October 21st, 2007


More Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets Attacking Freedom Fighters!

Hey boys and girls, time for the old thinking cap:
Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money on private lawyers to pursue cases against people and organizations he and Sheriff Joe Arpaio politically oppose.

Thomas has paid Wilenchik and Bartness, the company he worked for immediately before taking office, at least $320,000 for legal services related to a range of opponents and high-profile political cases, according to county records.

Another firm, Iafrate & Rai, has been paid at least $35,000 to handle part of the county attorney’s legal work involving Phoenix New Times, the alternative newsweekly that on Friday was at the center of a public backlash against Thomas and Arpaio after sheriff’s deputies arrested and jailed its executives over violating grand jury secrecy rules.

[ cf Thomas uses private lawyers on opponents ]
Oh Me, Oh My!!!

Well first off, lets cover the basics. We all understand that there is a Unitary Executive, and that all true Power Derives from the Will Of Great Leader, as Great Leader Manifests The Most Exhaulted Divine!!! That in these times of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn the nation is at the mostest case of allowing the Unitary Executive take such actions, including, but not limited to, military actions, to secure the american people from such threats, real, or imaginary, or actually real Imaginary, that may or may not be actually percievable, but are of such a quality or type or necessity as mandates manning the rails of the SwiftBoatsForBloviation, herein after referred to 'war like related activities' or 'war' for short, but not as in 'war' as would be legally binding upon both the congress and the president in a constitutonal manner, nor as in 'war' as would be the get out of jail free card for all of those insurance policies, but 'war' as in 'the mostest war EVER'!

As such, and given the added extra special authoriztions of such persons and/or organizations, to take what ever actions they deem would be a lawful action, were such actions covered by a lawful order, or at least by something that would appear to be a lawful order, or at least an order, or a highly recommended course of action, or merely the voices in their head that sounded as if they had come from on high, or at least on higher up the chain of command, that such actions are MANDATORY AND OBLIGATORY in a time of transferring the tax liability unto the unborn.

As such, even state officials can in fact be actual members of the extra specially hyperly endowed true believers and most holiest of holy warriors in this most Holiest of Holy Crusades, as a part of the time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn, that anyone who opposes them opposed not only Truth, Justice, And The American Way!!! But also are stabbing our troops in the back and backing the Demonic Underlings Of The Dark Lords Of The Burning Pits of Gehenna.

At which point it becomes intuitively self evident, and clear and compelling, that the evil doing evil doers of the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppetry engaged in the Apostate Devil Worshipping God Hating And Crown Bashing OPPOSITION to the Divine Will and continue as the Puppet Toadies of The Evil OverLord and MUST be burned at the stake to Keep America American!!!! And that there is no other course open to a free and independent america no longer Persecuted by Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Canadianists!!!

oh and then there was this part of the Evil Liberal Smear
Since January 2005, Thomas’ office has hired about 50 private law firms to handle county legal work at a cost of nearly $13 million, according to records.
( op cit ) (emphasis mine)
Oh well that makes a difference!!!

When these Evil Doing Spend And Spend Liberals are allowed to shirk their patriotic duty to persecute the demonic forces of ikkyYukkyPoohPerIsms, and use the government as merely a conduit to transmogrify the tax payers' hard earned monies into the revenue cash cow of the personal puppets, well, that is clearly something that should be seriously considered and discussed in a rational manner before we decide that the Evil Liberal Media should NOT stab our troops in the back by release the National Security Items that keep a free republic the sort of creepy freeperville that causes nightmares in innocent young children!!!!


and the need to keep them safe.

Why I Blame My Friends...

So I was mostly pleased by ronebofh rant quis custodiet ipsos custodes, et cui bono?, since it is an amusing insight but rests upon a series of totally FeNorked Premisise that rest upon Deep Seated Unresolved Premisii that are still trying to resolve their Unresolved Childhood Issues from Past Lives, and as such are not useful in the construction of a valid argument. At which point I fell off the side of the Comic Section for Girl Genius and through the offworld designs to the Scary Self Destructive HORROR of zzPower Puff Goth Cami. Yeah, ok, remind me again, how does that phrase even hold together in any rational context???

I'm not sure if it is a violation of the Computer Decency Act to mention that there is a section for cthulhu, that has a 'happy face' cthulhu with the slogan "Everything I needed to KNOW, I learned from cthulhu". I'm sure that some super secret subtext of the Patriot Act SHOULD be applicable to that sort of KulturKampf against our Great Traditional American Family Values!!!

I am sooo afraid that main stream america is so swirling around and around in the big cosmic porcelline bowl!!!

Ok, the "jesus saves, you all take splash damage" is clearly Why Anime Won. t-shirt, i mean, go deal with it.

Speaking Of States Sponsoring Terrorism....

Suprise, Suprise, Suprise:
Hundreds of Buddhist monks, celebrating a U.S. award for the Dalai Lama, clashed with police for four days in the capital of Tibet, the far-west Himalayan region of China, a Hong Kong newspaper said on Sunday.

China, which reviles the Dalai Lama as a separatist, has angrily denounced the award of the Congressional Gold Medal as a "farce" that would hurt relations between Beijing and Washington.

[ cf Tibetan monks "clash" with police over Dalai Lama ]

Makes one wonder why it was that the president opted to back some Non-Christian God Hater Feudal Lord who is seeking to take his people back to the time BEFORE there was a Muslim Uprising on the Arabian Peninsula that would drive out the Christians From The Holy Lands!!!

What was the President's Super Sekret Message to the Guiliani Base of alledged conservatives who have nothing to fear about the restoration of Feudalism in a Pagan Heathen Format...