mob to show up and act appropriately for such an event, acting as, well, both the alledged concerned liberal anti-war types and the more patriotically corrector than thou pro-war types who are more than willing to stand around chanting
because anything less and the terrorists win...


Iraq To Stab Troops in The Back!!!!

Shocking!!! It is Just SHOCKING!!!! They let that draft dodger impose ROE's on our Troops, the Blackwater Army, and look what happens, her puppet toadies in Baghdad take her sign of weakness as a sign of weakness:
The Iraqi government plans to submit a draft law to parliament soon to bring foreign private security contractors under Iraqi jurisdiction and end their immunity from prosecution, an Iraqi official said on Wednesday.

The legislation follows a number of deadly shootings involving foreign security guards, most controversially a September 16 incident in which guards employed by U.S. firm Blackwater killed 17 people.

[ cf Iraq drafting law to end foreign guards' immunity ]

Will the Iraqi decide that their mere laws of Mortals should be imposed upon the welfare queens of the american government as well???? And that this should be allowed to take precedence over the Divine WILL!!!!


I mean what is wrong with an American IRAQ, rather than allowing Iraq to fall to the Iraqi's?????


god, doesn't it just burn you up how ungrateful these people are after all that we have done to them...

sometimes the comment is worth The Kvetch...

Operation Iraqi Freedom a name interesting in it own right. Perhaps a better name would have been "Fall Gelb Iraq."

Firstoff let us pensar un poco on just how much freedom, Fall Gelb has provided to the Iraqi's. Let us see:

1) Freedom to peaceable assembly, and they certainly have that if, of course being blown up by various types of bombs might be considered to be a sort of a negative.

2) Freedom of Religion - they have that in Spades, of course if in the wrong neighborhood the Spades are the digging types.

3) Freedom of Speach - works like a charm, but be sure not to set up your soap box on a avenue used by Swartzwasser.

4) Freedom to vote - But be sure to keep the purple ink off a finger that you may need later.

But the thing that really puzzles me is why the smoldering shrub has not been brought before the Nuremburg Tribunal vis-a-vi operation Fall Gelb Iraq

[ citing jakeinhartsel's take on the feature richness ]
ah yes...

what can I say, I just love Swartzwasser, since it is so loving a term....

Kid, have you deconstructed yourself....

Thank GOD!!! Something to revitalize McCain's Campaign:
John McCain is hip. He's with it. And to prove it, his latest campaign ad starts with a swirling, psychedelic pattern of colors and the song "Light My Fire" by the Doors playing in the background.

The Arizona senator's ad, which begins running tomorrow in New Hampshire, moves quickly to its real point: making fun of New York Sen. Hillary Clinton for seeking $1 million for a Woodstock Concert museum in an appropriations bill on Capitol Hill.

"Now my friends, I wasn't there," McCain says in the ad, which is produced using video from the last Republican debate. As the ad cuts to scenes of hippies at Woodstock, McCain says: "I'm sure it was a cultural and pharmaceutical event. I was, I was tied up at the time."

And that's the real point of the ad: to show what happened at the debate when McCain referenced being a prisoner of war in Hanoi during Woodstock.

[ cf New McCain Ad Riffs on Summer of Love }
Should we tell the kid that the 'sumer of love' was on the west coast, in 1967, after nearly a years worth of plugging the product by then Governor Ronald Reagan who had been elected in the 1966 election, on a platform that it was time to finally deal with the problems raised by such things as the "Free Speach Movment". I mean what sort of country would it be if our college educated children actually believed the political rhetoric of the founding fathers, as IF that were some basis for making rational decision.

And yes, if you are that stoned, we are talking about the Former Governor Reagan, who as the head of the Actors Guild, a known communist front organization in Red Hollywood, was the head of the Democrats For Nixon, in the 1960 Campaign when the Evil Liberals Stabbed White Christian America in the Back to impose their God Hating America bashing Papist Regime of JFK...

But of course when we are playing the sixties card, it is clear that we do NOT want to get too close to any of the gory details.... Like the Unpleasant reality that in January 1968, when the Tet '68 broke across south vietnam, both MACV and the JCS called for an unequivocal declaration of war. But LBJ shined that on, and in 1969, Richard M. Nixon, the peace candidate, rather than getting the unequivical declaration of war, began to bring the american troops home... since he wanted Peace With Honor In Our Time, no matter what happened to the POW's in North Vietnam.....

Ah yes.... but of course to talk about the actual flow of history can be somewhat complicating... since, well, gosh, it would also mean pointing out that the Crush at the Concert in Woodstock NEW YORK, there are a whole bunch of woodstocks in new england as well, but that is another story, was all about the fun of being able to get into the concert for free, even though decent folks had already paid good money for this glorious manifestaton of the Superiority Of Market Economics...

But we have to wonder, will McCain and the rest of the little players be attacking free market economics as they continue to Stab The Troops In The Back as they OPENLY OPPOSE BushCheney2008, because of their, well, little personal issues...

Ah yes, if only we could take the concerns about winning the vietnam war this time around just a little more seriously in light of the current crisis of culture about the Importance of being a Member of the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp, and their devoted prayer warriors... I mean, maybe McCain should be asking himself what exactly WAS god's message that he was only able to fly with the Welfare Queens of the American military, and was unable to secure a billet in a more prestigious RealMilitaryHeroUnit, like the fighting 101st keyboardists, and their devoted prayer warriors....

Maybe then McCain would have a way to explain to folks why anything about his vietnam experience were in anyway releveant to the whole nation building project of restoring the wetlands to iraq... I mean, everyone else knows that this is Not Vietnam, except of course when it is....

So who knows, maybe the Evil Leftist Liberal Media Meat Puppets need to seriously deconstruct themselves about the importance of knowing that San Francisco is on the Right Coast of the Pacific Ocean, and New York is on the Left Coast of Atlantic, and a heck of a lot closer to FreedomLand than S.F. - I mean we do not have to worry about an attack of Frog who hate our Freedom Fries!!!!

I mean, I mean, I Mean,
Have YOU deconstructed Yourself?
and I told them I had, and they all....

Help Your drieux....

the recent doonsebury stream has been about the politics of fear and smear, and how the president's new Ari Fleischer, is, well, still trying to get up to speed on how to sound like an adult while still saying the things that she says....

Will someone PLEASE explain to me why is this?

The second round of that fear is that we will get someone else in the white house after the 2008 season.

The terciary fear here is that they will make the current regime seem at least rational and consistent.