October 9th, 2007


Torture? What Torture??? There Can Be No Torture!!!

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to review the case of a German man who says he was kidnapped and tortured by CIA agents.

The court did not give its reasons for dismissing the suit, but lower courts have ruled that letting Khaled el-Masri's case go to trial would reveal state secrets.

El-Masri, a German citizen of Lebanese descent, says he was kidnapped by CIA agents in Macedonia in 2003 and flown to Afghanistan. He says he was held for months on suspicion of terrorism and tortured by his interrogators, freed only when U.S. officials determined they seized the wrong man.
Many U.S. allies have condemned Washington's practice of arresting terror suspects and flying them to third countries for questioning.

Human rights groups say they are concerned that some prisoners are tortured.

[ cf Top US Court Dismisses Extraordinary Rendition Case (emphais added by kafka for irony) ]
You SEE!!!

Clearly just because one person was accidentally rendered, doesn't mean that we make a practice of accidentally rendering folks... besides this is a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn and we must protect the state secrets, like where Jimmy Hoffa has been Living in a Love Triangle With Elvis and The Space Aliens...

So all americans can trust the president that when he said we found the WMD's we really did, and those radical left wing extremists stabbing our troops in the back like David Kay, were, all god hating america bashers who are Opposed To Divine Truth!!!

todays winning Konspirakii Theory...

You see, the reason that you can not trust the autopsy report on Terry Schiavo, is because Jeb Bush needed some protective cover....


And this from a guy complaining that Kaiser is socialized medicine.... but doesn't notice that he could opt out of the Kaiser Medical Programme and pay for his own medical work....

Always interesting how these things work, eh no joe?

Could it be that this a 'religious experience'????

Ah yes... But of course, I always whack back with the dark sinister of "ah, I see you have never dealt with the american military's medicine"....

Ah yes, americans, you just have to love them, they are so cute, even if more and more of them are clearly such Phoney Civilians...

Would Hitlary And Her RadFemiSurfNazi's have this level of courage???

Fighting continued to rage in North Waziristan on Tuesday with fighter jets of the Pakistan Air Force bombing targets near Mir Ali on the third day of clashes between the military and pro-Taliban militants.

Military spokesman Major General Waheed Arshad said there were unconfirmed reports of 50 more pro-Taliban militants having been killed in the air strikes on Tuesday afternoon.

The military said 150 militants and 45 soldiers have so far been killed in the clashes that erupted out on Sunday after militants ambushed a military convoy.

[ cf 50 more Taliban men killed in Waziristan ]
I mean, there Hitlary Is, and there are Millions Of Zombies All Around Us, Everywhere...

Would she be willing to bomb america to stop them???

This is why americans MUST vote for whom ever the Military Picks to play act as the Civilian Leadership.

A vote for anyone else, and the Zombies Marry Your Daughter!!!!

Why Do We Allow These Phoney Civilians To Criticize Great Leader!!!

The director of a group that monitors Islamic militant Web sites said the government leaked an Osama bin Laden video that was passed along to senior U.S. officials on condition that they keep it secret. She claimed the leak rendered certain intelligence-gathering capabilities ineffective.

The White House said it was not responsible for the leak, and a senior official said the director of national intelligence should investigate the allegation.

Rita Katz, who runs the Washington-based SITE Institute, said her decision to pass the video to an official in the Bush administration has had an impact on the ways that the group has for obtaining these videos before they are made available by al-Qaida.

"Due to the leak, sources that took years to develop are now ineffective," Katz told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "A rare window into the world of al-Qaida has now been sealed shut." She declined to elaborate on whether she meant people or methods.

[ cf Group accuses US of al-Qaida video leak ]

It's not like americans give a Rat's Screw about Intelligence Product, actionable or not, it's all about the Media Ratings, and who knows MORE about that than Great Leader!!!! Who is the Greatest Great Leader EVER!!!!

So these Evil Phoney Civilians should Just Shut UP!!! and learn to be patriotic about the fact that they are allowed to live in a great country that should be at this very moment ARRESTING THEM and shipping these Phoney Civilians off To Phoney Civilian Fixing Land, where they know how to fix the defects in Phoney Civilians who do not Love Great Leader!!!

Are HeteroSeXuals a Threat To National Security...

But just before 3 a.m. Sunday morning, Peterson, off-duty, burst into the white wood-framed apartment building of his former girlfriend, Jordanne Murray, 18, and fired 30 rounds from one of the AR-15 rifles used by the Crandon SWAT team. A few hours later, Peterson died during a shootout with law enforcement officers near Argonne, six miles north of Crandon.
Kegley said Peterson told him he had gone to Murray 's apartment to rekindle their relationship after a recent breakup. He said others in the apartment called him a "worthless pig, " and that he flew into a rage, went to his truck for his rifle and returned to shoot the seven victims.

Negotiations for Peterson 's surrender while he was at Kegley 's home also failed. Peterson apparently took a nap in his truck, and when he awoke, law enforcement had arrived. He died about 50 yards from his truck, near some woods.

