October 18th, 2007


Thanks Tom Scud, for a part of the Armenian Problem

As usual, two nice subreferences in On the Armenian genocide resolution thing the first is from Michael O'Hare, and tries hard to be reality based, the rebutal mrk kleinman centers on the small problem, namely that to this date the Turkish Government, and culture, does not admit to the Genocide.

The bonus add in all of this, well, comes from a Radio Spot, which 'googles up' as St. John Armenian Church, San Francisco which notes that back in 1910 there were not that many armenians in SF...

So let us put on our thinking cap here... What if a Nation had engaged in Genocidal Warfare AGAINST christians, do you think that the so called 'neocons' and 'theocons' would be sitting on the side line asking congress to stay out of that problem....

Hum.... I wonder.

Or is the unpleasant comedic moment here that suddenly it all becomes clear that the whole whinefest about the persecution of christians is 'strictly for domestic consumption' when it is important to rally the base, and should not be in any way construed as establishing a platform of rational thought, or a basis for any type of national policy.

Will Brownback Back Colbert?

Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas), who has struggled to compete financially for the Republican presidential nomination, will announce tomorrow that he is dropping out of the 2008 contest, the Associated Press reported this morning.
[ cf Brownback to Drop Out? ]
interesting, but more so when you put it next to:
Famous philosopher Stephen Colbert announced his presidential candidacy on the prestigious political show "The Colbert Report".
The bookmakers should be scared by the "Stephen Colbert for President" idea. Stephen was and still is listed at Bodog Sports with the odds 800/1 to become the next US President. Imagine the dent in the books he is about to put. Watch as Stephen Colbert announces he is joining the presidential pursuit:

[ cf Stephen Colbert for president announced on a prestigious show ]
Maybe, just maybe, this would be a good time to review the campaign rhetoric and posturing of 2004, and ask ourselves if voting for anyone OTHER that BushCheney2008 is simply more of the same old Stab The Troops In The Back Liberal Defeatism???

We can only hope that Colbert's BRILLIANT strategy will force the left wing RINO's who are so clearly stabbing our Troops in the back by not Supporting BushCheney2008, to well, all resign and accept the inevitability of total victory and a mission accomplished disco duck dance by the BushCheney2008 team that is the obvious and most compelling of all manifestations of the Argument From Divine Comedy!!!


Or are you a Satanic HomoSeXual Stabbing Our Troops In The Back???

Org Chart of GeekNeff, is bad

Ok, it worries me when there is a debate on where the furries v. klingon stuff fits in the geek org chart - but when some one puts together a Geek Hierarchy it is time to seriously debate Bonging Canada....

Has anyone thought about where to put the creating a stop action film with the Jesus, with kung fu grip, action figures or does that just cross more than one line at a time?

Ooopsie We Nuked Them Again....

Hey kids, don't you feel safer knowing that the SecDef and The Chief of the OKW are both very upset about the fact that lower grade military personnel were running around america with bombers loaded out with nukes, and they really want to make sure that the word goes out that joyRidingWithNukesIsForKooks!!! Although they were willing to concede that these things happen....

Wow, can't you just wait for the MashUp on YouTube where we have britany spears interlaced between her "oops i did it again" and "I am the Anti-Christ", with the socially underpleasant moments when a few american cities that had formerly been soft on Gay HomoZeXual Zombies were, well, re-evaluating there tax base in light of the recent nuking....

Come on boys and girls you can say it,
"Oopsie, minor nuke strike by mistake, it is NOT like the whole USAF went on a Nuclear Rampage bombing ALL of the Gay HomoZeXual Pro-Zombie cities and towns. Besides it is all authorized by congress under either actual legislation or as a part of a signing statement that allows the president to excuse anyone who thought they were doing the right thing."
I thought you could...

But THINK of the Fun...

Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari says a Turkish military incursion against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq would have serious repercussions for the entire region.
[ cf Iraq Says Turkish Incursion Would Destabilize Region ]
They say that like it were a bad thing?

Besides it would help open up a path to total victory over Iran and the Iranian Flying Saucers - and clearly all americans can support the need to win, even if it does mean allowing the Turks to irradicate the christian kurds, because, well, sometimes an internal ideological disfunctionality within domestic political structures should not be an excuse to prevent the irradication of various groups within the greater glory of greater military victories for no other reason than purely domestic political agendas!!!

I mean, well, it is not like the removal of the christian armenians, whom of course, well, is not really an issue for anyone, especially the turks, who do not recognize that it was even an issue back in the day..

Besides, it is not like we would be killing any White Christian Americans, so relax folks!!!

Third world wars always start in the Balkans....