October 22nd, 2007


maybe getting marjo's academy award winning film is....

I was following up a URL lead, and then did a bit of googling and found Female Space Invaders (1978) which runs from $37.61 give or take, new and used available at amazon.... Given that one can get the academy award winner of his work at about $16.94, on a double header with THOTH, one has to wonder how little americans appreciate Academy Award Winning Documentaries. ( Marjoe Gortner Wiki Entry )

So hum... what does this say about why we MUST WIN against The Demons of Liberalism and their Iranian Flying Saucer PayMasters???? Short Film, after the Cut:
Oh Yeah, a short six minute FilmCollapse )

Bonging Canada may not be optional...

I justs ran across Groovy Scripting which is a dynanic scripting language based upon the Java Virtual Machine....

I mean, like dude, uh....

What as that Intellectual Property Law about like Totally Bogus Naming Schema and how the evil one would rise up out of the Ground and eat up like all of your Brain Waves, and you like, uh, totally die in a screaming raving painful fit....

Or Whatever...

StreamLining The Constittution Through Effective Editing.

The Radical Right Wing extremist puppet toadies of the Current Tree Hugger in Cheif, the amnesty international folks, offer up a clarified, as with butter and a sauce pan, version of the Constitution in a PDF format: ( here ) which I really think is a far more patriotic position than any of the others being offered up by the Pygmies of RINO land.

As such, you can support Amnest International, and the Divine Rights, or you are on the side of the Terrorists!

Any Questions?

Should we leave the Phoney Civilian Crisis Alone? Or What?

Today marks five years since the authorization of military force in Iraq, setting Operation Iraqi Freedom in motion. Five years on, the Iraq war is as undermanned and under-resourced as it was from the start. And, five years on, Iraq is in shambles.

As Army captains who served in Baghdad and beyond, we've seen the corruption and the sectarian division. We understand what it's like to be stretched too thin. And we know when it's time to get out.

What does Iraq look like on the ground? It's certainly far from being a modern, self-sustaining country. Many roads, bridges, schools and hospitals are in deplorable condition. Fewer people have access to drinking water or sewage systems than before the war. And Baghdad is averaging less than eight hours of electricity a day.
There is one way we might be able to succeed in Iraq. To continue an operation of this intensity and duration, we would have to abandon our volunteer military for compulsory service. Short of that, our best option is to leave Iraq immediately. A scaled withdrawal will not prevent a civil war, and it will spend more blood and treasure on a losing proposition.

America, it has been five years. It's time to make a choice.

[ cf The Real Iraq We Knew
By 12 former Army captains ]
As one of my evil liberal friends noted in email
The treatment soldiers of any rank who disagree with the accepted wisdom is pretty consistent. Either they're examples of Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" or they were never proper military men in the first place. Of course, the same strategy has been applied to former cabinet officers, security advisors, and anybody else who has strayed from the one true path: "We never liked him, anyway." It's worked a treat for them so far, maybe it'll always work on some of the people some of the time.
( private email )
Ah yes....

Or should we just shift along to a more effective strategy and forget about the troops more openly, and just say that it is all a part of some failed KLINTONESTAISM, and move on with why the wonders of the House Flipping Industry is creating wealth for everyone...