[ cf A town's 'great sorrow' (emphasis mine) ]
ok, still a far better rounds per kill ratio than the LA Cops do.

But, I mean, what happened to commitment to Excellence?

I mean do we WANT these types of people as our primary defense against Iranian Flying Saucers And Canadianist Pirate Zombies???

I don't think so.

Now don't get me wrong here folks, but, well, I just think that in terms of Internment Policies, as Michelle Malkin, so elegantly argued in In Defense of Internment may mean that we have to go after folks who we might otherwise have overlooked in another time or place, based upon the failed liberal dogma of being innocent until some seXular Humanist Kult Practice that by it's very nature opposes the Divine Will To Mandate By Divine Right!!!

So yes, Now MORE THAN EVER!!!

And it is strictly for national security purposes, we need to start interning the obviously HeteroSexual, and those evil and sinister HeteroSeXual Fellow Travellors!!!

You EITHER support Interning HeteroSeXuals or the Terrorists WIN!!!!

What Will Those Phoney Civilians Say Next???

As recently as four days ago, French fighter jets scrambled in response to a call for close air support from troops from the Quebec-based Royal 22nd Regiment fighting insurgents.

While details of that mission remain secret, it was not the first time France has come to the aid of Canadian ground troops fighting in Kandahar.

"I've helped the Canadians many times," said Lt.- Col. Fabien Mandon, commander of the Kandahar Air Expeditionary Group as he stood in front of one of the first three French Mirage 2000 jets to be based here. "But the nationality is not important. We will do this for everybody here."

[ cf French jets based in Kandahar close to action ]

The french fighting against the forward edge of al qaeda in Afghanistan, where the americans gave up looking for bin laden to get bogged down in their EcoTerrorism of restoring the Iraqi Wetlands....


Symbolism or Freedom...

Clearly we need to start questioning the Patriotism of those Phoney Civilians who have been underPatriotic about their Patriotism and NOT as committed to Making America American as they should have been!!!!

{ today in co-worker comedy, explaining to oona, that the 'our troops' verbal reference was to a canadian unit, since it was a canadian broadcast, and not one of those Lame American Liberal Propoganda Main Stream Hate America God Bashing Demonized Satanic Heathenisms!!! }

The Most Blessed Holy Virgin HanoiAnnie Coulter Continues War On Herself...

After losing to get the right of women revoked, to prevent a democratic president, she now openly comes out hating god and the secondary state of women:
On the October 8 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, right-wing pundit Ann Coulter told co-host Sean Hannity, "I do not want to be fitted for a burqa, so I will join you in fighting President Hillary Clinton." Coulter's comment came after Hannity, referring to the leading Republican 2008 presidential candidates, asserted: "You know what? On the defining issue of our time, all of them have taken a strong position on terrorism," adding, "If we don't have a country because the country's been blown up by people who want to kill us, that's an important campaign issue." Later during the segment, co-host Alan Colmes told Coulter that "if Hillary's elected, we're not going to be wearing burqas, OK? I don't think that's going to happen."
[ cf On Hannity & Colmes, Coulter vowed to fight Clinton because "I do not want to be fitted for a burqa" ]
Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz, Kids...

There she goes acting as if she openly opposed having a theocracy...

Why how much more openly God Hating America Bashing can she get...

I mean.... where is her commitment to supporting the restoration of the true role of women in america, or is she just going with this whole radical feminist thing, because, well, she is not sure what her true role is any more and she needs another basis for opening a new front to attack herself on...

CNN backs TV show based reality...

On the October 8 edition of his CNN Headline News show, Glenn Beck began a segment on Iran by asserting, "War with Iran is no longer a question of 'if,' I believe it's a question of 'when.' " Beck went on to state: "Iran has long been the puppet master in the Middle East. You don't have to take my word for it. Just watch any episode of Law & Order. Use the thinking, you know, that helps them solve all the tough cases. Iran has the means, the motive, and the opportunity to try and destroy our American way of life by controlling the Middle East."
[ cf CNN's Beck on Iranian threat: "You don't have to take my word for it. Just watch any episode of Law & Order" ]
WOW, so far past the reality Tv Show based world....

We're now getting into the seriously post surreal!!!

Ok, is this Beck guy trying to proove that he can do a better drag queen than the Most Holy Blessed Virgin HanoiAnnie Coulter??? or is this, well, just another subtle government sponsored programme for why children should not do bad drugs...

ok, so they blew an intelligence op...

It's not like this is the first time that sort of things has happened...
At the White House briefing today, Dana Perino was asked about the Administration's leak of that al Qaeda video which led to the shutdown of an important conduit of intelligence information on bin Laden's group. Here is her response:
President Bush and this administration has felt strongly about leaks about classified information and intelligence. We don't think that it serves the American people well. And so that is the concern -- concern from that standpoint, as well, just on the overall issue of leaking of classified or intelligence information.
That's code for, this leaker may get a presidential pardon.
[ cf Dana Perino, Meet Scooter Libby ]
Oh well....

thank god it's not like it was important...